September 10, 2010


Hi friends, TGIF. Busy here today finalizing my Papertrey projects for the month.....working on an awesomely hauntingly good Halloween kit and putting together my spooookyyyy Halloween Inspiration Station....working on more Wrinkle Ribbon in beautiful Fall colors.....I'll be back soon with it all! Stay tuned.


Kat Gomez.. said...

I can't wait!!!! HURRY UP HHAHAHA!!!

tu amiga kat..

Cele Schaffer said...

Hurry we can't wait!!! Your stuff is THE BEST or as the kids say THE BEAST!!

milkshake007 said...

Okay.......I am ready and waiting.....been wanting some wrinkle ribbon for a while now and just haven't been able to make the purchase.....always too late.
Cathy M.

scrapfancy said...

Looking forward to the ideas and your station.

Isabel Z said...

I can't wait to see what you have in store for us--no pun intended--but I am keeping my fingers crossed that I make it to your Etsy store before the shelves are wiped clean of your Halloween Kit!

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