May 5, 2013

Vintage finds for you...

Did a little junkin' this weekend.

You all know I love the vintage jello molds.  I have more than plenty for myself so I'm sharing these great finds with you.  I use mine in my craft space to hold buttons and little baubles that I'm working with but there are tons of uses for these little tin gems.  
Here's an idea from Pinterest using the tins in drawers.  

Vintage flower frogs have found new uses in the crafty world.  Once used in the bottom of flower vases to hold flower stems in place, they've been converted. We all love to stick in little cards and creations.  These two will be in the shop soon.  
Tool boxes are a hot item right now and I'm always on the look out.  This old, green tool box makes for a cute display box now.  It will be in the shop soon and will come with the 4 vintage jello molds.  

Check out these fun uses from a planter for succulents.  

As a pretty planter for Summer flowers.  Click on the photo source for a fun read all about tool boxes. 

How about this adorable little gardening centerpiece?  

Hope you enjoy my vintage finds.  The Spring season (although it's in the 30's here lately) is proving to be a good time to go junkin'!  Look for my items to be in the shop soon.  :)


Gerjon Aelbers said...

I am reading your blog now for a month or so and love what you make.
Thank you for sharing this.
Love the toolbox, but I think i't cost a fortune to send to the Netherlands.

cjgusloff57 said...

My husband used a box like these for his fishing hooks, sinkers, and lures and our boys each had one too when they were young. Hmmm...wonder where they are now! I could make good use of them! Neat ideas!

@JoyceCasaldi said...

I miss you at PTI:(.
Please don't stop using your stamp sets and sharing.

Love the succulent planter, I may have to find an old tackle box.

Me, My Stamps and I said...

totally cool and vintage projects!!!!
simply marvelous!!!!!

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