August 18, 2008

Baby Elephant Quilt Card and Box...PTI

Good morning fellow bloggers!! It's the third day of our new school year.....and I got a call bright and early at 6:11am this morning to sub! I'm NOT a morning person. I don't have a problem getting up early, I just like to eeeeease into my mornings, KWIM? So after a cup of coffee and a splash of water on my face, I'm better now! :-)

Today I have a baby project to share with you...a cute card and a matching gift box. I wanted to combine my baby theme with a quilt know how much I love Papertrey's Quilter's Sampler set! I stamped, color and cut out lots of little quilt squares to use on my card and Egg Box. I adhered quilt block squares all the way around the box lid and then tied it up with Sweet Blush ribbon and a soldered charm. The little elephant image is from the PTI Bitty Baby Blessings set and the word *BABY* is from PTI Mixed Messages. Patterned paper is from Cosmo Cricket and Simply Swank soldering supplies can be purchased at Ellen Hutson's online store.
And here's my card below. I think it's so adorable....I need someone to have a baby girl so I can give this to them and fill the box up with goodies! For the main focal image, I created a mini quilt out of stamped quilt blocks and the bigger baby elephant image from Bitty Baby Blessings. I added buttons to make the little elephant look like a child's toy. I stitched around the white square and then added a pink scallop Spellbinder's cut layer under that.

More little baby elephants were stamped on the bottom of the card and colored with Copic markers. I finished off the card with a big loopy bow, more of the PTI Sweet Blush polka dot ribbon...and a little circle embellishment with *little one* stamped on it.
Hope you enjoy! We were looking at the girls' scrapbooks over the weekend. I can't believe that my babies are 5th and 6th graders this year! Where has the time gone? I look at their little pictures that are so sweet. It seems like forever ago that they were babies!! I need to see my little niece and get a baby fix! Have a great day everyone!!
Here's a fun thing to do today with your about the funny things they used to say. Kids LOVE to talk about themselves, right? Josey used to say *I'm feezin* every time she was cold. And Jordy has always screwed up her words which makes us laugh so much. Our all time favorite with her is the word *fiberclostic* time she said*ya know how when you sit in a closet and shut the door and you get all fiberclostic*....she meant claustrophobic! Oh how we laugh at that. What are your favorite sayings from your kids?


Anonymous said...

I loved hearing my daughters 'words'. I guess she was about 3, but close to 4 when she was telling us about the hippomisspotomus. We were trying not to laugh, but she knew something was up, and said, 'That's a pretty big word for me, eh?' Even funnier!
Thanks for bringing back the memories!

Tanya Frost

Rachelle said...

I love this little baby set. Too adorable.
When my siblings and I were younger that was our favorite game to play at the supper table. We would beg my Mom to tell us stories about when we were younger. My poor mom was alway searching for memories that she had't already told us about. lol I can't wait to do the same with my boys as they get a little older.

Anonymous said...

My little girl said the following:

Patentature - thermometer
Renember - remember
Muthimer (long i) - magnifier
Breach - reach
Boegit - bottle get it
Narrowplane - airplane
Callapitter - caterpillar

and on and on...

I adore your card and gift box. So elegant.

Cris A said...

What an adorable card and gift box!!
My son used to call Tootsie Rolls "whoopie toes"

Heather D. ~ Fresh Brewed Designs said...

If anyone sees my email address and thinks ??? it is because while at the mall one day (Hannah was 3??) she said LOOK MAMA< A HONKIN BILL!!! (it was a mechanical bull .. lol. And my kids still call their foreheads a forenoggin:) some things I cant change yet:) love it!
your card / box are precious!

Heather D. ~ Fresh Brewed Designs said...

OK, sons things: lol!!!

Scooter: Cooter
helicopter: helicocker
Truck: Fruck
(people think we are cursing all the time, lol.. when it is the exact opposite!!!)
He also calls watermelon: lemonade
thanks for letting us share:)

Karen said...

What a wonderful set. Who wouldn't want to receive this. Great colors. My son at 23 yrs old still says amboolance instead of ambulance. Go figure!

Unknown said...

What a sweet card!!!

Diana said...

I love how you combined the 2 PTI sets for this! They've been on my wish list for awhile...
When my son was 3, he had a hard time pronouncing words that began with "w", and would use an "l" instead; so "whoa" was "low". 12 years later, whenever we go to Walmart, my husband & I still say "I have to go to the Loll-Mart store..."

Debbie Fisher (debbiedee) said...

Oh wow!!! this is so precious!

I wrote down everytime the boys said something cute on the calendar. That way I had the day and year for when I got around to scrapbook. The first one that comes to mind was around Christmas. Benjamin is 4 and he thinks "Feliz Navidad" in the song is POLICE NAUGHTY DOT and would sing that loud when he would hear that song. He will be 16 Saturday *sniff sniff*, and we remind him of this every holiday season when we hear that song. Ü
Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

Chrisd said...

My favorite kidspeak was when our younger son was little, his favorite was the "goobrige tuck". (garbage truck)Erik and I would follow them every week all around the block. He also was a big fan of helping to bring in the garbage can back into the garage.

