February 8, 2012

PIP Day....Project Life In Progress..Week 5

So here we are with Week 5 of Project Life. I'm reading where some of you are falling a bit behind. No worries at all. It's all about working at your own pace and doing what feels right for you. As a reminder, I got 17 weeks behind last summer. I never want to do that again but I have given myself a 2 week window of time to get caught up....life happens, we get busy. It's okay. Project Life is a commitment of time. If you need to, schedule some time on your calendar to work on your pages. Possibly, you will need to just add photos + journaling cards and skip any scrappy stuff you might have wanted to add. The goal is to get the photos & the stories in the book.

With that, here's my PIP photo of Week 5. This is what my work table looks like while working on my pages. I am most comfortable working with my entire PL album right on the table with me. All of my supplies + goodies that I want to add get nestled right in there. The photos are all laid out on top of my page protectors. This way I'm ready to add the layers and embellishments without having to fish the photos out of the pockets.
Chit Chat:
I've noticed that I've had lots and lots of photos these past weeks. This week I have 19 photos!! I think it's a combination of just lots of fun stuff going on, the ease of having my iPhone handy at all times....and I just don't want to miss a thing. Some weeks will go back to having fewer photos so I'll just go with the flow. I have a ton of photos of Charlie that just won't fit into each week. I'm saving those up for an Instagram collage insert that I'll get around to one of these days.
This week I tweeted this photo that shows my Project Life layout in progress. I like to think of these little sketches as floor plans since I have a design background. Half the fun is just sketching and going through the process. Someone asked, "Doesn't this take up a lot of time? Would it be easier to just wing it?" Very interesting questions indeed. For me, the biggest challenge about taking so many photos & then wanting to get scrappy with my pages is where to fit it all within my weekly layout. If I were to wing it and just start printing photos, I would have no idea of what sizes of photos I wanted to print. Most likely the photos would not all fit into my 2 page spread either. I also would probably waste a lot of ink and printer paper due to mistakes. Since I print at home I only print exactly what photos I need...no extra photos sitting around for me.

You'll also see my calendar in the background. I use my calendar system each week to record what photos I took and I also jot down little blurbs about the event. When the week is over I start plopping those photos down into the slots via my sketch. I also jot down what size the photo should be. Then I take my sketch and calendar with me to my printer desk and I start printing. Yep, these steps take more time....but since this is about the only scrapbooking I do aside from a few inserts, the extra time is definitely worth it to me. Note: If I only used a photo a day, I could leave out some of these steps. I could simply print and insert the photos into the slots.
Product Picks:
Lots of new goodies came this week including a big ol' stash of new My Mind's Eye product. I have been a big fan of MME from their very first years. Oh how I love their goodies. From the newest release I am quite smitten with the Miss Caroline lines. Fruity tooty colors....lots of flowers...in a vintage sort of way. Just my style. I think I also ordered about every new item from Elle's Studio. Lots of buttery yellow journaling tags are coordinating perfectly with my new MME papers. I've also pulled some Clementine journaling cards from Project Life. Oh, and stamps. I got a MME stamp + both the Epic and Awesome stamps from Studio Calico.
My inspiration this week comes from lots of Project Life bloggers. Each and every Project Life page that I see makes me stop, zoom in and really absorb the process. I get so, so inspired by others that documenting the everyday tidbits of life. Leena Loh's blog is a definite stop. Her Project Life pages are so fun to study. Like me, she gets scrappy and treats each little insert as a mini scrapbook age. I love that her pages have a lot of white space. Lots of embellishing but put together so nicely. Also love Kelly Purkey's Week 4 of PL. I have to try using that 6 x6 type of pages soon. And there's Nichol Harper's pages. She's choosing to do one page week. So many fun details but again so clean looking. Jenni Hufford always has such detailed stories tucked into the tiny spaces. Love her use of Elle's Studio products too. Susan Weinroth's pages were very inspiring this week. Her photography skills are out of this world as each one of her photos look like a senior picture. I also love her 6 x 6 photos and Instagram piece. Definitely going to add this to my PL to do list.

