December 24, 2012

Project Life 2012, Week 49 + Daily December...

Happy Christmas Eve everyone!  I had a nice morning drinking coffee and sitting by the warm fire with my little family.  We're off to our first big family dinner today at my mom and dad's but first I wanted to share another week of my Project Life.  

If you've been following my posts, you know that I've been combining my Project Life pages with a December Daily of sorts....calling it Project + December.  It's worked out really well for me and I love the festive look the last few weeks of my album.  Today I'm also sharing my pages over at Elle's Studio.  There's been a fabulous month long blog event featuring some great folks and I'm so happy that Elle asked me to join in on the fun.  I used lots and lots of Elle's printed tags and journaling this year in my Project Life and will continue to do so next for Project Life 2013.  You simply must add some of Elle's goodies, and now stamps, to your Project Life product list.  

On to the pages.  I'll try to keep the talk short since we're all hustling and bustling for the holiday.  Here's the 2 page full spread. Lots of my pre-made journaling cards which was a huge time saver.
Christmas cards in the making, some classic Christmas movies and a little story about an ornament.  I used lots of Elle's 4 x 6 journaling cards for my main, dated insert.  So easy to layer with other embellishments.  
The traditional hot peanuts, Eric's work party, a nice cozy fire and Jordan got her first deer.
 Here I tried some glitter on October Afternoon chipboard letters + a cute snowman tag.
Lots of mixy matchy letters with a fun ornament...all layered onto another Elle's 4 x 6 journaling card.
 A little flipper photo for a story underneath.  I used various numbers throughout my pages just like you do in a traditional Daily December type album.
 The inside of the flipper photo.  I created a pocket by stitching on a large manila tag from my shop. (Check back for a grand update in January) Inside the pocket I tucked in 2 more photos and the story of   Eric's hot peanuts.  I adhered the tag pocket directly to the outside of the page protector so that the pocket items could be accessed more easily.
 Eric's work party. There is always a fun "rob your neighbor" type gift exchange and Eric was determined to get me a battery operated heated scarf.  Just what I always wanted.  ;)  A 4 x 6 Elle's Studio card was the perfect foundation for this mini layout.
 The 3 x 4 inserts, complete with a Week in Review card + a list of our favorite Christmas tv shows and movies. Notice the little circle journaling spots from Elle's Studio.  I love to tuck those in here and there.
 I had a blank spot so I used a Project Life card with stitched on patterned paper, an Elle's Studio tag + sequins and an October Afternoon tin pin.  On the right card I used one of the Studio Calico arrows that I stamped on.
 More 3 x 4 cards, using an Elle's journaling card for a base.
 The weather update which I fancied up with a snowflake and some glittery snow confetti from my stash.  On the right I created a fun pocket using polka dot vellum and a tag from my shop.  The deer image was from the Gossamer Blue Daily December Kit.  I adhered all of this to the outside of the page protector again.  The pockets are just too fun to be tucked inside the plastics.
Here's my 2 page Project Life with the inserts tucked in.  I really love inserts because I know more goodies are tucked in between the pages.
You've seen this insert as I had pre-made it some time ago.  It's a pocket page that holds my lists.  I love how it looks with a few actual lists tucked inside.
Turn the page for the next set of inserts, a 2 page spread about putting up our Christmas tree.  Note:  Due to Charlie's constant wagging tail & 5 broken ornaments, the tree now has ornaments from 3' up and higher.  And no presents under the tree, that would be a playground for Charlie.
 This 8.5 x 11 photo of our living room was embellished with a simple journaling piece from Evalicious.  Be looking for more of her items on my pages for 2013 as I love her style.
 Some closeups of the inserts.  The star of wonder insert is a 3 x 4 Elle's Studio journaling card. The glittery tree is a Studio Calico wood veneer piece that I covered with shiny green glitter.
 The next set of inserts featuring my holiday decor + the Senior Citizen's Dinner we attended as guests for Eric being on the School Board.
 My favorite part of this week, just so festive and colorful.  I used a pre-made 4 x 6 card that I made from Elle's products.  I had a piece of the polka dot vellum stitched on and then I added more stitching and some confetti to create a fun base for yet another Elle's tag.  Stamping is from Ali Edwards' holiday set.The bottom journaling card was from my pre-made stash and has a stamped sentiment from Elle's Christmas set.
 A few photos accented with an Elle's tag and an October Afternoon Santa brad.
Inserts from the school dinner.  I used a 3 x 4 Elle's journaling card on the left, layered with a photo and the bottle cap pin that the art students made for the guests.  I just popped off the pin backing.  On the right is a journaling card featuring a large circle tag from Elle's.  I love how the circles add fun twist to the inserts.
 The very back page features photos from the girls' basketball tournament.  Both JV and Varsity teams took FIRST PLACE! So proud of my girls.
 I love how this pre-made holiday card worked for my basketball photos.  The "joyful" sentiment definitely fit in with the theme of my photos.  A short story I must tell:  Jordan had just stolen the ball and made a layup for 2 pts.  The other team was taking out the ball under our basket.  Jordan and her best friend deflect the ball and are scrambling on the floor for it.  Kara is sprawled on the floor and passes it to Jordan who is on her knees.  She can't get up or she will get called for traveling.  So she shoots the ball while on her knees.  AND SHE SCORES THE BASKET!  The crowd goes WILD!  Best shot ever made!!  And the funny thing is Jordy tells us afterwards that she and Kara practice that shot all the time in PE class for some weird reason.  It paid off!  And no, I didn't get the photo, dang it, but I  will remember this story forever.  :)
 A special thank you again to Elle and Jenni for having me guest at Elle's blog today.  Here's to another great year of Project Life in 2013. I'll be back with some of those fun posts I've been promising....slow but sure.  :)

