January 26, 2013

Project Life 2012...Week 47 (Thanksgiving Week)

Happy weekend everyone! I've got Week 47 of my 2012 Project Life to share today.  I'll be wrapping up the 2012 PL weeks soon and then I'll be posting more cards & such starting in February.  Coming soon are the rest of my holiday Project Life pages from 2012, some photos of my supply organization and some new blog features that I think you'll really enjoy.  I'll kick it all off in February so stay tuned.

On to this week of Project Life.  It was Thanksgiving week so I knew I wanted to use some warm & toasty colors and patterns this week.  I dug these papers from my stash. I end up using the orange pattern the most. 
I also had these neutral papers which I used quite a few of, including that gold shimmery paper.
This is my 2 page spread.  About 16 photos, not too shabby for a 2 page spread.  
 I kept the background papers very neutral using lots of greys.
 I repeated the same colors and patterns throughout my 2 pages, treating this spread more like a 2 page traditional scrapbook layout.  I think the neutral papers kept the layout from getting too busy. And just sayin' but that pineapple crockpot ham from The Crockin' Girls was to die for!  You must try it, the recipe can be found on their website.
I loved this gold shimmery paper and wanted to use it in small amounts on my inserts.  I found a Martha  Stewart glitter in my stash that matched perfectly so I added some to some chipboard numbers for my weekly date card.
 Love how it adds a little sparkle to the insert.
 For the rest of my 3 x 4 inserts I decided to create my own using the papers I chose + by trimming down some Becky Higgins Project Life grid journaling cards.  I added stitching to tie each insert together. A little gold Washi here and there might not be a bad thing either.
Here I created a 4 x 6 insert using the same method as above.  The little brad is from October Afternoon.  Stamps are from Kelly Purkey.
 I used the same look for my Week in Review card + more of the Kelly Purkey stamps.  I ended up adding this Finding Nana badge later on because I needed some dimension to the the outside pages in my album.  This was a good spot.
 These Evalicious journaling cards were a good fit with this week's layout.
I ended up using one in my 2 page spread.  Just a sprinkling here and there.  Remember just because you like a certain product it doesn't mean you have to use it up in one sitting.  Love getting shots of our kitties once in a while.  They can disappear so quickly around here that it's nice to snap a photo.  My mother was totally smitten with the long haired kitty on the right.
 And good ol' Charlie.  He's just one of the family now.  We took him to town on a hamburger run and he snatched one right out of Jordan's hands.  Even Charlie loves a good road trip!
 Throughout my inserts, I repeated the use of these small chipboard letters.  Love that look.  I saw this funny cartoon on Facebook about Black Friday shopping so I printed it off. My "no place like home" photo ties right in with my "no shopping" motto.
 I had one insert for this week.  The front side is all about a new pie I made to take to my mom's for Thanksgiving.
 I used the same type of handmade inserts + more of the Kelly Purkey stamps.  I like to stamp small images on tags like my Small White Tags so the images don't blend in too much with the background.
 I paper pieced a stamped pie image from Kelly's set + stamped a sentiment on a Rectangle Hang Tag so it would stand out more.
 The back side of my insert is all about the Robertson clan from Duck Dynasty.  We tease my dad that he could totally be one of the boys if he let his beard grow out.  It's fun to capture some of the images from our favorite tv shows.  Just imagine if my mom had scrapbooked the Brady Bunch or Gilligan's Island or Happy Days?
 I found the images of the Robertsons online and just printed them off.  I typed the names directly onto the photo with my vintage typewriter.  I used the phrases "hey jack" and "happy happy happy" because those are our two favorite sayings from the show.
A fun week in the books.  Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the weekend everyone.  50 here today, then 70 by Monday....then back to 33 on Wednesdays with wind chills in the teens.  That is just nuts!

Speaking of nuts, Jordy saw Josey's face last night when she got home from school/practice when it was swollen at it's worst.  She leaned into her and asked, "You want nuts with that?".  Josey proceeded to punch her in the gut.  Life is constant around here at the Wooderson house even if Josey does have chipmunk cheeks.  :))


Karina Beck said...

You are my favorite Project Life artist. Thank you so much for sharing!

Almayer said...

Oooooh, it's so wonderful.
I love it :)

Carol said...

Hi Michelle, I have been a long time reader of your blog & love your PL pages. I gain so much inspiration from them. I too thank you for sharing. I wondered if I could ask a question. On the 4 x 6 inserts where you use 2 photos side by side or a photo & a journalling card what size photo do you print. I havent quite been able to figure it out. Thanks heaps

Meredith MacRitchie said...

But did you see the Christmas special, where the brilliant term "Tacky tacky tacky" was coined?

I laughed when you said your dad could be Si... he's hilarious! My husband is itching for March when the new ones start...

crschaf said...

Continue to love seeing your PL pages! Wondering when we will finally get to see the rest of Christmas-your killin us with this wait! Sure hope your enjoying it! I know it will be worth the wait though.

Anonymous said...

Your designs and journalling are so great! I enjoy every bit of it!

Susan said...

Michelle...You must have taken thousands of photos! How do you print them all...on a photo printer or do you send them out....I'm deliberating on how to do this, although I don't have as many photos as you....
Thx, Susan
stampnscrap@cox.net or just leave a message on your blog!

KAT said...

Just laughing because I am addicted to Duck Dynasty also... I love Uncle Si!

Lynne said...

I love your blog! I love seeing someone with older kids and all the activities they have. Your Project Life pages are a great inspiration.

Also, love the Duck Dynasty insert! I am going to keep that in mind. And I have a link for you - http://www.amazon.com/HAP-PAY-Hunting-Hooded-Sweatshirt-Hoodie/dp/B00ABLGT0I/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1359606716&sr=8-1&keywords=duck+dynasty+happy+happy+happy+hoodie - that is what we bought my 14 year old for Christmas. He wears it often.

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