October 24, 2009

Warm wishes and cocoa...

To everyone: Thank you for your prayers and well wishes for my sweet reds. They are fever free and doing so much better today. We ventured into town for a little change of scenery and some fresh air. They're still coughing and tire easily but they are definitely feeling better. They're also back to fighting with each other and being sassy redheads....so I know they are getting back to normal. ;)

For my mother-in-law's birthday, I gave her one of my signature gifts....the pretty coffee mug with matching place and cloth napkin. She loved it and said that all of the girls at her office would be jealous. You know how important that coffee is at the office. :)

And that's why I like to make cards like this one. Everyone loves cards that have coffee or cocoa on them. They just evoke that warm and fuzzy feeling you get when holding a warm cuppa goodness.
For my card, I used Karen Lockharts Itty Bitty Cocoa and Cookies stamp paired with some sentiment words from Papertrey. I colored my image with Copic markers, adding some grey shadow as an outline. I cut and layered my image with Spellbinders Rectangle and Scalloped Rectangle Nesties Die Templates. Tied buttons, patterned paper and a pretty ribbon finish off my card.
As the colder weather settles in, I find myself brewing up more and more cups of coffee...hot cocoa.... and my orange spiced tea. Yummmm, makes me warm all over. What's your favorite winter beverage, I'd love to know?


Ann said...

My favorite warm fuzzy drink for winter is Alpines Spiced Apple Cider. Glad to hear the girls are on the mend!! TFS Ann Lind

Kathy V. said...

Love this Mish! I just bought this stamp--thought it was so cute, but once I got it home I wasn't sure what to do with it. Then, ta da, there you are once again providing inspiration! By the way, got a source for the designer paper? It's perfect!

Glad to hear the lil' Reds are better. Hope they, and the rest of you, stay that way!

Oh, favorite hot drink--Breve Latte, triple shot, two raw sugars, no foam!

Katie said...

Happy to hear your kiddos are feeling better...I'm still hoping mine will start sleeping better so they can get better (harder for a 6 month old and 3 year old to tough it out). My favorite winter beverage is most definitely Stephen's Mint Truffle Hot Chocolate.

Elaine said...

I have a couple of new favorites...one is white chocolate cocoa (it's an instant mix from Costco in the Land O lakes assortment). I added a little diSaronno to it one day and was in HEAVEN!! It's soooo delicious! I don't drink a lot but this makes me want a little sip every morning to get toasty before work! lol I don't though... The other favorite its the Spiced Apple Cider again an instant package mix from Costco...I'll add the caramel syrup you can buy at Starbucks and it saves me $3.50 a day by making my own instead of buying their Carmel Apple Spiced Cider for 3.95 a cup!

Cindy Holshouser said...

Today we went to a harvest party and had to pleasure of making apple cider. A guy volunteered his time and cider press and let every kid turn the wheel and make their own cider. So tonight we enjoyed fresh hot cider - so amazing!
Your card is adorable.
{my favorite hot drink is Starbucks Hot Chocolate because they make it with real cocoa like my mom did when I was growing up - nothing better}

Anonymous said...

Chai tea with milk, selfmade vanilla-cinnamon milk (take a cup of milk, add half a vial of vanilla aroma and half a teaspoon of cinnamon, heat in microwave) and hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows :) yum. Best wishes from Germany!

ScrapSoon said...

What a easy,simple but yet elegant card you've made for you mother in law.
Also glad to hear that your kids are doing better.
It's always terrible to see your kids sick.
Mine just healed from 2 broken wrists.
I really LOVE you blog and see it from end to beginning and back to the end.
I admire you for the capability to do hugh projects.
And assemble them to one thing.
When i see you stamp a simple paper and turn with a lot of buttons and some ribbon in to an emmbelishment i just think WOW.
Wow i wish i could do that.
You inspire me to do it...okay not right now.
But all your info,tips and idea's are great.
Have a wonderfull weekend and many more great idea's.

