May 29, 2008

Soybean Summer Salad

Radiatore pasta is simple pasta but in the shape of a radiator. If you click on this link and scroll down, you can see what it looks like. It holds the dressing really well.

Edamame is simply soybeans. Pronounced (ěd'ə-mä'mā) or like this: "ed-uh-ma-may" . My good friend Marcia let me know that you can also find the shelled variety in the organic section of the grocery store. My store did not carry this though.

Lastly, for the poster who requested the Hot Peach Jam recipe. I tried to shoot you an email but it came back. That is my one and only secret recipe that I do not share. I enter it in competitions so I like to keep it under cover. Sorry about that girls!

As you all know, I DO LOVE to find new recipes. My mom and dad went to a Memorial Day potluck and she brought home a little sample of this pasta salad. It was SO good, I had to have the recipe. My mom's friend scribbled it on a piece of paper she had in her purse.....and right away I made it into a new recipe card. I named the recipe Soybean Summer Salad. I've never tried soybeans (edamame) in a recipe so this was a new one for me. You purchase the edamame in the frozen foods section of your grocery store. I bought a Steamers brand bag...they come with the pods still on. You just steam them in the bag, in the microwave, rinse them under cold water and then shell the beans out. The beans are kind of firm and have a little *bite* to them....and they're full of good fiber! I hope you try this recipe. If you want good recipes, all you have to do is go to pot luck!! There are so many good cooks out there!

For my recipe card, I used Karen Lockhart's stamp called Pasta with Peas. Now I know that soybeans aren't peas....but I don't think there's a real market for soybean stamps so we'll have to improvise! LOL! I thought the pea pods looked close enough to the soybeans in the shell and there is pasta too! The script font I use on my recipe cards is called Creating Keepsakes Becky (Becky Higgins' hand writing) and the type font is called Autumn Leaves Nonmetric. Patterned paper is Basic Grey and brads are from Star Lit Studio. Cardstock is Garden Green from SU!. Recipe card measures 4" x 6".

Here's the typed recipe that you can print off:

Soybean Summer Salad

8 oz radiatore pasta, cooked
3/4 cup Kraft Cucumber Ranch dressing
12 oz edamame (soy beans) frozen
4 green onions, finely chopped
1 green pepper, finely chopped
cherry tomatoes, quartered

Cook edamame (I get the Steamers brand that you do in the microwave) and shell the beans. Combine all ingredients. Chill, stir and serve. Yummy!! Michelle Wooderson May 2008

Hope you enjoy the recipe! My dad is a farmer and soybeans have been a plentiful crop for him for as long as I can remember. So I just love that this is a *Made in America* product. Let me know if you try it!

A little funny: Jordan kept getting the big bowl of this salad out and just dug in. She LOVES it....and she kept saying, *Mom, this tastes just like pasta salad!* She just kept saying it and when Eric came home to snap up what was left after Jordan's trough feeding, she said it again...*Dad, this tastes just like pasta salad!*. I said, *You little dork, it IS pasta salad!*. LOL!


Shelly said...

Very interesting recipe, I will be trying this out! Cute recipe card too!

suthnheart said...

hey chickie chickie!

great recipe card! and i love edamame, too! i was in heaven on vaca in AZ because the chef put it in everything ~ including macaroni & cheese!

and a quick tip: i buy mine in a bag in the fresh produce section, in the organic area. i just rinse them and chill.

love ya! marcia

DeeDee said...

Yummy!!! I've never tried soy beans either...but this sounds really GOOD!!! Thanks Mish!! Oh BTW, I love your little recipe card.....too adorable!!!

Diana said...

I will definitely try this recipe; edamame are the only beans my son will eat! I actually made a bean salad with edamame, lime, cilantro and other stuff in it for our Memorial Day picnic (recipe from Better Homes); how wacky is that?

Love your recipe card!

***Olive Blossom*** said...

I love edamame. I need to go to the grocery store today so I am getting the stuff to make this. I love how you always share yummy recipes and I love the variety of all your paper crafting projects. One of my favorite blogs. I don't know how to contact you directly but I have a question. I was looking at some of your older blog entries and came across the hot peach jam post. Is that a recipe you shared because I couldn't find it. Or is it one of those secret recipes? I make a lot of jam in the summer to give away at Christmas and this sounds fabulous. If you shared it or are willing to share it I would love a copy. LOL! :)

Thanks for all the wonderful creations you share with us. You are uber-talented!

Lori said...

Ummmm, please... what is radiatore pasta? LOL!

Stampin_Melissa said...

This looks yummy! I have some edamame in my freezer so perhaps I can whip up a batch of this salad! Thanks for sharing!

Pam said...

I'll have to try this Mish, sounds good! Another sweet recipe card too!

Anonymous said...

It sounds good! I will have to check out the grocery for the edamame. Love the recipe card!!

LeAnne said...

This sounds good, I wonder if you can substitute chick peas.....are they anything like edamame?

CreativeMish said...

MMM! This sounds so good! I love your recipe card you created for it!

YouInkIt said...

If you have a Trader Joes in your area, they sell edamame already shelled in a bag in the frozen section. You just defrost them (I'm usually in a hurry, and just give them a quick boil) and they are good to go!

Oh, and now that you know that you like it, you can be on the look-out for edamame at Japanese steakhouses or sushi bars. They often have edamame as an appetizer. Yum!

Shelly said...

I made the pasta salad today Michelle. Delish! I did add some chopped cucumber and some feta cheese, nice additions. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

First of all I am a Mish Mash addict. You can't catch enough posts in one day. It is always a special treat when you happen to get two posts in there. Also I love the recipes you put out. The sweet chex and the cocktail crackers have been huge hits at home and work. I just made your pasta salad. Well, it's not bad, but I will say I usually like pasta with an italian dressing not creamy. But ok. The family liked it. So it got me thinking well maybe Mish's taste and mine differed on this one. Well....I took it to work for a potluck. The gals went crazy. I had recipes request left and right. I did give them the recipe. But for right now I am keeping you my little secret. Thanks! Heidi Quick

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