July 25, 2013

Colorado here we come....

Note:  There's a Project Life week that I posted earlier today just below this post.  :)

We're heading back to Colorado soon for my nephew's wedding and some vacation time.  I can't wait to get back into the beautiful scenery and to wake up to those cool mountain mornings.  
 We've got a white water excursion planned + we're renting some ATV's for a day.  We've got a wonderful house/cabin rented in a secluded spot for a few days too. The down time will be so wonderful after the hectic schedule that the girls have had this Summer.
So I have a question for you guys.  Do you know some good hot spots for awesome restaurants or great little scenery spots near the area we'll be staying?  On our vacation to South Dakota you all gave us some great suggestions because after all, the locals and those who have been there know the places best, right?

We'll be staying near Divide in our cabin and have some places mapped out but would love to see if there's anything we're missing.  We've done all the tourist spots around Colorado Springs and are quite familiar with those sites so we're looking for something new to do.  I do remember a restaurant in Colorado Springs that was featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives but I don't know the name.

From Divide we'll be heading up to the wedding venue which is near Castle Rock.  I see that an IKEA is near Centennial which isn't too far way.  Is it worth the jaunt?

Would love to hear from you and thanks in advance for your suggestions.


Chrisd said...

The IKEA is awesome and like a small city. We were in Colorado last year as my husband worked in Loveland/Ft Collins area in NE Colorado most of the year. We visited Boulder and went north to Cheyenne,WY and visited a Buffalo farm with lots of other animals. There is a Butterfly Center near Centennial which I thought wonderful. Downtown Denver was so scenic and the architecture outstanding. Molly Brown's tour was interesting(she survived the Titanic.)
Enjoy your time there with the family.
Chris in Michigan

Melissa said...

The IKEA is a straight shot up I-25 from Castle Rock, and takes only 25 minutes or so to drive, so if you have 3 hours to spend in the store you should go! The restaurant is cheap and tasty. Parking can be a little tough on Saturdays. There is an outlet mall in Castle Rock if you are interested in clothes shopping, and there is a traditional mall called Park Meadows just south of IKEA. I can't help with the restaurant in the Springs, but I'd love to know the name!

cathy yosha said...

If you are anywhere near Salida in your travels, stop there. It is a charming artsy town. The Arkansas River runs through it and is great for families..tons of water activities. And the coolest thing is that everyone rides bikes..not for exercise but those cute Cruisers..
Found this on Google-restaraunts that have been on the Diners..show.

Amber Sheaves said...

You changed your photo and I don't recognize you now :). Welcome to Colorado. We had a family reunion in Divide several years ago and it was so gorgeous there. Definitely get to IKEA if you have the time. I am more familiar with the Denver Metro area and not Colorado Springs so I'm not much help. But have a great time!!

Rosie Lilya said...

OMGOSH! You will be in my neighborhood! I hope I don't see you about town because I might frighten you! You have to go to downtown Littleton; lots of antique stores; way better than IKEA (I think). Its about a 20-25 min drive from Castle Rock. Next time you are out here you should have a class or workshop!!

Noelle Reese said...

I live near that Ikea and I just went for the first time! The Raskog cart is worth the trip! We were in and out in under an hour. We walked pretty quickly and just looked. It took less than 5 minutes to find the cart and another 5 to pay. What took the longest was the lady trying to get us to use the magnetic escalator that the cart attaches too. With my daughter in it! GASP No thank you! Rosie is right, downtown Littleton is awesome! Hit the Chocolate Therapist one of my BFF's is part owner there. Every time we go in Carlee gets a frozen hot chocolate and thinks she has died and gone to heaven. Go to The Melting Pot for lunch. You CAN wear shorts and not feel uncomfortable! It is expensive but worth it! A reservation is a good idea if you have a big party. Really yummy and a super fun experience. I have only done that once too LOL
Welcome back to our beautiful state! Don't forget to dress in layers :)

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