November 24, 2010

New KiT in EtSy ShOp ToDaY

Edit: Okay, we JUST got back from our appointments and Walmart. I've got me one of them there town headaches as my dad would say. I am delayed on my Thanksgiving preparations so the kit will just have to wait a bit. Then tonight we're back to town to take umpteen girls to the movies. Soooo....I'd probably look for the kit later on tomorrow or Friday. Sorry for the delay.

Have to make a fun to town with the red heads but I will be back later today with a NEW KIT using NEW ITEMS in my Etsy shop. Enjoy this wonderful day!!!

Note: If you're adding links to my last post for Cosmo Cricket projects, please be sure to link to the exact post that has your project....not just your general blog link. That will help me find your cute projects. :) Thank you to those who have linked up projects already.

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