January 25, 2013

Friday Finds...

This year my One Little Word is find.  Let's see what this Friday finds us.  

A few good crock pot recipes finds....Chicken and Dumplings from The Crockin' Girls was very good.  A few changes I would make though because it was a little too soupy: Either reduce the chicken broth to maybe 1 cup to begin with then add more if needed (or) thicken the soup with about an hour left of cooking and then add some egg noodles.  I also added more chicken breasts and just put them in frozen, that was easy!  We had plenty of leftovers, enough for another meal....so after supper I added another can of biscuits to the top & let it cook til the biscuits were done. Perfect for another meal.  I'll be making this Salisbury Steak from The Crockin' Girls this weekend so that Josey can have some soft food after having her wisdom teeth out.  I serve it over egg noodles.  

I find this post by Jenni Hufford called "the power of the written word" to be so inspiring....Jenni's 8th grade teacher sends out over 2500 birthday letters a year to each of his students.  Please watch the video also.  If you've slacked on on sending cards and letters, this might help you get back on track.  I also find that there are so many good people in this world.  I wish our media would focus on that a little more.  

I find from the comments and emails you send me that so many of you..... have been inspired by me to take up Project Life.  This makes me so happy that something I am passionate about and love to do has inspired others to do the same.  The community that I see building around Project Life is growing and being a part of it feels good.  The sharing of the everyday life is so powerful.  I hope that you keep up with this project as it's been one of the most rewarding things I've done for my family.  I also encourage you to stay focused on the stories and the photos.  You are creating these pages for your family, not to impress or one up anyone in the Project Life community.  The sharing of our pages and the awesome products are what make it fun for us during the creating process but in the end the stories are what you want to capture the most.  This year I'm making it a goal to include more photos of the 4 of us and write more stories, not just the who, what, where & why.  

Speaking of awesome products, I had a good find show up in my mailbox yesterday....although the stories and photos are always foremost in my mind, we gotta have some new goodies once in a while, right? I love finding that perfect mix of products to add to my pages.  These include kit items, Becky's Project Life products and a good helping of items that I get from my own stash.  Evalicious is a good find.  I love purchasing items from small companies and Eve has a great product lineup.  

These stamps are going to be so great because I'm trying to keep my pages more flat this year.  These high quality, deeply etched rubber stamps are perfect.  I love the graphics + the words and was happy to find that the stamps are a little larger and fill up more of the width of a journaling card.  
 Eve also has some printed page tabs, labels and journaling cards that I love.  The colors are fabulous with lots of neutrals, they're printed on good quality, thick white cardstock and they mix and match very well with other product lineups.  I'm very happy to announce that I'll be carrying some of Eve's products in my shop this year.
A special find in my shop today........ is the Mixed Greetings Card Kit.  With this clearance price of the kit, you'll be able to make 5 greeting cards for under $2.50 each, complete with envelope and a brown paper sack for some extra gift packaging.
Here's an example of how you can package one of the cards in a vellum envelope.  I love that vellum is making a come back in the crafting world.  The see through look of the vellum makes a card so special when you hand it to the recipient.  I think these be great to attach to the front of a gift bag or wedding present.  The card design peeking through just adds to the presentation.
Thanks so much for stopping by today.  I hope this weekends finds you great adventure.  I'm off to snuggle up with my Josey who has big, chubby red cheeks today.  She's been a trooper though.  I'm sure I'll find her and a big yellow dog in my bed.

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Unknown said...

Thank you for all the fun links! It is raining water and ice today in northeast TN, my workplace is closed, so I am gearing up to make some fun cards and I always come to your site to get me moving on inspiration.
I love hearing about how you are changing things up and always appreciate your time to post pictures and really "talk" to us. You are pretty awesome.--Diana F.

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