August 31, 2012

Shop update.....lots of new goodies

TGIF everyone! Big shop update happening later this afternoon, just in time for the long US holiday weekend and perhaps a little shopping. I've got lots of new products going up in the shop today. I'm going to give you a sneak here on the blog and have the items up later today. upcoming blog posts I'm going to do a product focus on the new items. Lots of new paper items, lots of new packaging items.....just in time for the holidays. I'm determined to get an early start this year so I'm adding items to the shop early too.

First up is a brand new card kit. These have been so well received and sell out pretty quickly. Each new card kit is offered in very limited quantities with all new cards designs and unique embellishments. They are just perfect if you want to sit down and make a batch of cards to have in your stash. I'll be featuring the card kit in more depth in a blog post tomorrow + I'll chat about how to use the cards for possible Christmas/teacher gifts.

This new card kit is called My Type of Friend and features Elle's Studio notes, an exclusive sheet of tiny typewriter Instagrams, a full roll of measuring tape Washi tape, October Afternoon patterned paper, stamped sentiments, buttons, twine, my waxed paper sack packaging and more. I'll have full photos and more details in tomorrow's blog post. Probably will be one of my favorite kits evah!
Okay, just too cute for words. My new, handmade Office Memo Envelopes. Features one large and one small interdepartmental delivery type envelopes. The large one measures 6" tall and the small one measures 3.5" tall. They're hand stamped and have the detailed closure features of the real life size envelopes. These will be offered in very limited quantities. Just think of the possibilities.
On to some packaging items. New, large sizes of the glassine sacks.
New clear card boxes that will hold A2 size cards and envelopes. I absolutely love these little gems for packaging up cards as gifts. I'll be showing fun packaging items all through the holiday season. Perfect to package up my card kit creations too. Very sturdy and good quality.
New clear pillow boxes. These are so fun and will perfect for packaging up small gift items for the holidays, birthdays, teachers and more. They measure about 5" long. How cute will little lip glosses or small packaged candies look in these babies?
Tiny little clear bags for holding the small of found items or perfect for creating confetti bags to use on cards or any of my packaging items. Just wait til you see what I have planned for Halloween using these little goodies.
Cream envelopes in A2 size, just in case you want to use regular envelopes with my My Type of Friend card kit instead of the waxed paper sacks. Nice smooth finish and great quality.
Vellum envelopes in A2 size. Vellum is back and I think cards look sooooo pretty in a vellum envelope. Add washi tape or tie up with baker's twine or a pretty ribbon. Perfection.
Small glassine envelopes with a fun rounded closure. Gazillions of uses for these, think Project Life, cards, scrapbooking or fun gift packaging.
The tiniest of glassine envelopes to capture little bits and pieces. I can't wait to use these on Project Life pages.
Small manila coin envelopes for the office supply lover in us all.
Large size manila coin envelopes, perfect for unique card packaging and more.
Okay, whew! I'll be working behind the scenes to get all these fun new items added to the shop this afternoon. Since it always takes more time than I think, I'm going to say look for the shop update by.......4:00pm Central Time. But don't freak out if it's 5:00, okay. I'll give a few updates on Twitter and Facebook also. :)

Then remember.....stay tuned for fun blog posts featuring all the new items. Tomorrow I will have a full blog post featuring the new card kit and all it's fantastic details. So, so excited to share all these new goodies with you. Thanks for stopping by.


Rosie Lilya said...

yup- this set is AWESOME!!!

WinterBerry Glen said...

I just love office supplies! All those envelopes are amazing. been dreaming of the ones with the special closure. and the large glassine ones are still a fav. thanks for the sneak peak!

christina #4635 said...

The "tooth fairy" in me loves the tiny sized glassine bags for keeping teeth organized. We have four kids and these are a MUST for us! We write the child's name and date right on the envelope and seal with washi tape. Just a thought :o)

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