September 15, 2011

Project Life....Sept 4-Sept 10, 2011

Hellooooo Beautiful! Today I am back in the game of Project Life. I got behind. Way behind. But....I kept taking photos, I kept making notes, I kept on collecting little tidbits.....and Project Life was still there waiting for me. And I still love it so much. I thank Becky Higgins in my mind each time I get to work on my Project Life album. :) It works for me.

I'm past the point of keeping track of the weeks so my posts will now go by dates. Easier to keep track of. Here we go.

Project Life....Week of September 4-September 10, 2011

I love to use items from the Project Life kit + add in my own supplies. It's a great solution to my scrapbooking needs. I love to make full size layouts but in reality the Project Life pages are really about all I can handle time wise. Therefore I add in a few traditional page layouts every so often but most of the time I'm going to stick with Project Life pages. I'll have a new post up soon about how I treat 2 pages of the Project Life album as if they're a 2 page traditional layout. I shot a few photos of my process and I thought you might like to see them. Stay tuned.

The 2 page spread of the week. Love when another week gets completed. Woohoo!The left page. Title insert is always in the top left hand corner. Days start with Sunday...and next year I'm starting with Monday because that's how I use my family calendar. Looking forward to that switch over. Also I've been adding in a *blank* journaling card for the extra space. I really need to remember to use a smaller photo (need a Photoshop lesson on how to group and print smaller photo collages).....or perhaps an Instax photo or a receipt, etc.
The right page. 4 photos with 4 corresponding journaling inserts. Notice the photo of Josey making a heart....I added in an arrow and phrase from an Ali Edwards stamp set. Man, I love her stuff. Thanks for all the great products Ali....from Technique Tuesday. Plus lots of goodies from my Studio Calico kits. A great mixy matchy selection of products in their kits that is perfect for me. Plus Mister Huey...seriously love those spray mists.
A few closeups. On the main title insert, I used a sticker border from Sassafras, chevron paper, woodgrain letters, a brown marker for some of my own handwriting...and I used numbers from the Project Life kit so indicate 4-10, the days of the month I scrapped this week. Love how they fit into the little circles on the PL insert card. Note: I broke TWO sewing machine needles on those woodgrain letters. Don't try it people. I finally had to resort to my Tiny Tim stapler.

A few journaling inserts. Here I've used Small Manila Parcel Tags, Washi tape(I find on Etsy), letter stickers, patterned paper and my sewing machine.
These two journaling inserts use more patterned paper, stickers, Large White Tags and number stamps from 7 Gypsies and more machine stitching. This week's inserts use lots of numbers. I really love the white tags....add a little accent, stitch the tag onto the insert card....let the strings dangle and then staple down with Tiny Tim's stapler. Love that.
Here I've used sticker, punched hearts from patterned paper, Amy Tangerine star, sticker letters, number stencils that Eric brought home from work, and White Metal Rim Tags. For the stencils, I used Mister Huey spray mists and then wrote my journaling on top.
On the last journaling insert, I discovered that these adorable little grid sacks fit into the journaling slots. I embellished the front and then used a cut to size index file divider as the insert. I'll be using these little sacks a lot more now. And I'll be carrying them in my Etsy shop soon too in lots of styles. :)
Whew, feels so good to be back in tune with my Project Life. I've seen the two new styles on Becky's blog and I'm wayyyy excited. Come back soon for another Project Life post on how I go about my layouts. And have a great day!! Off to watch my red Jordan play some volleyball this afternoon. :)


Angy said...

Mish, I found this great FREE photo collaging program here and it works so well. I was doing the photoshop thing but this program allows you to choose the size (4x6) and the number of photos - 2,3,4 etc and if you want them vertical or horizontal (in case of the 3). anyway, you just drop your pictures in the slot and it shows you what the end product will be. Save it to your computer and then you can upload to your favorite photo site and print. Easy peasy and FREE! I use it all the time. somewhere on that site he also has a collage function where you can choose a lot of photos and having them put collagy style in a photo - again choosing your size. I love using it for my Project Life! Hope it helps you too!

Anonymous said...

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Linda said...

Michelle thanks to you and one of my crafty friends i have now spent hundreds of $'s preordering PL for next year.(should i be saying thanks or growling). You have inspired and continue to inspire me, your PL is wonderful and your cards,tags etc are just amazing.
Thank you.
Linda in Aus

Anonymous said...
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