January 28, 2013

Project Life 2012, Weeks 50 & 51 (Project December)

Okie doke, a bunch of you have been waiting for more of my Project December pages where I combined my Project Life with a Daily December.  Today I'm sharing Week 50 and Week 51.  

Here we go with Week 50, a 2 page spread with no inserts this week.  
I ended up using a ton of the pre-made 3 x 4 and 4 x 6 journaling cards.  That made it so easy to just pick a card and start embellishing and journaling. 
A total mix up of happenings and my inserts are jam packed with photos & stories.
One of my favorite 4 x 6 weekly dated cards.  I think the base 4 x 6 piece was from Studio Calico.  I added an October Afternoon image, stitched label, one of the altered Studio Calico arrows and vintage postage stamps from my stash.  Love the mix and match of the chipboard letters too.
We had dinner alone, just my husband and I on a weeknight while the girls attended a team dinner.  We hated it.  I used pieces from October Afternoon for both of the labels you see below.  
The shootings at Newtown, Connecticut were so sad.  Christmas was just not the same this year as I thought of those poor families constantly.
A little 4 x 6 flipper card I created about my mom's Maple Nut Rolls.
Here's the inside with a play on the phrase Oh Holy Night.  I used one of the lovely vintage Christmas doilies I scored at the antique shop last Fall + an Elle's Studio 4 x 6 card + an October Afternoon label sticker.  
On to the 3 x 4 inserts.  A Week in Review card using OA tag and a tag from my shop + a screen shot of the weather.  
More pre-made inserts with typewriter journaling and Ali Edwards stamps. 
Jordy got her usual holiday sickness so that put a damper on the holiday festivities for a few days.  
Here I used an Ali Edwards journaling card and a tag from my shop to document the Newtown shootings.  There was also a tragedy in a nearby city where 2 police officers were shot and killed.  There is always a part of me that doesn't want to document these type of happenings but they are part of  life, part of our story.
On to Week 51 with several inserts.  This is the 2 page spread.
Again, just jam packed with holiday happenings.  My mind was a blur when trying to lay this week out.  But I got it all in there by golly.
I'm so happy to look back on these pages now that a few weeks have passed.  I enjoy them so much.
An Elle's Studio 4 x 6 card was used for the base of the main, dated insert.  I had previously stitched on an October Afternoon image.  A fun mix up of letters was used for the Week 51.  
More labels on a 4 x 6 insert card. 
Here I created a pocket using the largest tags from my shop.
A label that was split in half to use on two photos for a before and after look at gift wrapping.
The Week in Review card + a shot of our tree.
A favorite 4 x 6 insert of Jordan and Charlie.  I stitched a pocket from the photo then added a small manila tag from my shop.  October Afternoon papers.
On many of this week's photos I used the white matte effect.  It softened out the images and kind of made a snow effect.
Shopping at the mall with my sister and the stash of wrapping paper.  Does this stuff ever die?  I think I still have some Bratz paper in there somewhere. 
The insert that I created ahead of time to hold Christmas cards.  I also like to tear off the stamps and postmarks from the envelopes. This was a huge space taker upper.  I'm not sure I'll do this type of insert again.
A traditional page of sorts using a Williams Sonoma peppermint bard ad for the page page.  Peppermint was the flavor of the day...all season long.  
Another 6 x 12 insert that I created early on to hold tags, tickets, receipts and such.  Again, it was rather bulky so I may not do this again next year.
The back side features a large 6 x 6 square photo and a collage of other photos.  A snow day, even though we only got a slight dusting.  We'll take it!
Okay, 2 more weeks down.  I'll share Week 52 which is all about Christmas week + a New Year's Eve page.  Coming this week and then I'll be moving on to my 2013 Project Life spreads.  I'm current, yay! 

So tell me, did you finish up your holiday pages/DD pages?  I don't think I would have completed a separate DD album, it's just too much work.  My conclusion from this year is that I think I want to include all holiday happenings in my regular Project Life album.  Inserts will be just like a regular insert that I add using divided page protectors.  Some of the bulkier pages may not be added.  We'll see what 12 months brings us!  


crschaf said...

OMG!!! Thank you SO much for sharing more of your Project Life Christmas. I have been waiting and waiting and you did NOT disappoint!! You would laugh if you knew how many times I have gone over and over these posts. I'm obsessed with your style. I especially love the page with the Santa and confetti that was also on October Afternoon blog.Also love the big pocket page with the confetti peeking through your holiday lists. I think you are so talented and should have your own book on vintage and holiday scrapping. Lastly, you are so blessed with such a wonderful family. So fun to watch the girls grow up.

crschaf said...
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Suzanne said...

Hey Mish, Love your blog and your project life. I'm a long time lurker just don't comment too much. However, I just have to ask. What are the red alphabet stickers you are using, for the Yum Yum, Week 50, So Sad. I love them and have to get some.

Have a happy crafty day.

Carol said...

Fabulous PL layouts showcasing your December life! It seems like everyone is getting sick these last few weeks - hope all your family are health and better. Have a great day!

justplainkate said...

Your pages are amazing! And your dog is such a cutie! Can't wait to get my PL supplies and start!

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