October 4, 2010

This and that..

Hi friends.  I think I need a weekend to recover from our weekend.  We spent about 20 hours at the ball fields, watching the girls play in a softball tournament.  Good times indeed.  

I have no creative goodies to share with you today but how about a few photos of some recent finds?  Here's my loot from the latest trip to the thrift shop:

Vintage Buttons, fluted tins, cute little buzzy bees and old silverware.  Wait til you see what I make with those old spoons...coming soon.  I can't wait to sort through all these goodies.
 And this footed tin with my favorite *front porch blue* color.  I think I'll add my stash of office supply markers to this.  And lots of old seam binding and lace packages.  Love the yellow and grey color combo lately.
 This is from my mom.  She said it was her bread basket years and years ago.  I've added it to my collection.
 More vintage fabrics.  I'm really hoping to start some new quilts this fall when the weather turns cold and we have to stay cooped up inside.  I'm thinking the strawberry fabric will make some nice pillows for my outside porch chairs next year.
And these lovely little prints, I couldn't leave them behind. Again, I'm loving the color grey lately.
 And here's my stash from Archiver's yesterday.  My check out girl is an Etsy customer of mine.  Hi Courtney, it was nice to meet you in person!

These graphic papers from Basic Grey.  Couldn't resist them any longer.  Couldn't decide on what patterns I wanted so I just bought two full kits...plus a few extra sheets.  I have just the project in mind for these and will be sharing on Etsy soon.  Reminds me of my college days, drawing architectural floor plans and such.
 And these cute holiday prints from Jillibean Soup.  Can you say *Christmas notepads coming soon*?
 And these fun prints from My Mind's Eye...love red and white for the holidays.
 And a few shabby, glitterful prints from My Mind's Eye Lost & Found collection.  Really glittery.....I see a kit coming soon with these little gems.
And last but not least are these big, fat sweet taters.  They are gihugic, Mom and Dad really had a bumper crop this year.  Oh how I love them now that I have discovered sweet potatoe fries...move over marshmallows.  Definitely going to be searching for new recipes this fall too.  
 Speaking of fried, that is my mind today.  Just fried and tired.  Think I'll finish my coffee and then get on with the day.  I have green beans to pick...any volunteers?......vintage fabrics to launder and press....love pressing my old fabrics but not our real clothes.......new goodies to organize in the Artsy Studio........and lots of Christmas projects to work on for upcoming Etsy shop items.  But first, Halloween is calling my name.  I'll be working with items from my Halloween Inspiration Station.....wanna see?


Stephanie said...

I love the things you picked up at Archivers! many of those things are on my wishlist :)

Katherine said...

That strawberry fabric is lovely, maybe you'll show us the finished pillows later.
Love all of your new pieces. Nothing like a day full of good finds is there?

Andrea said...

OF COURSE we wanna see the Inspiration Station - LOVE the Inspiration Stations!!! Plus... I wanna see how big the sweets are - can you get a pic of them with something (your smiling face for instance) so we can see how big?

bonnie said...

Yep I wanna see ;) gorgeous finds....you have the best thrift stores..hugs, Bonnie x

Cindy said...

Yes, yes. Hurry up. I wanna see! I love what you found and purchased at the thrift store. And I love the papers you bought at Archiver's too!

Unknown said...

Yes, yes! - I wanna see the Halloween Inspiration Station :) I didn't make it to the last blog hop, but I was going to post mine, inspired by you of course!

Unknown said...

Hey Mish - wanna know how we LOVE sweet potatoes - other than plain baked in the oven (wrapped in foil to keep all of the sweet yummy juice in - then just slip the skin off, and mash on your plate like a reg. potato - add butter.) We like to peel, cut up into chunks, and fry in a skillet with some butter, onion and seasoned salt. They are the best - and our little kiddos love them. They don't even take as long to cook this way as a white tater. Yum. yum!

Kristy Hansenwi said...

You always find some great little goodies and I hold my breath until they are up on your etsy. I love the bread boxes. I collect picnic baskets-so I can feel your love for the boxes. kristy Can't wait to see what you do for Halloween....

Anne said...

I love your blog and Etsy shop. Speaking of sweet potatoes--you should try baked sweet potatoes with lots of butter and a lots of cinnamon and sugar. Yummo!

Diana said...

I love peeking in at your world. I always love the stuff you point out or pick out and purchase. Really love that Christmas scrapbook paper. And your note pads......I cannot get enough of them!

Renee said...

First, SCREAM!!! Just saw the sneak peek and I'm in LOVE!! Gotta have! Can't wait to see the whole set!:)
And I have been on the hunt for those tin cups since August with your Halloween post (either Been Booed or Tiny Treats, not enough coffee yet so can't remember) and haven't found one yet, how do you keep finding them? I've been to every antique store I pass, even the Goodwill. Well...maybe someday I'll luck out. Loved all your finds!

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