December 22, 2013

December Memories 2013.....Days 6, 7, 8

Hello everyone.  We woke up to about 4" of snow so it looks like we'll have a white Christmas this year.  Perfect sledding snow but it's bitterly cold so we'll see if that transpires.  We might opt for taking a drive on the country roads and photographing the scenery.  With homemade hot cocoa and marshmallows.  And Charlie.  :)

On the blog here I'm sharing days 6, 7 and 8 of my December Memories album.  Day 6 was a favorite day and a favorite layout.  Every year our high school art class sponsors a holiday dinner and music program for the senior citizens of our community.  My mom and dad always look forward to it and Eric and I get to go also as special guests for Eric being a school board member.  So I get to see the fun stuff that the art kids do and socialize with lots of the folks of our community.  
 This full layout just shows off the holiday spirit so nicely.  Josey and a few other art students were in charge of creating a full holiday wall display in the main entry.  She took my vintage Santa mugs, some old thermoses, my wood platter and old sled to create an old time scene.  It was so darling. I used sheet music patterned paper for the backing here since there was a music program too.
 Here's the entire wall that the girls decorated.  I suggested that they used sponges and paint to create the bricks.  I think it looks pretty spiffy.  The little Santa mugs display was set into a recessed window which is the concession stand window.  It looks like you were looking into a house.  I used a Gold Foil Doily tucked under the photo and a "deck the halls" sticker since the girls literally decked the hallway.
 Journaling about the day and the sequin pocket with gold doily that I had created previously.
 Next up is day 7 which has a gold envelope insert.
 This day was all about shopping in the city and then heading to Eric's company Christmas party.  I really love the aqua and gold color scheme here.
 I used more gold foil accents and letters for the little title card.
 This insert shows the gift wrap aisle at Target.  Always a fun time each year to just stroll down the aisles and see what they have.
 The right page has a 4 x 6 photo of me standing in line.  Ugh, the worst part. I use the "nice" speech bubble in a different journal that I needed a reminder to be extra nice and patient while dealing with all the crowds.
 I typed on my Grid Paper Labels throughout my album.  An easy way to add journaling then you just peel and stick.
 Here's the gold envelope insert with various stickers.
 I tucked in a few photos into the envelope. They're not pretty photos so I didn't want them in the main portion of the album.  Eric manages a Bobcat machinery store so the Christmas parties are always construction oriented with lots of men.  It's a fun time and the guys get ornery.  There is always a silent auction and rob your neighbor type gift exchange.  Sometimes you get something good, sometimes you get a used tape measure, Goof Off and paint can lids.  Yay. We did come home with a piggy bank that farts when you put coins in.  Jordan loved it.  Go figure.
 This is the back side of the envelope which notes the freezing one degree temperature we endured while out shopping.  I loved the little car sticker from a Gossamer Blue kit that I stuck on top of the screen shot of the weather.
 Day 8 was all about keeping warm and cozy.  I have a 5 x 7 insert in between.
Here's the 2 page spread. 
 I love using enlarged photos in the albums.  Capturing a photo of our tree with the fireplace in the background is always a favorite shot.
 Most of the embellishments were already chosen previously, I just added the stickers.
 The right side shows a dusting of snow on our wood rack on the back deck + a nice warm fire.  The "warmest winter wishes" card was a favorite from the Gossamer Blue December Memories Kit.
 This is the insert which shows out slight dusting of snow that was supposed to measure 4-6".  Not.  I added an instagram with pop dots that has the word "snow"that drew with my finger on a rock in my flower bed. The old adirondack chairs are some treasures that are showing their wear and tear.
 The back side shows Charlie and one of our furry kittens.
 I used more Grid Paper Labels to journal how lucky Charlie is to get to stay nice and warm inside the house.
 Finally, here's the status of my December Memories album so far.  All of the 31 days are in here and this shows up to day 8 with embellishments and photos.  Me thinks this album is gonna be a chubby one.
Hope you're enjoying your weekend. Eric opted to not take any extra days off for Christmas so that his employees could all take time off.  That means we have to enjoy every extra day we can.  I'm off to bundle up for our little country drive.  Then I'm baking the last two batches of cookies for cookie trays. Except the family brought home white chocolate bark instead of actual dark chocolate almond bark for my peanut butter balls.  Text me from the store, people.  ;)  Have a great day!


Shan said...

I love the glimpse of your album and life! I am so impressed with the girls Art group and their brick wall. It looks amazing and what a wonderful thing to do for the senior citizens. The farting piggy bank is hilarious and my boys and girls would love it! :) I am not a holiday shopping person..I like to shop from my pjs! I do have to brave the crowds tomorrow for one last thing! Have a wonderful Christmas with your reds!

Sweet Woodruff said...

So incredibly breath taking and magical. I feel like I walk into a different world when I look at your album pages. As always, thanks for sharing and inspiring. Merry Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Love these pages! Love the hall decorated at the senior thing, looking through the window was so clever! And I love the "snow" written in snow. So many great colors and highlights and ideas here!

Julierose said...

Hi Michelle--I just came across your blog--loving your December journal project. I am starting a Project Life this year despite the fact that I am 70. (Yikes, how did that happen??) LOL. I love paper products and feel that just my Franklin Planner is not "enough" to record my life..I want pix, too. I chose BH Rain core kit and am really excited to find your very functional use of office supplies...thanks for your tips, Hugs, Julierose

~ Jo ~ said...

Michelle these pages are just so amazing! I love all the journaling and special touches you have put into these pages. I have never thought to ever do a December Memories album but you are inspiring me to make one. I just may end up doing that before I do project life LOL. Your tree is absolutely gorgeous and with the fire going in the background, so breathtaking. When I read about you leaving the company Christmas party with a farting piggy bank, I almost spit out my water as I found that to be hilarious! I just LOVE your open-ness in sharing your life with us. I feel like I know you and your family in real life just by reading along each time you post. Thank you for taking me on a wonderful December tour into your life. =)

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