July 21, 2011

My dream chairs....

Hi all. I'm headed to Kansas City to catch a flight with Dawn McVey. We're traveling companions this weekend which makes it sooooo nice. We're headed to Cincinnati for Papertrey's fun Stamp-a-faire event taking place on Saturday. Stay tuned to the blog for more information about some great prizes and challenges.

In the meantime, I'd love to share my latest vintage find with you. Take a look at my new Adirondack chairs. Hubba Hubba is RIGHT, Girlfriend!!!!! Aren't they beauties? I am so smitten with these. Perfectly shabby and chippy and worn. Perfection. Just what I have always wanted. These two came in a nice shade of minty green and one in aqua blue. They remind me of sea glass. But since I'm not by the sea, I'll just have to take the wilted flower and weeds in the background + the dying yard. Gotta love Kansas in Juw-Lie!
Wanna hear the story behind these? I knew you would. Jordan and I were in the big town this week. Remember that 3 hour hair appointment. Ya. Our last stop was the antique shop. We pulled in and as always there's all kinds of lawn chairs and stuff adorning the yard of the shop. Jordan exclaims, *Mom, there's chairs just like Grandpa's that you've always wanted!* I say ya ya, I've seen those before because I was too busy eyeing what the ladies leaving the shop were loading into their vehicle. I thought for sure they snatched something good right out from under me. :)
I totally thought Jordan was referring to some old, metal lawn chairs that have been at the antique shop for a while. Cute but not anything I wanted to take home. But imagine my excitement when I cast my eyes upon these two wonders of wood. I yelled, *Jordy, why didn't you tell me they were Adirondack chairs....and in my favorite colors?!!!* She said , *I tried to tell ya Mom!* We ran into the shop and I inquired as to how much the chairs were. The worker lady had to call the owner and ask the price. She told me. I said, *SOLD, I'll take 'em!* So we loaded up the family and moved to Beverly.....wait, that's not it. We loaded up these beauties and headed to the country. Home Sweet Home. I love them. *sigggghhhh*.

Oh, and I forgot that I hadn't unloaded the chairs yet because it was like 255 degrees outside.....so they were still in the back of the Trailblazer when Eric took the girls somewhere that evening. He saw them, shook his head and calmly asked the girls, *What did your mom buy now and how much did it cost me?* Ha ha....put me on Hoarders, I don't care!!
It would be lovely if it would ever cool down enough to actually sit outside...but alas, it's hotter than H-E-DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS, as the girls would say.

Speaking of the darling reds, look at this photo below. I have this little thing that I always take a photo of the girls right before I leave on a trip. Their first pose was the standard *stand here and let mom take our photo for the bazillionith time*. I asked if they could put a little more into it....work with meeee.......give me a pose like they did when they were little. And this is what I get. Little smarties. But I love it. Love my little reds.
Catch ya later, peeps!


Kathy Rosecrans said...

I LOVE your fab find!! Your chairs are just perfect!! Love "the reds" pose too!!

Angy said...

Love the chairs - gorgeous and perfectly shabby! Aren't "reds" great - I know my stinkers (15 and almost 13) definitely keep me going. Only mine are boys! You girls are gorgeous. I hope and pray that my boys find some beautiful red-headed girls like yours to marry when they are older. How perfect would that be?
Oh and enjoy SAF.

LindaC said...

What great finds! Gotta love items that are already distressed and ready to be loved at your home.

BTW, I have a license plate cut, hinged, and waiting for your travel pages! LindaC

Meredith MacRitchie said...

NICE!! Those are awesome... and is there any better chair than a genuine adirondack (as opposed to the plastic Wal Mart kind that I have a proper yard/deck/whatever we decide to buy real ones for)?!

Nice pose from your girls there... I can't even imagine my life in 10 years when my 2 are in this stage of life. They're cheeky enough and one of them can't even talk yet! ;)

Have an awesome weekend... wish I was there to play along, but I'll enjoy hearing all about it!

Colleen said...

Those chairs are LOVEly! Honestly, seaglass is the first thing I thought of when I saw your picture of them. Can't wait to read about Stamp a Faire on your blog and the other PTI blogs, too. I have my order all ready to submit Saturday from home - lots of Friendship Jar and companion sets and items. I have a collection of the antique "blue/turquoise" Ball jars with the Zinc lids (be still my heart) and can't wait to re-create them on paper using your sstamp sets. Have fun traveling with Dawn!

Just Energy said...

So much more interesting than just buying at top price! They’re beautiful & kudos to all for creativity.

Anonymous said...

Oh Mish, I am green with envy over your beautiful pre-loved chairs. I dream of having 2 under a big ol' shady tree in the yard. Can just imagine having an icy cold drink there one day... Now I just have to plant that tree ;)
Jo R.

donna calamari said...

My DH and I want those chairs. They are PERFECT!!! You are a lucky girl. Our search continues. BTW, the reds are gorgeous too!

Ellie said...

What an awesome find indeed. I could see you using them & making a sweet picnic w/them.. ahhh :) I hear you on the heat today we are hitting 100 in NY that just sounds all sorts of wrong! Love that pose of the reds that would TOTALLY be something my oldest would do ha.. my other 2 are still small and humor me w/the ready cheese smile w/ I have my camera Ha.

Cindy said...

Love your chairs! I've been wanting some of those for while. Your daughters are so cute!

Susie W. said...

Fab chairs! Don't you just love those unexpected finds???

And "the reds"? Sweet!!! I may be a little biased, tho...my Mom, my sister and I are all "reds", too :)

Helen L said...

Loved your post!!! So much fun and humor!!! (Beverly hills and hoarders: could you combine them into one show?!!! What would they be hoarding? Possums, maybe old outhouses? tee hee!) Your daughters are so beautiful: ah, youth!! If only we knew to enjoy it and how pretty we were back then (sigh!!) But you are still cute (you're probably 15 yrs younger than me :-). Remember this: Look in the mirror and say, "I'm pretty" because in another 10 or 20 you'll be looking back and saying "I still looked good then!" That's where I am right now: ugh!!
Your card today was beautiful: you are such a talented lady!!! I visit you often, more like going to an art gallery to see pretty things!! Have a great weekend!!

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