March 9, 2011

Project Life..week of February 13th

I'm so excited for today. My dad has been in Africa for 21 days and we had no contact with him. We pick him up from the airport today. My mom is just beside herself. A happy, happy day. We can't wait to hear his stories (over and over again :)) and see all of his photos.

Project Life...week of February 13th

This week showed us dropping my dad off at the airport and Valentine's Day. I had a little collection of papers and die cut stickers with a love theme so I thought I would make good use of my stash for this week. The two page layouts and insert pages all use little snippets from this Bo Bunny collection. Below is my two page spread with a 8.5 x 11 horizontal insert page.
Here's the left side of my spread.
And the right side of my spread.
For the main top left insert, I added a piece of patterned paper with decorative edges along with some sticker letters. I used Lisa Truesdell's awesome *stitch over the stickers* technique so that my letters stay secure. By the way, Lisa does PL and you can view her pages here at her blog.
Here's a few journaling card inserts. I dolled them up with cardstock stickers, patterned paper with machine stitching and a trimmed down business card. I like to use my Tiny Tim stapler to attach small items.
Here I used more patterned paper and cardstock stickers + typewriter journaling + a die cut #4 from Papertrey.
More scrappy goodness. If you want to type on stickers just feed the whole sheet through your typewriter before removing the sticker.
I got a new iPhone during this week and thought it was fun to add this old time rotary phone sticker. Oh how the times have changed right? I remember having a 20' cord on the phone so that my brothers and I could take the phones to our rooms and talk in privacy. We also had a party line when I was little. Anyone else?
Here is an 8.5 x 11 insert page that has a collage of photos of the girls decorating giant cookies. Again, I like to take lots of photos so these collages are a great way to group them all together without adding a lot of extra layouts.
Just a little embellishing on the edge of the page.
Here's the back side of that 8.5 x 11 insert page. Tucked inside are marker drawings that Jordy and I doodled, receipts, etc.
I used a square die cut sticker that I attached to a larger square of patterned paper as an accent. It also acts as a flap that keeps all the papers in an orderly fashion. I stitch or staple just the top to the background page.
And that wraps up this week's Project Life. I've got one more page spread to show you from my past weeks and then I'll be more caught up on the updating. Stay tuned during the Papertrey release this month...I've got something fun planned for a Project Life week. :) And thank you for all the nice comments on my card yesterday too.


Sharon said...

Hi Mish, love your new header... whereabouts in Africa was your dad. I visit you regularly and live in Cape Town, South Africa. Sharon

beth said...

Hello Michelle,
I don't comment often but I read your blog everyday. I realized that I was LONG overdue in thanking you! Your work is just wonderful and I love the fact that there is always a post - it's so nice to find something new every single day! So, thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I can't wait to see the reveal for the PTI March stamps!!

pinkladynz said...

Hi Michele, Love your designs, cards and family. Your mixy matchy style is my favorite.
Where do you get horizonal page protecrors??
Pat in SC

Unknown said...

I am glad to hear that your father is back home safe and sound.
You have the most awesome Project Life posts.
And I agree with another comment that a big thank you is always in order b/c you take the time and effort to post on your blog so frequently. I look forward to your posts everyday. Your projects are so inspiring and they bring me joy.

Lucille said...

Your Projects as beautiful as usual and thanks for sharing with us your Project Life, something caught my attention was that beautiful and touching Picture of the sisters, that kiss looks so cute and full of LOVE, it really touched me and made me think of my sister that I haven't seen in like 3 years. Thanks so much for sharing, made me tear up a little...

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