January 18, 2012

PIP Day....Project Life In Progress..Week 2

I thought it would be fun to start a new feature on my blog for all you Project Lifers. I'm calling it Pip Day, for Project Life in Progress. I get so inspired by seeing other PL pages whether in progress, a sneak peek or a finished week. So why not share the mid-week progress along with a little chit chat?

I'll be sharing a photo of my PIP each week, like the one below. This is the part I love and look forward to each week with Project Life. The putting it all together. Digging through my stash for little embellishments. Seeing what colors I choose for the week. Stealing a few moments here and there to work on my pages.
The posts are going to be random in nature. I have a few weekly topics in mind but we'll just roll with it and see how it goes. Please feel free to leave comments and let me know how your PIP is going. :)

Products Picks:
For this week I saw my Studio Calico box sitting on my chair, calling my name. Okay, why not? So most of my products this week are from the January County Fair main kit + a few other fun items that I purchased last month from SC. It was fun to have all the choices narrowed down. In particular I'm using the alphabet stickers, patterned paper, lots of October Afternoon Flower Sack pieces, Ormolu die cuts & journaling cards and pieces of the BG Picadilly chipboard stickers. I have some inserts for this week so I'll be using more from this stash on those too.
1.Use mostly items from the Studio Calico box.

2.Use leftovers to create cards for my stash using card sketch from this post.

Chit Chat:
1. I didn't use any 4 x 6 photos this week, just lots of smaller photos. I was just saying to myself how I really liked the 4 x 6 photos with white borders. Go figure.

2. Was thinking, you CAN work on your pages even if you don't have the page protectors. Simply lay out 2 pieces of 12 x 12 cardstock or (2) 12 x 12 page page protectors. Use 4 x 6 and 3 x 4 sections + items from your PL core kit and you're in business. Lay it all out like you would if you had the page protector, snap a photo of the finished layout and tuck it all in a page protector or envelope. When your page protectors come in, slip all the pieces into place.

3. Listened to a podcast that Ali Edwards participated in yesterday. They brought up an interesting discussion in keeping up with PL. Will I keep up this year? Are we committed to this project this year? It definitely takes time and effort whether you use just the basic products or are getting scrappy with your PL. I feel confident that I'll stay up to date this eyar. Stay with it friends, the payoff is worth the effort. :)

1. Definitely loving Marcy Penner's free page layout printables. Very helpful for laying out multiple photos. You can see mine in the top photo today.

2. Monica McNeil has written some insightful posts about her perspective for Project Life. Good reads indeed.

3. Ali Edwards' weekly PL pages are just so fun to look at. To me it seems that Ali selects each and every embellishment very thoughtfully. I love that her pages are full of eye candy but very simple in nature. Definitely about the photos + the words.

4. So excited to see Nichol Magouirk's first PL creation, her 2012 title page. Nichol gives me my traditional scrapbook layout fix each time I visit her blog. Looking forward to see her take on PL this year.

Your questions answered:
1. How do you take a screen shot of weather and text messages with the iPhone? Hold down the home key and the power button simultaneously.

2. I have a hard time dealing with each space. Do you plan it as a whole or just go with it? Lately I've been using lots of photos in both the 4 x 6 and 3 x 4 slots so I've been using Marcy's printables (see above link) to plan out my pages. I have an Interior Design background so this just seems natural to me to sketch it all out.

3. How much time do you spend on a Project Life layout each week? I spend 10 minutes or so each day jotting down notes in my calendar. Probably 30-45 minutes printing at home and trimming photos. And about 2 hours working on a 2 page spread, not all at one time.

4. Do you sew/attach embellishments directly on the photos or on the page protectors? Right on the photos.

5. How do you sew through chipboard letters? Very slowly, sometimes helping the needle along manually. A sharp needle helps.

And that's it for this week's PIP. Since my weeks go Monday-Sunday I'm thinking I'd like to do a PIP post on Tuesday with a weekly PL update on Thurs/Fri. We'll see how that schedule works.

