October 10, 2008

Eek...Witchie, witchie...and some decorations

Hi everyone, it's gonna be a fabulous day today! I have some more Halloween goodies to show you. Let's start off with my witchie feet card. I used Karen Lockhart's Witchie Feet stamp and the matching sentiment. I embossed the witchie image with black embossing powder, it's so shiny and fun! I then colored in the image with Copic Sketch markers. The tiny tips of the Sketch markers are great for coloring in small, detailed areas like the striped socks. I think cut out my image with a large Spellbinder's circle die. While the die template was still over the cut circle, I used a fine tip glue pen to draw a circle outline. I took the circle out of the template and then immediately sprinkled on glitter. I'm loving this technique! I used the Spellbinder's Pinking Circle die to cut out the black circle layer. For the embellishments, I used a Making Memories tag to stamp the sentiment on, some sequins, a Making Memories epoxy button with black string and some black satin ribbon. I'm really digging the black, white and burnt orange look for Halloween this year. Another fun card to add to my stash, can't wait to send some out this year! By request, I took some photos of my Halloween decorations. My first photo shows my two tiered basket that I purchased at Nell Hill in Atchison, Kansas. GREAT shop, the best around for decorations and household decor. My tablecloth is fun, it's a long piece of unfinished fabric straight off the bolt. Sheer black fabric with flocked pumpkins.
Here's the inspiration for my black, white and burnt orange theme. I'm using my new (old) cabinet to show off holiday decorations and the white background really stands out.
I placed some black tulle on the counter top and then nestled some Halloween decorations on top.
The little shelf makes a perfect display for my Halloween cards I've been making. Jordy says the drawer knob looks like an eyeball....good eye Jordan!
I bought some black crows to keep watch over my Halloween goodies this year. $4 each at Michael's this year. My sister bought me the *Be Very Afraid!* bowl at Nell Hills......she went without ME on her visit back here a few weeks ago. The bowl appeased me though!
More Halloween decorations. I guess I like those smiley faces. The white pumpkin ghost was a new find this year at the little antique shop in Lebo. There's a volleyball tournament near there tomorrow so guess where I'm going again?
Here's some little Boyd's Bears that the girls got when they were little.
And I can't resist Jordan's ghost she made in Kindergarten. It's head is dented in, it's getting discolored and all smashed up but I still love it. Check out the face she drew, it just CRACKS me up every time I look at it. I don't know where Josey's went but she made one too.
And here's the start of my fall decorating on our fireplace mantel. There's cobwebs on the candle sticks so I thought I'd just leave them on there for another month. Tis the season for cobwebs right? I need a new Fall wreath, I'm contemplating a horizontal, asymmetrical branch wreath of sorts. I'm still thinking on that though. Eric freaks out when winter comes, because I load the log mantel with decorations. He always checks the temperature of the log when we have fires lit because he thinks I'm gonna burn the house down. Poor dear, he mustn't worry so. You can't expect to build a beautiful fireplace and mantel and then NOT decorate it!
Okay, I must be on my merry little way, lots to do today. I have a FUN card I want to create today, the idea just appeared in my crystal ball. I seeeee something fun coming your way in the very near future!


Sandy said...

I love your style, Michelle!! In cards and in home decor. I absolutely love that new "old" cabinet. Your house looks so fun and festive.

Have a great weekend.

Karen said...

Thanks for sharing your amazing decorations. I love them all. The smiling pumpkins made me giggle. You do have an amazing eye for design. You can come decorate my house anytime.

TraceyScraphoria said...

Thank you Michelle for sharing your awesome Halloween decorations. Your 'new/old' cabinet is gorgeous. You are such an inspiration!

Chrisd said...

Your talents are wonderful and varied. I love all your Halloween decorations. I have Boyd's bears also and enjoy putting them out for each season.
Hugs to you.

DeeDee said...

Oh YES....I have it all figured out now....we are building a house in the near future and I'm gonna fly you to Texas to decorate with me....how's that??? LOL!! I love all your Halloween goodies Mish....so fun...so CUTE!!! That card is just so adorable....love it!!! HUGS!!!

Stefanie Staniak said...

Great card Mish and I love your decorations. They are Spooktacular !! :)

Melissa said...

I KNEW I would love your home decor...yep...you and I would get along fabulously well at any and every antique shop....love those darling witchy legs too.

Sue from Oregon said...

ahhh....to be so talented!

Anonymous said...

I love your decor! Please do a video using your Spellbinders. I have one brand new in the box and cannot get it to work. I am sure it is me. I have watched the Video but I still do not get it! Love your style!!!

Justine said...

WOW, all your gorgeous decor' made me really miss getting to go shopping for American decorations. Italians don't celebrate Halloween or Thanksgiving.
TFS O yea, I love what you did with that pinking circle, it really looks nice.

Debbi T said...

Holy crap - I *LOVE* your fireplace mantle - the decorations are, as always, phenomenal, but that mantle itself of raw wood ~ AWESOME!!!!!!!

Patti said...

I love all your decorations- they are so festive! Your cards are awesome too! Thanks for sharing!


Toni K said...

Love your decorations! Love that cabinet too. Your card's great too.

yvette said...

Michelle your house looks incredible! I love the decorations.
Do you know how the your girls made the ghost that looks like a great keepsake for my kids

Alice said...

I LOVE all your gorgeous Halloween decorations! thanks for the inspirations.

Jen said...

WOW! Your halloween decor is TO DIE FOR! =P Looks like it's straight from a magazine!!!

Adorable witch feet card too!!


Anonymous said...

I really like your decorations! And yes, that doorknob does look like an eyeball!!


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