December 11, 2007

My Kitchen Kit!

It's finally up on Ellen's online store!! This is my first kit that I've designed for Ellen. It's a recipe box with dividers, a notebook and a menu clipboard. The beautiful papers are from the Brunch Crate Paper series. You can check the entire kit out HERE at Ellen's blog and HERE at Ellen's store. The main kit is this recipe box below. The kit comes with all the supplies, directions and a cutting template to complete the recipe box and dividers.
The add on kit features the notebook and the clipboard shown in the two photos below. The main kit contains most of the leftover supplies needed to make the notebook and the clipboard. However it does not contain the stamps.....Ellen has listed the suggested stamps that I have used though.

Now that the kit is up at Ellen's store, I'd love to share some of my ideas on how to use the kit. When I was designing the kit and putting on the final touches, my daughter Jordan came into my stamping room. She fell in LOVE with the entire kit and said it would be so fun if she and Josey could have their own recipe box. So I ran with that idea and am planning on giving the kit to my kids as an advent present this week....maybe today since the weather is so icy and they're home from school.

Since my girls love to cook and help out in the kitchen, I think this little kit could be so much fun for them. I'm going to include a blank set of recipe cards so that they can write down our favorite recipes to keep in their very own recipe box. For the clipboard, they will use that for their menu planning. We love to have what we have named *Special Dinners* at our house. Once a month, we plan a special meal with a theme. The girls can use the clipboard to hold all the recipes and ideas for the Special Dinner. We have done Valentine's Day dinners, pizza night dinners, finger food dinners, fancy candle lit dinners where we get out the *good plates*, birthday dinners, etc. The girls have so much fun planning the meals and table decorations, scanning the recipe books and planning for the big day. The notebook could be used to record their thoughts or special messages or even a photo of our *Special Dinners*.

More gift ideas for the Kitchen Kit could be:
for a graduate or child moving out into the big world on their own
Girl Scouts or little kids who love to cook
Fill the recipe box with favorite recipes and give as a wedding gift
Christmas gifts
Birthday gifts
Or how about getting together at the family reunion and sharing family recipes
4-H kids
Or you could change out the sticker letters and create an office ensemble to organize customer information and contacts
Keep the kit in your scrapbook room to organize inspirational ideas and layouts you want to try

I'll be talking more about the Kitchen Kit and let you know how the girls liked their gift! The ice is really bad here in Kansas right now and we might lose power! So if you don't hear from me, you know I've been without power. I'm hoping that doesn't happen but the power is flickering as I type. To all of you enduring these ice storms, stay safe!!


Debbie Olson said...

Fabulous job on this kit, Mish!

Anonymous said...

I ordered my kits last night! I can't wait to get them and start playing when I have a little time off school over the holidays. I am such a fan of everything you create, Mish, and know this project is going to be tons of fun!

Kathy McDonald

Amy said...

Yay for you! How cute is this kit? What great ideas you have! Thanks for sharing your wonderful inspiration with us! Amy

Wife2TJ said...

This is beautiful!

StamperSharon said...

Fabulous kit, Mish -- great papers, too! The whole kit and ideas for it's use are just wonderful!

Beth said...

Beautiful Job MISH!

Keep safe & warm in your ice storm!

Kathi said...

Love all the special things you do with your daughters. They will cherish these together times someday. Your projects are always fabulous.

Stacy said...

I love your recipe box. It is lovely like all of your projects. You are such an inspiration. TFS. by the way you've been tagged.

Alisa Conner said...

This is so cute. You do such great work. Thanks for sharing your "loves" too. I share a love for many of those same things....especially number 7. Hoping santa will sneak those under the tree for me. =) Merry Christmas.

liannallama said...

I saw this in the store and thought it was such a fabulous project! What a wonderful kit you made!

Anonymous said...

So cute, Michelle! You should be proud!!

Tex said...

Goodness gracious! Your kit version is divine! I'm not a true kitchen fan ... but this is delightful! Your girls are so blessed to be "your girls", Mish!


jeannine said...

hi michelle! i just found your recipe box post which is surprising since i'm a huge fan of your blog! ellen still has the recipe box at her store, but i'm hoping you could perhaps give me information on the letters you used for the front. are they chipboard - if so, are they already colored? any details you could give me would be greatly appreciated as i am hoping to make one for a school fundraiser over the next few weeks. thank you so very much!

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