December 19, 2014

Aprons now on sale in my shop...

Big sale on all of my aprons in my shop.  Check out the selections right here. My plans for the new year regarding gift gifting is to be thoughtful, shop local and shop handmade.  I'll be using my aprons as gifts along with cooking themed notecards, mason jar mixes, cookbooks and some of my canned items. Look for fun wrapping ideas in the new year along with my second round of aprons.  Orders will ship within 24 hours.  

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Rita Gibson said...

While aprons are typically worn to prevent messes from further ruining your clothes, I don't think people would want to mess these ones, as they are just too pretty! Either way, this should make cooking up a feast a tad cuter and more colorful, right? Thanks for sharing!

Rita Gibson @ Yeah! Local

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