May 21, 2008

Hawaiian Shirt and Copic Tips

Edit: Let's talk about what paper and inks to use with the Copics. These are my personal's all about finding the right combination that works for you.

1. Neenah cardstock from Ellen's store, it comes in 3 neutral shades.
2. Papertrey Stamper's Select white cardstock. Thicker than the Neenah cardstock and makes a great base card too because of the thickness.

1. Palette Black Noir Hybrid Ink-my favorite
2. Brilliance Black Ink-smears sometimes for me but if you heat set it, it works good.
3. Momento Black Dye Ink-I just got a small teardrop sample of this from Eclectic Paperie and it's working great too.
4. Ranger Archival Black ink-haven't tried but I know that a lot of stampers like this too

Hey everyone, thank you for the nice comments on my teacher treats! I will post the recipe as soon as I get a few extra minutes, look for it to be attached to that post. I'm marking the final stuff for a garage sale and I've got to get it all done today! I'm sick of it cluttering up my house. Plus I need to make room for the goodies (more stuff!) I bought at the antique store for my birthday! I'll post that as soon as my hubby brings it home for me today!!

Okay, on to today's post. I have another manly card made with Karen Lockhart's Hawaiian Shirt, similar to another card I did earlier. I thought this post would be a good one to talk about stamps that have fine details and how wonderful the Copic markers work with them. As you can see in my finished card below, Karen Lockhart pays wonderful attention to detail. With this detail comes some tiny areas to color in so you need the right markers.
I use the Copic Sketch markers for all of my coloring. These markers have two tips...a brush tip and a chisel tip. I use the brush tip most of the time when I color. You can see below that with both the brush tip and the chisel tip, that you can get very fine lines up to very thick lines. This is where the Copics blow the other markers on the market away, in my opinion. If you look at the shirt image I stamped off, you can see the very small details. And look at the sharp point on the Copic marker. That fine point is what enables you to color in those tiny spaces with ease. You can easily keep inside the lines and your images turn out fabulous!!!
Another great thing about the Copic brush tip is that they are very pliable and flexible. You can squish them all around while blending, etc and the tip always goes right back into it's shape.
Here's a comparison of two markers, the Copic Sketch marker on the bottom and another leading brand marker on the top. I hope you're able to zoom in on this photo because you can really see the difference in the two marker tips. The top marker is a new marker but the tip just didn't stay pointy and sharp. I've used that bottom Copic marker dozens and dozens of times and it still looks brand new. Awesome!!
So if you're on the fence about Copics, I know where you're coming from. They do cost more than other markers. But once you use the Copics and learn about the QUALITY, there is truly no comparison. The tips are replaceable, the markers are refillable, you can use them with the airbrushing system, you can blend marker to marker without contamination.......and so much more. If you love to color in images, I highly suggest you try out the Copic markers. Purchase a few colors in the same three shades of green....and give them a try. They are like no other marker out there!! You can purchase your Copics at Ellen's store HERE!

And I just booked my flight for Chicago CHA so I am ready to travel!! I will be working half days at the Copic booth so if you're going to be at CHA, be sure to come visit me. I'll be working with Marianne from Copic, Debbie Olson and Kathy Sanders.


Kathy V. said...

Mish, your work is amazing, and I so appreciate your sharing tips on how to get a really professional look to a project. I came to check out your blog this morning to get some inspiration for a few cards I need to make, and I just had to let you know I'm not only inspired but flat out pumped! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Stefanie Staniak said...

Very cute Dad's day card and your coloring with the Copic's is Outstanding ! :)

cyndi said...

could you post about the paper you have to use with the copics? i read somewhere that to blend them and use the properly you need to use a certain type of cardstock? yes? no? details?

Shannon said...

Lucky girl - your CHA adventure sounds like it will be a blast.

Shelly said...

Awesome card, thanks for the Copic tips. I also own the Sketch markers and love them. Now to figure out how to go to CHA, I would love to meet you!

Ginny H said...

Ditto on the paper question. I have bought a few copics but so far I have no used them much because everything "bleeds." Is it the paper or the ink or both?
Thanks for sharing.

nichole said...

Okay, so I've caved and bought a dozen copics AND the airbrush system, so keep the tips coming so I can get real good like YOU! =)

Can't wait to see your b-day goodies!

Tricia said...

Have a marvelous time at CHA, and say hi to Debbie Olson for me!! I haven't seen her for months, since we moved.

Diana said...

I'm new to card-making (5 months), so I value any and all of the information that you post; thank you so much for explaining everything!
Is it easier to start Copic-ing on a smaller image? If so, I was thinking of getting Ellen's stamp of the month kit and maybe copics to color in the image; of course I wouldn't know what colors to pick for inks; what did you use for the hamburger and hotdog?

queenSCRAPalot said...

I stalk your blog daily because I love it so much!

I have also appreciated your Copic posts. I am very new to Copics. In fact, I just purchased my first one last night. The Shadow one. It is a blue-ish/aqua shade.

Would you mind doing a post on the outlining, how you do it, and which Copics are used for this? (I noticed on the shirt image, it looks gray).


Elaine said...

You really are wonderful to share so much of your knowledge, Michelle! Thanks again! I wish I could go to CHA in Chicago - but it's not going to happen any time soon :(

Have fun! Good thing you only work 1/2 days! LOL

cruzinkellster said...

Mish..Love your Artwork...
I have 69 copics now and love them! they are the VERY BEST tool to color with in my opinion...
I just ordered the paper trey paper and pallette ink pad you suggest.
I like the ranger but if you blend a lot it runs...
thanks for the great ART and Tips!

Tina said...

I am amazed at all your creations; everything is just perfect.

liannallama said...

This card is so super cute! Love the colors and what a great job you did with your copics!

Anonymous said...

Could you please give us your template for the Copic Markers? I'm struggling with how to do it, and yours look so nice & neat and user friendly. Thank you so much

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