Survery....I'm debating on whether to keep the white borders for my photos or print them borderless.  What do you think???

And with that I wish you a joyful holiday season.  Our hearts are all heavy for those that have lost their loved ones this year. I think a lot about my grandparents and my brother Jeff, wishing they could see my sweet girls and be with us.  My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone who is missing their special someone this year.


Susan said...

I love the white borders. btw...I think your PL books are so beautiful. Probably my favorite of all that I have seen. Merry Christmas.

Melissa Stinson said...

I don't comment as often as I should, but I REALLY love your take on Project Life. :) And I vote for keeping the white borders- they really help the photos stand out!

Kristy Hansen said...

I vote the white borders too.....Great pages that you shared today. Merry Christmas

Dawn Cosgrove said...

Love, love, love your take on Project Life! Every time I stop by here I'm always so inspired :) thank you for that! Can't wait to start fresh in 2013 and looking forward to continually stopping by to see what's new here! Merry Christmas Michelle!!

Yvonne..... said...

Merry Christmas! I wanted to let you know that your take on PL was the reason I participated in PL for 2012. I loved it and can't wait for next year. Thank you for sharing your creations! (p.s. keep the white borders!)

Pam said...

Love, love, love your Pl with DD included. It is fabulous! Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Flo said...

I really like the white borders, but you could mix it up and do both. Merry Christmas.

Unknown said...

I love the white borders too! My favorite picture was the stack of homemade Christmas cards, love it.
Yes, Christmas time is bittersweet, it's hard not to miss loved ones. It is hard not to think about those that have lost so much this year.
I am grateful for you and your blog and ongoing inspiration though.
Merry Christmas to you and your family.--Diana Finlay.

crschaf said...

These December pages of your PL are just the best!!! I keep going back over the posts again and again to enjoy all the little details. Your book is an amazing treasure.

Unknown said...

beautiful work! very inspiring!

Unknown said...

I like the white borders, it's what drew me to your work in the first place!

Rich said...

Merry Christmas! Great pages-I don't comment often but really love your PL pages. I like the white borders but the bottom line is what do you like and what is easiest! Just my two cents. Have a wonderful holiday week! Dawn F.

CathyB said...

I have been debating about whether or not to try PL for the new year. Going through all of your wonderful pictures and detailed instructions has convinced me to give it a whirl. Thanks so much for the inspiration!

lisa westphal said...

So inspiring, Mish! :) Love all the details, variety of stories and events, and the images you've captured :) ...and I just wanna add..AWESOME shot Jordan!! -That is one of those amazing moments that will live in her heart and create excitement forever :) Lastly...I vote 'yes' white borders. It looks great! :) Happy Holidays girl! :)

Amber said...

So cute! I really love your album pages. It is very inspiring how cute you make it look. I was wondering if you use a type writer for the typewritten text? Very pretty!

crschaf said...


RebeccaHoot said...

I love the way your weeks turn out, very inspiring. Also congrats to Jordon on her first doe. I have deer hunters in my family and often wondered how to incorporate that into my project life... Merry Christmas!

Stacie said...

Oh my heck how much time can one girl spend over the course of a day when she finds a new blog as fabulous as yours?!? ALOT, I tell ya! So well written, so talented and so many grand ideas! I'm sure if I read into the wee hours (which is very possible) I will find an answer but in case use a lot of inserts as you call them. In do the same and I find that it makes my album impossible fat. I am pondering choices for next year in order to slim it down a bit. How do you manage the thickness...or do you have multiple albums as the year progresses? Thanks so much!

Melissa said...

These are gorgeous! I'm new to Project Life (and hence, your blog). Noticed you are from Emporia ... we have good friends who lived there. Our friend Jim was an administrator at Emporia State before he passed away. They loved it.

Looking forward to following your blog. Happy New Year!

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