Evelin said...

My favourite is still COFFEE!!! :D I'm what you call a coffee-addict! :P

Love your cards. They are always, and I mean it, always, so pretty! :)

Gabriela said...

Oh Mish I am crazy head over heels in love with this card. You're right about how an image of a coffee cup or cup of hot cocoa evokes such warm fuzzy feelings of comfort. I'd never even thought about it until you so aptly pointed it out. I just love your card. Won't you please make another one and put it on Etsy for me? (and email me first to let me know its there?) Pleez oh pleez oh pleeeeeeez?

Mary J said...

Another winning card! Really lovely

dolcreations said...

Glad to hear your two girls are on the mend!
Your card is just perfect! Your blog inspires me so much!
My favourite winter drink is...a good ol home made hot chocolate! With a little whip cream on the top and of course some shaved chocolate on top to the whip cream!

Bonnie B. said...

I just recently discovered your blog, and now I am always eager to see what beautiful new cards you have made to inspire me!

My favorite winter drink has always been called "Russian Tea" in my family. A full batch recipe is this...

2 cups Tang
1 cup instant tea
1/2 t cinnamon
1/4-1/2 t cloves
1t dried lemon peel
or lemon zest
sprinkle of nutmeg

Use about 2tsp (more or less according to your preference) per cup of hot water. Sweeten with sugar, splenda, honey...

Just typing that out has made me ready for a batch. I haven't had any yet this fall...but I think it's time!

Pearlann66 said...

I dont' drink coffee or tea, but i do love Hot cocoa! about 2 years ago a friend introduced me to Hot cocoa with Hazelnut... Delicious!!
can't wait for it to get cold in FL so I can have some!!!

Caryl P said...

I love these cozy cocoa cards paired with that fun holiday paper, makes me want to curl up in front of the fireplace...if I had one!

I love coffee in the morning, cocoa after shoveling and hot apple cider on cold fall days. Yummy!

Karen said...

Love this card. The layout shows me what to do with small stamps. I am usually stuck on those. Glad to here the girls are on the mend.

Jennette Warren said...

Very Cute! I love all your stuff that you do! Thanks for sharing!

bonnie said...

Oh this is just adorable...what paper is that...gorgeous!! My favourite warm drink anytime is hot chocolate but especially in the Winter months to keep me cozy and warm! :) Bonnie x

Anonymous said...

I love Pumpkin Spiced Latte from Starbucks! But anything hot and warm in Nebraska will do the trick! I like to keep flavored decaf coffee around for the evenings.
Love the card!

Kimberly's Krafts said...

Great card Mish!! I( am so glad to hear that your girls are feeling better....it's a scary time. But GOD is good and faithful!!

Happy Sunday!! LOVE your blog, it always makes me smile!! :) Thanks!

patriciad said...

Glad to hear the reds are on the mend. As for my winter drink (or summer, spring and fall for that matter) I like to whip myself up a nice frothy latte - the frothier the better. Ever since I discovered the aero latte gizmo at Bed Bath and Beyond about a year ago I've been making my own lattes and I am totally amazed my local Starbucks didn't go out of business because of it cuz boy I was dropping a bundle before that! ;-)

Wendi said...

What a great card. As for me... I'm a coffee girl, anytime, anywhere!! Glad to hear your girls are better. Thanks for your amazing work and for sharing it with all of us.

Debbie Fisher (debbiedee) said...

glad to hear your girls are feeling better. I have two boys and still when they fight I know all's well. LOL!!

My favorite hot drinkS are cider (we have our own cider press and that's what we've been doing lately), hot chocolate (still looking for the BEST hot choc recipt) and hot flavored teas.

Nancy said...

Your card is simply adorable!! So warm & cozy!! My favorite winter beverage is probably egg nog lattes or spiced cider. YUMM! I would love to know who makes that adorable patterned paper you used!!

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