This week:
Jordan is sick again. That's 4 days in the last two weeks she's missed school. Josey is out today too. Bleck. Also I have some re-stocks of products in my shop here. Some new kits will be added to the shop soon when new product arrives. Also, look for a huge new selection of tags coming soon. Perfect for cards and pages. :)


Rosie Lilya said...

Mish- I love this new part of your blog. This is my first run with PI and I have to say it is SO much easier for me than "traditional" scrapbooking. I have followed your lead on this for sure! I am using my iphone for daily pics too. I print my pictures on Sunday night, after I do all my journaling. Walgreens has a collage option for 4x6 so this is great when I can't decide on just one picture. Thank you for all the inspiration. I too think I can "keep up" this year!

Robin said...

Really loving PL so far.... it is really great how you can already see it coming together after just a couple weeks... look forward to fliping through it at Christmas!!

Megan said...

What a fabulous idea - I love getting a glimpse into the process!

Judy H. said...

just wondering where you purchase your Project Life kit? Amazon? or ???

anya said...

Mish, I think this feature will be my favorite! The way you put together your albums and your perspective on the project as a whole was really one of the contributing factors for my decision to take on PL this year. To see the work in progress is almost more inspiring than the finished product! Have my first two weeks finished, have loved every moment, and still going strong!

Erica said...

I love how colorful your pages are...love the smaller photo groupings as well - so pretty!

Cele Schaffer said...

These PL posts are just awesome. I have my stuff from PL but haven't started yet-waiting for my new I-phone to come tomorrow! I am thinking of doing PL by the month or as things like birthdays and celebrations come up. Just thinking of it like a regular photo album that I would add to as I have photos.I just feel too much pressure when I think of doing it week by week. But I do think there will be some parts of it that will be every week for a time period. Anyways taking the freedom of the design of PL to make it my own-LOVE THAT! Keep up your GREAT posts-they inspire and help teach techniques and provide so much needed info (like I need more on I-phone photo taking,printing how to's and apps to use). Besides that I love to see and read about the reds and your wonderful family and whats going on with the Mish Mash's!!

Gina Drazan said...

Just wanted you to know how much I'm enjoying your blog and your PL posts. You have inspired me so much! I'm so glad i found you through the PL creative team - what a treasure you are. Please keep on posting all the details about your approach, organization, and crafty ideas. I love it all.

Karen B said...

What a great post! You are so generous with your inspiration, it is so helpful! Sorry your girls are under the weather, hope they are soon feeling 100%!

Penny said...

I absolutely love your posts about Project Life, Mish! Thanks for the time you take to do them. It really is an inspiration. I have used many of your tips already. Yours is the number one blog I look for every day and am so excited when it has been updated.

amytangerine said...

PIP day might become my favorite day of the week!

lam said...

I want to thank you for sharing your work progress. it´s so fun and inspiring to read

Samantha said...

Hi Mish! First of all, I hope your girls feel better soon. It's no fun being sick, that's for sure. Second, I LOVE your PIP idea! Out of all the blogs I read, yours is my fav :) I really appreciate your idea of how to work on my PL pages while waiting on the page protectors to come in. Genius! Now why didn't I think of that?!

Abby Devine said...

Just love your layouts.... I wanted to also take a screen shot of texts/weather, but when I hold home button and power button at same time... it just asks if I want to power phone off. HELP? IDEAS?

amylynne said...

Love this! I am a new Project Lifer.....first year! Love the text photo idea! thanks so much for sharing all your tips.......extremely helpful!

Renee said...

Thank you so much for answering some questions...
some I needed to ask!
Got my PL and now to just get started! :)
Which I have to admit was kind'a confused on how without the page protectors I'm waiting on...but you got me covered with that!
Now if you could just tell me how to snap a photo of a text screen on an android! :)
And what about these "instagram" photos?
Love those but how?
Can you tell I'm so tech savvy?...

JennyL. said...

Point number 2 in chit chat, thanks for that. I've been holding off waiting for those page protectors. Just the push I needed!

Tyra said...

Love your PL ideas as well as references to other PL authors...

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