October 31, 2007

Halloween photos

Q & A: Jennifer asked how I get my Spellbinder's Dies to emboss so deeply. I think the key for me is the Wizard die cutting machine. Honestly, it does not compare to any other machine I've used. It works on a rachet system and is made of solid metal construction, not a piece of plastic on this baby! The pressure the roller bars put on the *sandwich* of plates and dies is so extreme, we're talking hundreds of pounds of pressure. This enables the cuts and embossing detail to be superb. And the heavy duty plastic plates that you run through the machine do not warp or break so you are not spending extra money on replacement plates. Now with all things good comes a good price tag too, right? Welllllllll yes, the Wizard is more expensive than some other machines but like my Dad always said.....*you get what you pay for*. If you are a serious die cutter this machine will pay off in the long haul for you. I wouldn't steer you wrong ladies.......it's Halloween after all!!! You can purchase the Wizard and lots of Spellbinder's dies at Ellen's store at the link in orange above. Hope this information is helpful!! Now on to today's post!!!!!!!!

Have I said I like Halloween? Here's some photos from Halloween this year. Enjoy! These are treats for the girls......giant covered candy bars. Spellbinder's Tag, SU! stamp set. Some of the decorations in my hallway.
Treat sacks for teachers and friends. Lots of goody bag tags from Nichole's Papertrey Halloween set and sacks. There's white chocolate popcorn in the goody sacks and giant monster cookies in the glassine sacks.....I use the Nestle Toll House recipe but add in tons of chocolate chips, peanut butter chips, nuts and Halloween colored M & M's.
Halloween cards from my last stamp club......Stampin' Up! supplies for everything.

A spooky little shop we went to in Kansas City called Curious Sofa. FUN!! I want to grow pumpkins like that next year!!

Full photo of my fireplace mantel. We've had one toasty fire this year so far. Love it!
More goody sacks for my Stampin' Up! friends that came over for Card Club last month.
Close up of monster cookie sacks.

I hope you all have a safe and super FUN Halloween. We'll be getting our costumes ready for the big night. The girls have such fun running from house to house trick or treating. It's really chilly and windy here today so it will be a typical Kansas Halloween.......get all dressed up and then cover it all up with a heavy coat......any hat that will be worn(like Jordy's giant witch hat)will blow off over 20 times tonight.....Eric and I will sneak candy bars out of the girls' bag.......come home and dump out candy to sort......fight because *she took one of my candy bars, I KNOW it!*......go to bed with a sugar high.....wake up grumpy tomorrow because we're tired!! I loooooooooove it!!


Flossie's Follies said...

Oh my love all your goodies, bags and treats and cards, your fireplace is lovely. Happy Halloween.

Kristi Hartley said...

Love it all! Our Halloween evening in Perry, KS will be similar.

Julie Bowman said...

I have a Wizard and a Big Shot - and have contemplated buying a Revolution recently. I have to agree with you on the Wizard. It isn't as elegant as some of the other machines but it certainly does what it is supposed to do. I haven't tried it for setting eyelets yet. A future project, perhaps.

Tina said...

What a great selection of goodies and pretties! Wow! All are just lovely.

Lori Craig said...

I say this most sincerely...do you ever sleep!? I just adore your stuff....you inspired me to get out my PaperTrey Halloween set this morning....it's 10/31 and never seen ink...shame on me! Thanks for the time you take to share, Michelle!

Jennifer said...

Thanks so much, Michelle, for your opinion and experience with the Wizard. I will have to seriously think about spending some Christmas loot on one, cuz there really is no comparison on the results I've seen on your creations, compared with those I've made with the bug!

Love all your goodies today!

Julie Brooks said...

what festive photos! Everything looks beautiful!!! Love it!!

Erin said...

Your decorations, cards, and sweet treats are so beautiful!!

Thanks for sharing with us!

Erin McKinney

Dottie K said...

Oooohhhh what wonderful treats. Love the bags - just adorable. Wow you go all out with the decorations. Love the mantel! Happy Halloween! :)

Anonymous said...

I love all your treats. You are much better than Martha. You ought to be an interior decorator too and also a good cook. The teachers must love you.


StamperSharon said...

Your home is gorgeous, Mish -- and all your treats are amazing!

Beth said...

Happy Halloween -

Love the pix Mish!

joslyn said...

wow! what fun goodies. love it all!!

Otter said...

Dang!! I wish I live closer to you!!!

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