December 12, 2010

Love Lives Here

Welcome to today's Papertrey group post featuring Melissa's adorable new set called Love Lives Here. Melissa's concepts for this set and Nichole's illustrations have brought a beautiful new set to life. The homespun images evoke feelings of love and home and all things good. I *heart* this set so much. Nichole asked each design team member to create a meaningful gift for loved ones. I chose to create some drink coasters based on the adorable ones Tara Anderson did on her blog here. I've had these on my list to try for quite some time now. I gathered up my patterned papers, new stamps and dies and purchased some tiles from the home improvement store. (These 4" x 4" tiles were purchased in a package...maybe 5-6 for about $4 bucks).
Let's get started, shall we? Using a stylus (or you can use a pencil) turn the tile top side down and trace on the paper that will be your base to cover the tile. I used a thin sheet of old ledger paper because I knew I was going to create lots of paper layers. Using some thinner papers like ledger paper, doilies, etc is a good way to get some thinner layers on the tile. Cut along the inside of the line, creating a piece of paper smaller than the tile. You want to see some of the tile on the top.
For any sentiments or stamped images, make sure to use ink that will not smear when used with Mod Podge. I chose to just heat emboss my sentiment with gold embossing powder.
Next using all kinds of materials, cut patterned paper, doilies, maps, ledger papers, stickers, die cuts, etc to layer on the tile. I ended up using 4 different Papertrey dies on this project. Love. I also used a Dainty Doily and a vintage road map on my tile. You could also use items you collected on trips like tickets and receipts....maybe tags from clothing for teenagers....old Christmas cards....pieces of artwork.....magazine pictures, etc. The possibilities for these tiles is endless, just use a little creativity.
Once you've got your general layout planned, lightly adhere all the items to the base sheet of paper you first cut for your tile. Trim around the edges with scissors. Next, sew around the entire piece, then through all the layers with your sewing machine.
Your piece should fit nicely on your tile now. Using a sanding block, I went around all the edges to give a worn look and to mold the paper to the tile surface. There will be lots of little crevices if you choose these really earthy looking tiles like Travertine, don't let that scare you.
Using Mod Podge, adhere the piece to the top of the tile. Let this dry completely. You don't want to rush the Mod Podge drying process. This is where most of us get impatient....then the dreaded bubbles happen. Waaaait for iiiiitttt. Patience, peeps.
When that first layer has dried completely to the tile, add another layer of Mod Podge. Baby this a little bit as it dries and press down the edges into all the little crevices. Let dry completely. I waited about an hour in between each application of Mod Podge. Patience, friends. I added three coats of Mod Podge to my tile, coating the sides also to seal the deal.
When it's all dry, you end up with something pretty amazing! A beautifully embellished tile that looks cool.
All ready for that cup of coffee or beverage of choice. Note: I've never made these before so I'm not sure how they hold up to an hour's worth of iced tea drippings or hot coffee rings. My suggestion is to use the coaster as a fun place to house your drink....but probably try to wipe off any heavy wet spots. I'll make more and test these out for you.
None the less, I love them. Oh gosh, I must make more!
Especially since this one is headed to somewhere on this little snippet of map I included. Can you guess where? Zoom in see what states I included on the map. And look at that sweet little butterfly and scalloped circle die. I'm in die cut love. Three of my easy back and forth*messy stitches* and you've got yourself a cute little embellishment. Love.
More die cut borders here along with my gold embossed sentiment. Notice how each layer was sewn with the sewing machine.
For the back of the tiles, you must adhere some felt feet or cork or some kind of scratch guard. If you don't, your tables are going to not like you or your cute new tile coaster.

I hope you enjoy the tiles and please add them to your crafty to do list. You'll love them!
Now don't forget that Love Lives Here and the coordinating dies can be used for everyday cards too.
Here I've created two fun cards that we'll use as thank you notes after the holidays. Same layered style as my coaster, using more ledger paper, Dainty Doily, die cuts, embossing and twine. So sweet and homespun. Look at that cute little heart cut out.
I can't wait to see what the rest of the Design Team has created with my Melissa's new baby. Please check out their creations here....and remember comment love is always appreciated by the wonderful design team:


Melissa said..., love, love Mish! I am just tickled and in awe. These are so've inspired me once again. Thank you, thank you!

Kathy McDonald said...

What a wonderful gift idea, Mish! I've got to head to Lowe's for some tiles. Thanks for the inspiration! And I LOVE the stamp set and dies!

nancy said...

If these tiles cannot withstand dripping glasses filled with iced tea, just hang them up. They'd look incredible as wall art. And thanks for giving us a peak at half the set.

Anonymous said...

Mish you are something!! I never would attempt to do this but boy oh boy are the coasters EVER cute!!! I have some in my garage and I'm thinking these would be really sweet Christmas gifts for my 88 and 83 year old parents who have everything!! Thank you SOOOOOO much for sharing and being soo darned innovative!!!

Gabby said...

Irresistable little cards! Love the stamp set and dies. :)

Eveline said...

Love the coasters and the cards.

Anonymous said...

Very sweet. Love your colours.

Sandra Korten said...

WOW!!! What a great idea! The coasters are so cute!


DottyA Cards & Things said...

Very nice.... And thinks for the link to Tara Anderson blog. Love visiting your blog and now I have another one to vist too..

Brenda said...

These are so beautiful Mish! A real piece of art and a great gift idea!

jan metcalf said...

Your cards are sweet!

Debbi said...

Mish, your coaster is STUNNING!! I love it, and the new set of stamps and dies!!

Vicki Chrisman said...


Diane Jaquay said...

My goodness Mish, what a LOVELY project this is, I'm so inspired to try some!

Sandy Ramirez said...

You are such an inspiration, Mish! Thank you for always sharing your best! You make me want and need Love Lives Here. Those coasters are just adoreable.

Anne Tussing said...

Gorgeous tile and thank you notes!! Love the layered look and all the sweet little extras!!

Ravengirl said...

Love your collage-y coaster! So cool!

Alice said...

beautiful coaster! fabulous projects!

Unknown said...

I love your designs. Thanks

Lianne Carper said...

These are fabulous! I would love to know if these stood up to the test of time (ie. use)

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