The card is adorable. It would also look great for a boy in soft blues and green shades .

Anonymous said...

oh mish, this is just adorable! every element is perfection!

Lisa and Penny said...

My 5 year old daughter always says, "my legs are jiggling" when she is nervous. love that word jello...ha! lisa k

SweetMissDaisy (Anna Wight) said...

This ensemble is absolutely perfect..... love every bit of it!

MelissaS said...

Those cards and box are gorgeous - I love the softness of the colors! My DS (4 1/2 yo) still insists that airplanes and helicopters have "compellers" no matter how many times we tell them that they are "PROpellers." Makes us laugh each time... Thanks for sharing :)

Anonymous said...

When my niece was a little one and wanted more milk or juice she would hold her cup out and say "I want more for drink". She's now 25 and yesterday she was over and held out her wine glass and said "Aunt Pat, I want more for drink". We both laughed so hard and then I saw this post and I laughed a little was very good timing :-)
PS - love love love the card - it's just adorable! I feel my copycat mode kicking in - especially since I'm lucky enough to have both those sets - I mean, really, I just gotta!

DeeDee said...

Oh Mish, this is so precious and sweet and that little elephant is so adorable the way you made it to like a toy with buttons for wheels.....GREAT idea!!!! I love it!!! My youngest who will be 17 in a few weeks switched his "B" and "V" around and if he showed up with something he wasn't supposed to have...I would ask him, "Where did you get that?" He would always relpy with, "Outta the cavinet"!! We still tease him with that phrase sometimes!! HUGS!!!

P.S. There is lots of FUN and FREE stuff to be had for all who plays along...visit my blog for the details!!!

Jenn in GA said...

oh does this bring back memories! my son used to call ketchup "chepet", spicy things "piecy", and the place i used to take him to walk with a girlfriend the "parkadis" instead of the park district.

i wish i'd known then that my memory would fade and i wouldn't remember all that seemed so indelibly marked in my mind at the time!

great card, btw...

Kimberly Crawford said...

WOW! Gorgeous!! What a great combination of stamps!!!

CreativeMish said...

What a great idea! I have the box and I have the stamp set. I need to make something baby boy! You're turned out fabulous!

Anonymous said...

I love your baby set, it's beautiful!

Julia said...

Oh that made me laugh out loud! One of the funniest stories we have is when my fifth grader was 4 he was sitting on the floor next to my bed watching "Jurassic Park". In the beginning they were loading Raptors and the black guy was grabbed by one Raptors into the box and killed. My four year old turned around with biggest brown eyes I have ever seen and with total seriousness said, "Mommy, I don't EVER want to go on that field trip." Oh my gosh, I have never laughed so hard. But then I felt bad for letting him watch it. Sometimes you forget how much violence is in a movie until you see it again. Anyway, love your elephant card and box. They are adorable and I think would look great for a boy too. (My sister's having a boy) Just need to change the colors. Where do you get your Cosmo Cricket Papers? Julia

Priscilla Heistad said...

I have two daughters also going into 5th and 6th grade. How time flies...

My Savannah used to wake up and say, "Good smorning!" I loved that.

Also, I love the way you combined the quilting theme with babies. It is just perfect!

Mom22RedHeads said...

love your stuff mish. my two faves are my 6yo started saying aminals when she was like 2. We never corrected her b/c it is so cute. When she reads, she says it right, but still we call it aminal when talking to her. My 2yo says "here goes nofing (instead of nothing).

Anonymous said...

Totally love this! Glad you got back to the quilting set too. Love it with the bitty baby!

Alicia Weiman said...

Wonderful card and gift box. They are both just beautiful!

Danisha said...

My girls are going into 5th and 6th grade too. I know what you mean about time flying. We were looking over the scrapbooks earlier this summer marverling over how much each has grown.

My oldest when something broke would ask her daddy to "fig" it (fix it). Any my youngest, oh she just did one the other day and a I ment to blog about it so I wouldn't forget, but I forgot!

glitter girl said...

My son used to say sonic the "hick-shog" instead of hedgehog, and banilla instead of vanilla.

I love how you used buttons for the wheels.

I can't believe you're being called to sub ALREADY!!!

MichelleY said...

OMW Mishie....this is a DARLING gift box and card! You simply AMAZE me with your talent, Girl!

Anonymous said...

Such a cute gift set. I love it.
Some of my favorite things from my 3 kids have been and sometimes still are
Hundrick- Hundred
Yes I does for Yes I do
My oldest used to call W -Doublelou
and mickey mouse was mick a Me.
I am sure there are more but I can't think right now.
I loved reading everyone elses kids speak too. What fun.

Lynn Put said...

This set is darling!
It is fun to look back at the kids scrapbooks! My oldest (now 13) used to say "Farmer John Cheese" for Parmesan Cheese and its so cute to hear my youngest (21 months) call my mom "Oma" for Grandma, I don't know how he got Oma from grandma, LOL!

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