September 30, 2014

Tray Tuesday...Apple Cider

It's Tray Tuesday and today I'm sharing some of my front porch Fall decor and a special little set up for some apple cider sipping when the weather cools down a bit.  Ahhh, I just love Fall.  I wish the colors and beautiful weather lasted just a bit longer before the cold Winter settles in. 
I love welcoming our friends to our home for Fall activities like hay rack rides, bonfires in the timber, Gator rides through our carved out trails and just old fashioned visiting.  I set up a pretty display using mostly thrifted items.  The table was a find from my favorite thrift shop over the Summer. 
 This orange tool box called my name one day.  I didn't get it but I drove back to the thrift shop for it and I'm so glad I did.  The chippy orange color is perfect for Fall and Halloween.  The woven throw draped inside is a recent thrift find.  The jars are some I got from my sister that I filled with corn from my dad's field.  Pumpkins were grown by my folks.
 I love just using what you have on hand for filling up canning jars.  I snatched a few gallons of corn from my husband's stash that he feeds the wildlife with.
 My watering cans are front and center no matter what the season.  I just love them so.  I was so happy to stumble upon a giant vine of Bittersweet while on a buggy ride with Charlie.  The corn was picked from my dad's field before harvest time.
 I found this old wire hanging basket at a thrift shop and it's perfect for storing items you want to see.
Just this morning I added this apple cider tray to the set up.  I pulled out a drawer in the table and used it for the holding spot for a large tray.  On the tray, I nestled 4 ironstone mugs, 4 vintage spoons, an old Depression glass shaker full of cinnamon and some apples from my friend's tree.  
 I love how the drawer offers the apple cider as an extension of the regular Fall set up.  When the weather gets just a bit colder I'll throw some blankets over the chairs.  We purchase our cider just down the road at the apple orchard.  You can also get all kinds of fresh apples, local honey and apple slushies.
 Just a perfect little place to watch the world go by.  I hope you can find a little area where you live to set up a cozy little spot.
The tray I used today for my apple cider set up is one of these.  This Set of 2 Cream & Gold Trays is still available here
I think that shiny red apples and the same set up would be cute on these red and black trays also.  You could throw out some red and black Pendleton blankets and some red mums for a red theme.  
There's a few more trays in my shop also.  I just love all trays....they're perfect for setting up temporary holiday displays and transporting items from spot to spot.  Hope you enjoy!


kolleen said...

Just beautiful! Makes me want to stop by for a visit and sit on your porch! TFS!

Tami McBeain said...

Fall is also my favorite season, and your porch looks so inviting with your fall set up! You always find the most awesome goodies while thrifting! Thanks for sharing this fun post!

Alexia Marthoon said...

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Everydaynaseeha said...

That is so pretty and inviting! ♡ You've got such an eye for cuteness. Those trays are lovely! I was able to bring my most favorite trays on my downsizing move, and should be able to post next tray Tuesday! :)

crschaf said...

Love your fall welcoming porch set up! Today I went back to your December memories posts for 2012and2013. Always gets me so excited for December kits! Can't wait to see what GB is coming out with... Most of all can't wait to watch yours progress-it truly is the best time of the year!

Unknown said...

Nancy Gaines sent me! Looking forward to seeing more from you over on my Bloglovin. :)

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