February 19, 2013

Project Life 2013.....Week 4

Today I'm sharing Week 4 of my Project Life 2013.  I'm keeping in mind that I'd like to keep my Project Life to 2 albums this year. This week Josey got her wisdom teeth out so it was quite the big deal at our house.  Instead of creating a separate insert for this week I committed the full right spread of my weekly spread to Josey's wisdom teeth and the left page is for weekly happenings.  
Once again I treated the entire 2 page spread like a traditional scrapbook layout.  I coordinated my papers and embellishments so that the two pages blended together nicely.  This is the left page with the weekly happenings.
 This is the right page, all about Josey getting out her wisdom teeth. I was able to include 8 photos on this side....so much more than I would if I did a traditional layout.  That's what I LOVE about Project Life.  I'm capturing the photos, telling the stories, getting scrappy with it....but it's so much easier using the divided page protectors.  Still a huge fan!
My Calendar Card which replaces the weekly dated card & separate week in review card.  This is a favorite part of my Project Life right now.  I take a little extra time to fancy up this 4 x 6 insert a big.  I always make sure to get the week, the dates that week incurs and a recap of any special events.  My Calendar Card kind of sets the tone for the rest of my inserts. 
On to the 4 x 6 inserts.  I used a large circle tag from Elle's Studio for my title of Twinners and the typewriter journaling.  Monday stamp is from Studio Calico's Project Life kit.
 A special day for the high school kids.  The comedian/song writer Earl Dibbles came to perform at our school for the kids selling the most tickets to a second show that evening. I used another Elle's Studio circle journaling tag + a Medium White Tag.
 Oh poor Josey.  I used 2 Small White Tags with Studio Calico stamps to capture Josey's swelling.
Charlie to the rescue.  He stayed by Josey's side the entire week.  He could sense she was sick and needed some extra protection.  I created a flipper photo to reveal more photos and journaling, see below.
 I needed just a big more space so rather than add an extra insert, I've been creating these flipper photos with Washi tape.  I used a Becky Higgins Project Life grid journaling card with typewriter journaling.
Here I used two 3 x 4 slots to create a mini layout of a typical shopping day.  It's kind of pathetic to admit that grocery shopping and lunch afterwards was like a date for me and my husband.  We need to get out more without the girls. I used a Grid Paper Label for the typewriter journaling and stamped image.
 A typical shot of the living room and a screen shot of the temperature with some stickers added.
Here I used one of my new Grid Paper Arrow Labels for journaling + a vellum pocket tag that I recently had in the shop.  The XL Manila Parcel Tags trim down perfectly to fit into a 3 x 4 slot.
 I used simply index cards to type some more journaling + I slipped a business card into the pocket.  $800 bucks out of pocket expense for 4 wisdom teeth....Josey wasn't the only one hurtin', my checkbook was crying too.
 Here's another little mini layout I created by stretching my typed journaling card over two 3 x 4 cards.  I used the same patterned paper to tie the 2 inserts together.  Stamps are from Evalicious and Kelly Purkey.
So let's hear it Project Lifers.....how are you doing so far in 2013?  I'm caught up all on the weeks but I have some sports inserts to add + a few others.  I still have about 10 inserts to catch up on for 2012.  I need to just do it and get it done with.  I'm thinking simple, divided page protectors will be the way to go.  


libbywilko said...

I remember having my wisdom teeth out, the week before our year 12(senior) formal(prom) yuk! Hope Josey is feel all better now, love that Charlie stayed by her side. And how cute& funny the girls dressed alike unknowingly ! Thanks for sharing your week with us Michelle.

Birgit Kerr said...

Nice! I particularly love all the wisdom teeth layouts! Great composition and details! Hope she's feeling much better by now too!

Also love those little chipboard (?) letters you spelled "wisdom teeth" and "Brrr" with. Which company are they? They are just such a cute size!

Linda Nicholson said...

Your project life pages are always so inspiring! Your family will treasure these for years to come!


Lunie said...

Great page, as usual, ;) Poor, Josie. My daughter got hers out last year. I love your flipper photo. Could you explain more how you did it? This would help me out a lot. Thanks


NC said...

How do you do this? You cut papers into card shape and slide it into plastic is that right? I'd like to learn, your project life papers are really inspiring.

-NC :)

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