July 8, 2011

Road Trip Kits Coming Soon!

Are you planning a road trip this summer? Are you itching to head out on the highway?
Got your packing list ready? Got everything loaded up?
Got the kids all tucked in safely?
Looking for adventure? Craving that big, wide open space?
Well then, I've got the perfect Road Trip Kit for you! I'm putting the finishing touches on the kits right now. They'll be in my Etsy shop today.

Here we go. The Road Trip Mini Album Kits are in my Etsy shop in limited quantities. Here's an idea of what you'll assembled album will look like. The album really takes shape once you start adding in photos and memorabilia from your road trip.
You'll receive nearly 80 pieces with this kit. Almost 40 inserts that make up the main album and 40 pieces to add in as tags and accents.
Lots of hand stamped embellishments using Papertrey and Ali Edwards (Technique Tuesday) stamps. Plus you'll get a full sticker sheet from Studio Calico with a few items stamped on the stickers to get you revved up.
Album pages fit on large rings which are big enough to allow room for expansion. Add in photos, maps, receipts, etc...or use for more than one road trip. Use for vacation, mini trips, business trips, camping trips, etc. The front of the album can be this chipboard coaster square stamped with *road trip*. Use spray mists, stickers, markers, etc to embellish the front cover.
When completed the album will stand upright to fit nicely on a shelf or in a basket. Bottom edge will be flat.
Use the fun accents included like this stamped map of the United States. Use the wooden push pin to poke holes, then insert the black brads to mark your to/from destinations. Use a fine tip marker to draw your travel route.
I've included a full skein of linen colored embroidery floss for some hand stitching. Use the same wooden push pin to poke the holes first.
You'll get lots of stamped pages + pieces of maps and ledger sheets.
My favorite parts of the kits.....these old guest check receipts, service station log, postcard and travel brochure page. Record your restaurant costs, mileage and gas prices, photos of your hotel, etc.
Lots of little coin envies, stamped envelopes and pockets to hold receipts, tickets, photos, etc. Your Instax camera will be your best friend on this trip!
More airmail envelopes and patterned pages....
Also included is a clear page for adding photos and more...plus a stitched pocket page made from a brown paper sack. See my shop for more sacks and tags if you feel you need additional journaling/storage for your album.
Another envelope to tuck in photos or additional journaling. Use the fun labels for journaling, adding the date with a date stamp, etc.
Use these ledger pages with folds to create pockets or to conceal some journaling.
Lots of travel themed patterned papers make for a whimsical journal with fun colors.
All of your photos will match when paired with these fun colors + lots of neutrals on the accents.
Here's a sampling of how you can add a stamped tag, a smaller tag and a clothespin to mark your spot. Use the stickers from the Studio Calico sheet to add more journaling,etc.
I can't wait to use my little album for our upcoming road trip. I'll be taking mine along with me along with a few extra supplies to work on the album while traveling. If you snag a kit, be sure to read your tip sheet to get ideas of what supplies to take along + what kind of memorabilia to collect and more! Plus stay tuned as a few friends of mine and I show you how we're going to use our Road Trip journals.
I've sold a few of the kits already and will be adding the last of the kits in just a bit. Enjoy!!!


Ashley Cannon Newell said...

Such a sweet concept for great road trip memories! Love it!

Latrice said...

Very fun!

Unknown said...

Fantastic! Love this kit idea!

jennifer said...

what if i want the album even though i'm not going on a road trip? i just want to play pretend with it. i want to leave it out on my end table. i want to arrange and rearrange it. i want to show it to my friends. i love this album!!!

Aura said...

Hi Michelle - For some time now I've been following your blog. This Travel Kit is fantastic. I'm planning a trip to my native country Panama in February. Love your work!

Audiene said...

Ack! Missed them. Are you making any more? Would love to have one.

Anonymous said...

Please say you'll make more,Michelle!
I would love to have one. I'll even pay extra...
Pretty please????

Colleen said...

What a fabulous kit! Question: did you stamp the blue highway sign-shaped journal spots? If so, can you tell us what stamp set and manufacturer it is from? Also, that little camper/trailer stamp...is it from an American Crafts stamp set? Soooo adorable. I love following your blog - love your style - love your projects - love your antique and thrift store finds (especially your little tin jello molds. I really must.get.some.).

Isabel Z said...

Boo hoo,we've had company and with a house full of guests, I haven't had a chance to visit your blog which I do on a daily basis so I missed out on this fabulous kit. I'm so sad because I would have LOVED using this kit to remember our first visit to Boston this summer. You wrote that this is a limited edition so I don't suspect you'll add more, however, would you consider posting photos of your completed one to get an idea of what other items were in the kit. I might be able to scrounge around and recreate it somewhat. Thank you.

shann said...

love the album and super bummed that i missed getting one. any chance that you'll put some more kits together?

Leslie Moradi said...

LOVE this!! I will hopefully be around when you post more. Can you tell us where that U.S. stamp comes from too? I love that-i'm big on road trips and i need that stamp!!!

eBridge advertising said...

Great concept!!kit was fantastic, it's really useful for trip, thanks for sharing...

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