January 29, 2013

Shop news about international shipping...

Today I made a trip to the post office and was shocked at the increase in international shipping, even to Canada which is just over the border.  I was charged an extra $20 for miscalculations on 2 orders on what I thought was my normal rates to those countries.  Man, I feel sorry for you internationals who do a lot of online ordering. Please know that I want to continue to offer my shop items to my international customers.  However at this time, until I figure how to charge you shipping that is a fair rate, I have taken down the international shipping option on my products.  Until I get a procedure figured out, please feel free to email me about shipping an order out to you.  I can pull the items from my shop and calculate the shipping costs by weight and country. My intention is to never profit from shipping charges.  I frequently will send a refund to Pay Pal accounts for overages that are excessive.

Thank you to everyone for your patronage at my shop. I so appreciate your orders and your friendly feedback.  I'll be doing some research on how to handle the shipping.  Until then feel free to use the email listed at the left of my blog...or you can send me a conversation from my shop if you are international and wish to purchase some items. :)


Anonymous said...

Wow! This lets me know that YOU have your customer's interest in the forefront! Many small companies don't these days...at least some that I have dealt with recently. Some would rather point out negative points to their customers...Wow! One company I ordered from recently gave such a negative response to me as a customer that I will NEVER order from them again, even though I think their merchandise is really cute.....and I will be telling everyone that wants to know this company is owned by that type of person,and showing them the conversation we had on the site... Advertising goes both ways.Some people don't realize that to make money, you have treat your customers NICELY and admit to your own mistakes instead of trying to make your customer look like idiots. It is refreshing to know that you put your customers first! Thank You!

Luise Pagett said...

That was so nice of you, Michelle, to find time to figure out what you can do so your global patrons would feel less of the impact of the shipping increase. It is not a surprise why you have so many loyal customers. :) Sadly, we can’t do anything about the international shipping hike. On the other hand, products now will have tracking along with this change. I’m wishing your business well! :D -->Luise

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