August 13, 2012

Project Life Week 24, 2012...Summer in full swing

Hey there. Welcome to another week of my 2012 Project Life. I'm sharing week 24 which is a week from June. Here's the 2 page spread.
Here's the left page.....
Here's the right page...
I'm going to let the photos speak for themselves today while we have a little chat about our progress. :)

As I've gotten a little behind this Summer (which seems to be the usual with my Project Life albums), I realize that I've really been missing working on my pages. I miss the photos, telling the stories, and paging through my albums. I miss the entire process. So I'm happy to be back at it now that we have a little more free time. School will be back in session in one week and my goal is to get mostly caught up by then. I've got 2 weeks in the works and about 5 more to complete. I can totally do this!
I know some of you may be in the same boat. You're behind and feel you can't catch up. You've all but dropped Project Life altogether. Or you want to start Project Life but feel that it's an odd time to start half way through the year. My reply to all of those statements is that you can pick up Project Life any time. Whether you're catching up, starting over or starting new. Your album can start right where you want it to.
You can be as simple as you want or as detailed as you like. The important thing is that you're sticking with it. I have chosen to embellish all my inserts like I would a traditional scrapbook page. I loved going to crops and making double 12 x 12 layouts. But that just doesn't work for me anymore. Time doesn't allow for me to make a separate layout for each one of my photos.
That's what I have discovered I love most about Project Life. I have been treating each little insert like a teeny tiny scrapbook layout of its own. Each little section tells a story. A story that I can capture in a 3 x 4 space...or a 4 x 6 space....and that is awesome! I can capture what I want to say in a small paragraph and with one photo. As much as I love the big 12 x 12 layouts, I'm capturing the same thing with my little inserts.
And those inserts come together to make a great 2 page spread of a week in my family's life. I'm capturing so many more memories by doing Project Life.
I don't know how many single photos I had in my photo boxes over the years. Photos that I loved but didn't feel they deserved a full 12 x 12 layout. And now I don't have to worry about it. Those single photos are right at home in my Project Life albums.
The other great thing about deciding to embellish my pages is that I'm feeding my desire to be creative. I can still shop for and hoard all the wonderful scrapbooking and stamping supplies out there without ever doing full page layouts.
I do have lots of sticky notes on pages where I want to go back and add insert pages. I was hoping to find time to do some traditional scrapbooking with those. That may or may not happen. My goal is to go back and at least get the photos printed. I'm thinking with all the new Project Life page protector sizes that I might just add the inserts and embellish just like my regular page inserts. I'm particularly loving the idea of printing the best photo of the week at a larger scale (like a 5 x7) and perhaps just inserting that with a little journaling. I like the idea of the main pages and my inserts still coordinating.
And those are my thoughts. If you've followed along with my thoughts, please feel free to scroll back to the top and check out the photos. I can't wait to check out the other Project Life Creative Team Members' blogs. Zooming in on photos to check out the details, the stories and the embellishments is so inspiring.

So whether you're caught up, way behind or just starting.....keep with it. Keep going. I'm so happy for each week that I add to my albums. Feel free to leave me a comment with your progress, your questions, etc. I love hearing your feedback.

Okay, off to finish what I hope to be TWO weeks of Project Life today. The girls have started 2-a-day volleyball practices and I'm devoting that time to work on my albums. For my next Project Life post, I think I'll share how easy it's been for me to pick up right where I left off last.....organization is the key. :)


libbywilko said...

Wishing you all the best getting another couple of weeks caught up while the girls are busy at volleyball. You can do it ! Love the past and presnet tree houses.. Wish i had PL when i was growing up to remember all secret places on my Poppa's farm. Hugs libbywilko

Debbie Fisher (debbiedee) said...

thank you for sharing your thoughts! It never occurred to me that the PL was a way to do mini pages instead of filling up a big 12 x 12 page! I love this idea! I am so far behind on Aaron's scrapbook. I felt like I didn't have enough pictures to fill a page or even a 2-page spread, so just kept putting it off.

A big "DUH" moment reading this post, that I don't HAVE to have enough pics for a full page! Now I am excited to get started on his book.

Need to go order me some PL page protectors. Ü

thank you so much for all your inspiration!

Unknown said...

awesome, as always!

Unknown said...

Michelle, these pages are perfection as always. Gotta print some pics tonight and and get to work myself!

JulieF said...

Hello! Love your blog! do you print most of your pics at home or order them? Just curious! Thanks!

Desw2331 said...

OMG!! You are SO right about Walmart! That must be a nation wide epidemic!!! LOVE the joke, dislike Walmart! LOL!! ;)

Desw2331 said...

OMG!! You are SO right about Walmart! That must be a nation wide epidemic!!! LOVE the joke, dislike Walmart! LOL!! ;)

Unknown said...

Just wondering how you get the 3x4 photos with borders. What size do you set the pix?

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