August 9, 2013

Project Life 2013....Week 22

Just found a bunch of Project Life weeks that I hadn't shared yet so here we go with Week 22.  I'll be skipping around my weeks but should be more on schedule after August.  
I was in catch up mode when working on this spread so I reached for lots of handmade journaling cards that I had in my stash.  Plus I had just gotten my first Gossamer Blue Life Pages stamps so I wanted to try them out. 
This was Memorial Day week and the girls were still in full swing with Summer League volleyball and basketball.  Plus I was just getting some porch planters filled.  
We had some beautiful scenery from Mother Nature this week and had a fun time at my niece's graduation party.  
Every single year we go to the Memorial Day service at our small cemetery.  Like clockwork the ceremony starts at 10:15 am.  I typed right onto the photo and added a date stamp and some stickers to note the week. 
Volleyball in full swing.  I used some stamps to add images directly to the photo.
Some trimmed out images from the first Gossamer Blue stamps from the August kits. I've been picking up like new stuffed animals for Charlie from the Good Will store.  He loves on them then tears their eyes out.
More stamps from the Gossamer Blue kits.  On the right one, I typed inside the stamp while the image was still on a larger sheet of patterned paper....then trimmed out the image.
My niece just graduated from paramedic school....and someone who is as short as Josey. :)
Some pork butts on the smoker and this hilarious photo of Charlie.  He will do anything for a wear Jordan's basketball headband.
I love these two pretty inserts.  I added chipboard and sequins and a little gold foil tag from the shop.
I love capturing photos like Eric's ketchup blobs.  The dude puts ketchup on everything and it irritates me to no end.  I set a nice home cooked meal in front of him and he slops ketchup on it before he even tires it.  I get creepy chills just looking at that photo.  On the right, I'm happy to have snapped this photo of Josey laying on the church pew, covered up with an old quilt.
Here I add a printed quote that I just love and am really taking to heart.  The hoarder in me has a hard time parting with things but each time I go to clean out an area, I think about this.  I give myself about 10 seconds to make a definite YES or NO choice.  I need to make this into a poster.
That's it for this week.  I'm looking forward to a busy weekend, kicking things off with a movie tonight then it's all about canning jalapeno jellies this weekend.  Josey is headed off to the lake with a friend.  We're all about enjoying these last two weeks before school starts.  I don't want Summer to end!

Note:  I know a few of you are anticipating my post about my new calendar system for Project Life.  I haven't forgot about it....but it just might have to wait until school starts so that I can spend time with my family.  I'm hoping to incorporate it into some posts that show my current Project Life work area, some organization and more.  So it won't be long.  :)


Unknown said...

Loved seeing the planters/former Chicken things--I had a bunch of those and one day I came home and my hubby had planted them all with little trees!

Watch out with Charlie if he is an "unstuffer" of his toys. I had one dog who did that, and one of my 'bargains' was filled with that awful shredded foam---what a MESS!

PS loved the Gossamer Blue class you did--great, fun projects. Hope you will do another soon. (I found that I was Flickr challenged so who knows where the photos I tried to post are!)

Theresa said...

Your project life layouts are really lovely. They have dimension and a cohesiveness that is often missing from similar albums. Thank you for sharing.

clgnmoon said...

Michelle,can't thank you enough for having this project life information and breaking it down for someone who is just starting this is so wonderful to come to your blog and learn and see wonderful pages. Your blog is a joy to come to. Love your stories from your life.
Have a wonderful day,

helen r said...

I always love your PL pages and you give me lots of good ideas!

The pics of Charlie are so funny!

Sarah said...

I was wondering what kind of ink you use when you stamp on your photos. When I tried the ink was blotchy. Thanks:)

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing another great week! I always come away from these posts with so many good ideas!! Can I please add a second to Sarah's question...I'm not sure I'm brave enough to stamp directly on my photos but I'd love to know which ink to use if I ever work up the courage. Thanks!

Shan said...

Always love your Project life posts. I am so far behind but it's my first year and I've done so much more in this year than I have in a long time with traditional scrapbooking so it's a step in the right direction. Enjoy the last few weeks with the kids. We are 4 weeks away but I don't want the summer to end either. Like having all my babies home!

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