March 22, 2013

Project Life 2013, Week 7...Valentine's Week

Today I'm sharing Week 7 of my Project Life 2013.  I had an insert his week, adding in our Valentine celebration.  
This is the 2 page spread. I kept this week's photos very light and airy, using a white border filter in my iPhoto editing program.  
The left page...
 The right page.....
 The Calendar Insert using chipboard letters, Crate Paper, SC PL labels and stamps.
 Here I used a Notebook Paper Label to add the journaling right to the photo instead of on an additional 3 x 4 card.
 Love this photo of sweet Charlie boy.  I used lots of the chipboard letters to add initials to photos this week.
 Here I used an Elle's Studio 4 x 6 card + a small library card from Banana Fish Studio.  I think it's fun to document the books that you're reading at the time..
The girls on Valentine's Day morning before heading out to school.  I used more chipboard letters + a Notebook Paper Heart Label for typed journaling. 
 Here I used a Studio Calico label topped with mismatched chipboard letters.  The circle accent is from Elle's Studio.
 Another photo of Charlie, this time with our cat Stormy.  I used a 4 x 6 Elle's Studio card accented with stickers, Washi tape and typewriter journaling.
 The 3 x 4 inserts. Pretty simple with small Instagram photos + typewriter journaling.
 Lots of small letter stickers and pieces leftover from my Gossamer Blue kit.
 More cute 3 x 4 inserts from Elle's Studio.
 I've developed a strategy for including lots of sports photos.  I'll share my method in separate post another day.  For this week, I included a photo of each of the girls dribbling.  I stapled their jersey numbers to the photo.  We have a local couple who are professional photographers and they've taken a liking to my  girls....probably the red hair.  They send me discs of photos and they take the best shots.  I love that they allow me to use their photos in my albums.
 This is the 6 x 12 insert which has a flipper card that I created.  The journaling cards are from Studio Calico. Paper is Create Paper. You can see more of this insert at the very top of this post.
 Here is the flipper card flipped up to reveal a photo of our Valentine's dinner with some journaling.
A very fun week in the book, full of things I love.  Thanks for joining me today.  

Right now.....the girls are still on Spring Break.  The weather has been in the 30's for most of the week and both girls have had outdoor track and softball practices.  It's not been Spring-like here at all & tomorrow they're calling for 3-7" of snow.  I would much prefer a nice Spring shower.  Crazy.  


Mtika said...

I love your work! I see a lot of floral Washi Tape on your LO's and would like to know what kind they are. Thanks

Mtika said...
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crschaf said...

My faves have to be the two pics of Charlie!! Sorry Reds! he is SO cute with that kitty!

Kat said...

love your PL! Remind me where those lovely white+pink chipboard letters are from?

TenSGal said...

Wonderful full of fabulous detail and touches!


Theresa said...

My favorite PL week so far! Just so happy and busy - like life should be...

Unknown said...

Love this layout and even though I am not doing PL, each Spring through early Fall I do a journal with pictures similar to PL where I document my Spring and Summer months and have been doing it for the last two years, this being my 3rd and I LOVE going back over my documentation and pictures reading about what music, books, colors, trips, products I was loving at the time. I just made up the cover of my journal last weekend, ready to start documenting and adding pictures. Life is good. Diana F.

Bee Rozatti said...

Hello!! I just discovered your work while looking for PL designers and luckily stumbled on your site! I LOVE YOUR TALENT, your eye & your joy--it is obviously a gift. Your family & Charlie, pure sweetness--keep up the great work. Just love your typewritten comments.
And your choices of miss mashing, such eye candy!

Bee Rozatti said...

(I really meant to say 'mish mashing' auto spell is so annoying!) Love ya!!

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