February 21, 2013

Snow..Sledding...and Shopping = Perfect Snow Day!

Hey there. Today we're enjoying a snow day.  And what a snow day it is!  School was cancelled for today (and probably tomorrow) before the snow even arrived.  For our area of Kansas 8-12" of snow was predicted.  I think so far we have gotten around 9-10", definitely the most we've had in our neck of the woods for years.  

Yesterday was a day of preparation.  I headed to town early to stock up on groceries.  It was just starting to get crowded as I was leaving the grocery store.  I filled up with gas, grabbed a McDonald's Diet Coke and headed for home.  I prepared a few crock pot soups just in case the electricity went out and we had to heat something up over the fire.  As I was bringing loads of wood up to the rack on our back deck, I noticed that the birds were stocking up too.  I probably had 100's of birds in my back yard, filling up on the full bird feeders.  They were chattering and scattering about like no other.  
I always worry about Eric heading off to work about an hour away.  He left way early this morning before the storm hit.  About 7am, we were getting a couple inches of snow already.  And it kept on snowing.  Jordan measured 8.5" and I'm sure we have a few more on top of that already.  It's tapering off now.  I have no idea how the hubster will make it home tonight.  Our road drifts really bad so my dad usually takes the tractor and clears a path for Eric to drive through.  But Dad got the tractor stuck this morning.  Uh oh.  

The reds piled on their winter layers, complete with 6 pairs of socks.  Charlie knows something is going on and not venturing too far away from the girls.  
And out they go.  They attempt to shovel the driveway but it's drifted about a foot high.  Forget it girls, go have fun.  Besides, Charlie loves the shovel and you don't get too far without him trying to steal a new toy.
Then he spied Jordan's scarf, another favorite winter toy.  Tug of war, Jordan?  
They hopped in the buggy and off they went.  Slowly, trying not to get stuck.  Their sledding rope kept breaking so they threw the tube in the back.  Look who jumped in.  Charlie got to go tubing!!!
I snapped a few photos while out clearing off the back deck so I could haul in some wood.  Such a pretty snow.  Sorry Adirondack chairs but you'll have to wait for a thawing out before I come visit you.  
A winter white blanket of much needed moisture.  We'll take it.
Now we're all snuggled inside.  I'm sure there is a trail of wet clothes strung out all over the living room upstairs.  Good times.  I can remember those days fondly.  I hope if you're in a Winter Wonderland, you are safe and warm. :)

Now for some shopping.  I've been filling my cart at 2Peas, just waiting for a few more collections to arrive.  And they're here.  And I shopped!  

First up is this wonderful new collection by Maggie Holmes for Crate Paper.  I love the soft colors and all of the florals.  I can't wait to use this on cards and Project Life...and I might just be tempted to do a few traditional layouts with this as well.  
I also scored some fun items from the DIY Shop line from Crate Paper.  
A few items from Dear Lizzy's line from American Crafts also made their way into my shopping cart. 

The Collectable Memorable line from Making Memories was also a favorite.  I love this 12 x 12 sheet of journaling cards for Project Life.
This pretty floral patterned paper was a favorite too from this collection.
These stickers will be the perfect accents for some cards and Project Life inserts.  

And I just had to have this stamp set.  The name badge, butterflies, the "you" and that fun daisy flower are just too cute. 
Off to warm up my girls.  I think I'll stoke the fire, grab a cuppa and head to my work room after lunch.  I'm betting my husband wishes he would have listened when I told him to pack clean underwear today.....just in case.  We'll see if he makes it home tonight.  :)  Thanks for stopping by today!


Yvonne said...

Hope you get to stay in snug as a bug for the duration of the storm. I always find that a snowy, gloomy type day makes me want to pull out my crafty goodies and craft away and not venture out past my front door.

Yvonne said...

Hope you get to stay in snug as a bug for the duration of the storm. I always find that a snowy, gloomy type day makes me want to pull out my crafty goodies and craft away and not venture out past my front door.

Heather said...

Looks like your girls and Charlie have been enjoying the snow. At beginning of the week they were predicting up to a foot Thurs. night into Fri. up here, but have (thankfully) adjusted it down to 5-7 inches now. Stay warm!

julie e said...

So jealous of your snow - hope you stay safe and warm

Karen Noonan said...

Wonderful photo's Michelle.

JulieSoko said...

I'm glad your shopping was online. When I read the title of the post today I was worried that in the middle of the storm, you ventured out to go shopping. I live near Des Moines. It's just started now about 3:30. We'll see how much we get.

KAREN said...

Enjoy your winter storm. I always love it when it snows and I don't have to go out. Hope Eric makes it home safely - either today or tomorrow. Have a good snow day!

libbywilko said...

Stay safe & snug, love the first two photos!

Yolanda said...

Your snow pics are terrific! So much fun and character in them. Charlie in the tube is a hoot. I'm on the Missouri end of the storm at only 5-6" but it is soo beautiful. Two-page spread of just snow pictures here! That is a great stamp set!

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