March 5, 2011

Project Life...weeks of Jan 23 and Jan 30

Had a question about vintage typewriter ribbons from Jennifer: I took my old ribbon to Staples and purchased a new one that looked about the same width of ribbon, etc. When I got it home, the new spools did not fit into my old typewriter. So I wound the new ribbon onto the old spools. Very messy and inky but SO worth it.

Hey friends. Time for some Project Life updates. I am totally caught up on my album and finally got around to taking some photos. Man does that feel good! I have two weeks to share with you today. Lots of photos to so I will try to keep the chit chat short........but feel free to leave comments and I'll answer any questions you may have.

Project Life..week of January 23rd

Here's the full two page spread. Two things to note. One, I've really been getting scrappy with my PL pages. Adding in lots of little tidbits, scrappy papers and accents. Loving it so much. Secondly, I'm treating the two pages of one week basically like a two page layout now. The two pages act like a double layout with coordinating papers, etc. But totally in my mixy matchy fashion. So fun to dig into my stash of scrapbooking supplies.

The left page of the layout.
The right page of the layout.
Here I used small letter stickers and chipboard letters. Plus a flower accent that I stitched through. Inside of this fold out journaling piece is a story of how we got Josey 7 formal dresses at a dress auction held at a high school fundraiser. All for $63 bucks and like brand new!
A cut up orthodontist business card and clock embellishment, both stitched on. Also love the date stamp that Becky includes with each PL kit. Fun tool.
Here I used patterned paper and a chipboard accent + tiny little alphabet litter stickers.
And a blue tag from my shop with puffy letters sewn on. Lisa Truesdell does this and I love the idea. Keeps letters from falling off years down the road. And that does it for that week.
Project Life..week of January 30th

And here's the next two page spread.
The left page layout.
And the right page layout. Notice that yummy drink on this layout. My new fave.
I really love to dress up the top left journaling block that has the date on it. Here I used a blank journaling tag (you can purchase separately and I use them all.the.time.). I added some typewriter journaling with my vintage typewriter, another favorite tool to use with PL. Love. The little fabric yo yo is a sample my mom made that goes along with the photo next to it.
Here I grabbed some scraps from my scrappy basket. Used a Papertrey Fillable Frame die cut (the negative piece) and it's coordinating stamp image in yellow ink. The circle outline is from an Ali Edwards Technique Tuesday stamp.
Here I used some sheet music patterned paper and typewriter journaling. On the right I added a smaller photo with some scalloped edging + machine stitching.
Another die cut and coordinating stamp from a Papertrey Fillable Frames collection. I love to have them overlap the edge, then cut it off and then stitch over it. On the right I tried my hand at misting(with Studio Calico Mr. Hueys) over alphabet stamps that were lined up on the journaling block. Spray then remove the stamps, then stamp the letters. Very fun technique I saw from the Studio Calico girls but I have learned to hold the mist further away, like a foot or so. Okay, that wraps up this week's entry.
I have several more weeks of Project Life to show you so stay tuned for more this week, including how I add additional layouts in with my PL pages.

Also, I am purging lots of crafty items from my stamp room (major room swap this summer) so be looking for more information on items to go up in my Etsy shop and on sale pages here on the bloggo. Hope you're having a fantastic weekend. How's your Project Life going? I'd love to hear.


Jennifer Chapin said...

So awesome! I want to try Project Life at some point...maybe next year.

Question: did you order your typewriter ribbon online? If so can you share a link? I have two vintage typewriters (both Smith Corona) that I would like to find ribbons for but haven't been able to.


I'm Renee said...

Thought of you just the other day...
was snooping around a fav antique store in town...
hoping to find some old vintage postcards...
and wanting to oogle an antique mantle I've been wanting forever (it's gone and I almost broke into tears in the middle of the store)...
but saw an of the really old black ones with ivory keys...typewriter and thought of you!
I may have lost that mantle...but now I'm oogling an old post office desk...
and at another fav store...found 3 sets of Jell-o tins! :)
Yeah me! I was so happy I almost forgot about the mantle...but not quite
Love all your wonderful photos and glimpses into your family life...
it's such a treat!

Stamper for fun said...

Love it all. Thanks for sharing.

Cassandra said...

Got my box of goodies last week and have organised everything as well as sticking in a few bits and pieces I had collected. Now just need to print the photos and do some writing. Thanks for highlighting Project Life (Niki Estes as well), I am not a scrapbooker but loved the idea of chronicling a year of our lives (who knows, maybe more) and the design aspect is already part done.

lisa truesdell said...

awesome pages - and i'm glad i'm not the only one behind. ;)

i order ribbon for my 1930s royal from - they are awesome!

JeanFB said...

Wow! I am in awe. What a treasure you are creating! I'm not doing a project life, but I'm getting so many great ideas from yours. Thanks for sharing.

crazymom said...

So great of you to share. Love it! You are so inspiring! Are we going to see a recipe card soon for your new favorite drink? I love the easy squeezy drink. Yum, Yum!

Jenny @ Embellishing Life said...

Beautiful pages! I love how you use stitching on the cards. That gives it such a pretty touch! I'm working on a project life book, too. Actually, it was your first post about project life that inspired me to do it!

:) Jenny

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