April 15, 2011

Favorite Finds: Aqua Love

Or is just me or is aqua a popular color these days? A few of my favorite finds for today just happen to be popping up in aqua. Check them out:

Love this little aqua Pyrex dish with the Amish people pattern. Just right for fresh, juicy strawberries.
Have a fettish for aqua? Here's a whole cupboard full of aqua Pyrex dishes. That would be fun!
(photo from pyrexpixie)
Want to find Pyrex in a certain pattern/color? Just do a search on sites like Etsy. Here are lots of turquoise colors + lots of the little Amish people pattern I love.

Here's a few items from my own stash. Of course, I love the blue canning jars of any size. The little aqua dish in front called my name at a thrift store. And the two vases in back were recent finds from Nell Hills, my favorite home decor shop. My new craft room will match those colors on the vases. The linen tablecloth was a great find for $2 bucks at a local antique shop. It's got a few stains but it didn't stop me from making the purchase.
Be still my heart. Button cards in a chippy white frame. I totally want one in my craft room. So lovely.
(photo courtesty of brandywineboutique)

And isn't this bedroom simply fresh and delightful. I can imagine that it smells like a fresh dryer sheet in this room. :) Love the aqua painted iron bed, the comfy aqua chair and the buttery yellow bedding accents. Add a few magazines and I could stay in here all day.
(photo from suziebeezie.tumblr.com)

Eggs. Robin's Blue eggs. Spotty and cute.
(photo from pottery barn)

And how cute is this photo? Very! Lots of aqua goodness paired with coral and black. A cute little store display or perhaps a dreamy pantry nook. Lovely.
(photo form decor8blog.com)

I'm feeling totally inspired to create things using the color aqua, how about you? Visit my Pinterest site as my love for aqua is present in lots of pins. Have a happy day and here's wishing you aqua....I mean blue.....skies.

Note: If you want to start a Pinterest site of your own you have to request an invite....then an email with set up instructions will be sent to you. Have fun!


Meredith said...

I was cleaning my laundry room today, and I came across the vintage style clothespins I bought a couple of years ago to help with the vintage feel I am hoping for... and I said out loud to no one - I need to put those out in the rain, that's what I need to do. They're too new... That was all thanks to YOU! Your blog makes me lust after all things old. I found the post of you and your daughter enjoying iced tea on the porch, and it totally inspired many ideas for the Iced Tea Party theme I am planning for one of my girls' birthdays. Also, I just read the post you wrote a couple years ago about the ginormous snake that almost ate you for lunch... I was laughing out loud, only I had to hold it in because of the men-folk watching hockey here - they would think I was crazy. I just love spending time here, it's so fun :)

Wendy ten Hove said...

Gorgeous, Michelle! I started following your Pinterest boards as well, those colors the are amazing! Love that! Just going to Pinterest for some inspiration has become a large hobby! Thanks for the colors in this day
Hugs, Wendy

Robin said...

Very inspired.... love that bedroom! Cheers,

melanie said...

While waiting to close on our weekend lake house, I noticed that aqua was the HOT color , used in some shade at least once on almost every decorating website and magazine..and I love it! I'm looking for the perfect pale aqua-ish wall paint color right now, and it will look so fitting for the lake...have you used this as a wall color and any ideas? Thanks for all of your fresh ideas!

Kendra said...

If any of you would like an invite to Pinterest, I'll gladly send you one if you give me your email address! It's a lot quicker than waiting for one from the site! I signed up for it about a week ago and it's soo addicting! Michelle- you have some great inspiration on there! I find myself wanting to re-pin everything you post!

Sharon said...

Ha, I agree with Kendra. I see your postings all the time, often repinning you! What a fun, fun, site :)

Anonymous said...

Love your inspiration Michelle! Aqua is *totally* my favourite colour... whether it's pale duck egg blue, Caribbean sea aqua, or even through to rich teal.
Just love it!
I am trying not to get sucked into Pinterest - I've a feeling that it will be like a vortex or black hole for me. One try, and I'll never make my way out again!!
Hugs, Ruth S

Unknown said...

thanks for the etsy site with the lovely gorgeous pyrex..i'll be saving my pennies to get something - i love the refrigerator sets - with the textured clear glass lids..thanks again.

Sharron Lynne said...

Oh my gosh! I have one of those large aqua bowls. Mine is aqua with with the pattern in white. Guess I had better not let anything happen to it. It is a hand me down from my mother. It came to my house with something in it about 30 years ago and it stayed. I think it is the only remainig piece of the set she had left.

Heather Jensen said...

I so want that cabinet full of Pyrex dishes. My mom has some of her and her mother's old pieces. I really need to start looking for some. I appreciate their beauty, as I know you do too. :)

All the photos are drool worthy. LOL

Diana F. said...

Yeah, I am loving the aqua color too and so drawn to things in the stores of that color. I signed up and have been pinning to Pinterest 2-3 weeks ago and I can spend HOURS pinning things.
Thank you for posting your pins. I have been pinning your Button Boutique cards, LOVE THEM.
You are just so cool.

SueB said...

Loving all the aqua.The cabinet full of pyrex belongs to my daughter, pyrexpixie over on flickr. She has quite the obsession with aqua, vintage pyrex and all things vintage. She will be thrilled when I tell her that her picture is featured on your blog.

Anonymous said...

My mom (SueB)just sent me a link to this blog. That is indeed my cabinet full of Pyrex! Yes, I am obsessed. If you could credit my photo with my name, that would be appreciated. (pyrexpixie) Thanks :)

Gift Ideas said...

Home decor is so noninfectious and this color aqua is a very attractive and cooling one from the family of turquoise.I think creativity should extend in every corner of everyones life.

Maureen Morton said...

My kitchen is aqua and I have the entire set of those Pyrex dishes! Love that color. Thanks for sharing.

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