This week:
Finishing up Project Life Week 5 tomorrow or Friday as the weekend will be busy. Josey has her first high school formal dance. We've got a nail appointment, hair appointment, flowers to pick up, etc, etc, etc. I think I'll do Ali's Day in the Life for this special event. I'm thinking an Instagram collage insert page. Similar to the Instagram insert page from this blog post, except with more room on the side bar for the timeline of daily events.

Okay, I'm outta here for tonight. American Idol Hollywood week is on!! Tell me about your Project Life.....how's it going? are you staying inspired? are you up to date?


Katrina said...

i am still LOVING project life - and as of right now (knock on wood), I'm caught up.

toni from said...

I am caught up completely. I am really proud of myself for keeping up, it's like I crave working on it now. I really enjoy looking at your blog. I can always count on you for lots of inspiration, I now am using white cake doilies on all kinds of things! Thanks Michelle, very affordable and adorable too!

I am also LOVING all of the new MME stuff. I have been having way too much fun selecting and purchasing fun items for my book. I find that the extra 6*6 pages are really great for cards, the A2 size. I can't wait to use my new MME stuff, but since I have so much awesome Valentine's Day stuff from MME and Elle's studio, I think I am going to stick to Valentine's Day stuff for this week and next week in Project Life, and I will incorporate the new MME stuff the week after. This is killing me to wait to use it, so I might have to whip out a card before then, or two.

I can't wait to see your finished layout, I love the pics this week. It looks like it was a fun week.

Lizzy said...

I love getting insight on people's process. This is great. I really like how you describe your product pics and thought process. I tried PL last year and due to life happening, stopped at around July. This year I'm really enjoying it a lot, but we'll see if I can make it past summertime. :) Thanks for sharing!

SSCHRH76 said...

This is my first year of PL...to date all I have done is take pictures and doccument "blurbs" for each picture in my calendar. I JUST worked on the title page last night in addition to week 1. I want to be more on the scrappy style versus just using the cards from the kits (wish I had realized this sooner because I have 3 kits - was soooo excited to start all of this that I had to have everything!).
I enjoy/love looking at what everyone else does and I find your layouts inspirational and a point of reference I use OFTEN!! Please keep sharing!! :)
I am also bound and determined to work on PL this weekend and get "caught up with the pictures I have printed so far. I do love using 6x6 paper pads...discovered this last night ;) no to use the tim Holtz tiny attacher, my inks, stickers, embelllishments and all of the goodies that have collected dust over the last few years since I haven't scrapbooked in a while. I am excited though and cannot wait to see my first few pages!

Laura P said...

I consider myself caught up on project life (I'm finishing up week 4) but haven't posted the past few weeks on my blog yet. Maybe this weekend. Thank you - i find your blog so inspiring as well as those you note on you PIP posts!

I love getting scrappy too and didn't for week 3 because I was a bit rushed that week. I was disappointed in the finished layout so may need to go back and scrappy it up!!

My biggest challenge is that I seem to have either a ton of photos or very few- no in between! I have started the same process of prep landing my layout which really seems to help and saves my printing costs too!

Thanks again for your inspiration!!

Samantha said...

Awesome PIP post today, Mish! I am all caught up with PL in that I have all of my pictures printed and my journaling is done in my calendar, but I have not actually put together any pages since I am still waiting on the page protectors to come back in stock. I will be ordering a binder at that time as well, so I'm pretty excited. I think my PL pages will go quickly for me b/c I am organized and have all of my stories written down already.

On a side note, have you seen the new Martha Stewart organizers at Staples?! I have been drooling over your white Pottery Barn Kids units ever since I saw them on your blog a long time ago. The Stack+Fit Desk Accessories that Martha Stewart offers can be configured in a manner similar to what you have, but on a much smaller scale. I thought I'd mention them since a lot of readers were looking for something similar to your configuration. You can see them here:


I had fun shopping at my local Staples and am happy to report that my new station is up and running and works very well for my PL set-up!

Thanks for all the awesome inspiration and taking the time to do these posts. Have a good one!

Melanie said...

Thanks for the linkback to your calendar system, Mish. I must have missed that one last year! It's a great idea that I will definitely implement from now on. Keep up the tips in your PIPs, please!

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