November 12, 2012

Project Life 2012, Week 32 & Week 33

Hey there.  If you're visiting from Becky Higgins' blog, you can see my Week 34 that is linked in this post.  Today I'm sharing Week 32 and Week 32 of my Project Life album for 2012.  

This is Week 32.  No inserts this week but lots and lots of photos.  I used typed labels to embellish my photos and kept it pretty simple.  
I used some journaling cards that I had pre-made earlier from my stash.  So easy to catch up when I can just grab some cards, add photos and/or journaling and call it good. 
 Another pre-made journaling card here with lots of room for journaling using my vintage typewriter.  I also added a typed grid label right to a photo of Jordan.
 And here is Week 33.  This week is all about getting ready for school to start again.  Lots of photos + an insert page.
 Here's the left side of my week.  I've been filling the slots with lots of photos lately.  I always keep in mind that the photos are the focus of my albums.  I love to embellish and add little tidbits but I've been trying to not over do it.
 The right side of my week.
 Here's my main 4 x 6 insert noting that we're getting ready for back to school.  I used another grid label to add some typed journaling.
 Here I combined the Phonto phone app with some chipboard letters.  I really love how easy it is to add journaling right to the photos from my phone.  I don't have to open any program on my computer cuz once I email the photos, they're ready to print.
 Here I got scrappy with a 4 x 6 insert showing my annual garage sale.  I got rid of a lot of junk this Summer.
 Josey and a friend on one more Summer event. I love that the girls send me photos and since they have iPhones too now they're good quality photos.
 My 3 x 4 Week in Review card.  I used a date stamp for each day + some Studio Calico letter stamps.  Poor Charlie, he was so lost when the girls were at volleyball camp.
 More 3 x 4 journaling cards + text messages about the garage sale.  I just snap a screen shot from my phone to capture things like text messages, the weather, etc.
 More 3 x 4 inserts with my favorite Studio Calico sticky labels + a photo with Photo app journaling.
 Here is my insert for this week. You'll notice that I've been adding in the inserts along with the corresponding week.  My goal is to scrap them all at the same time now.  It takes a little longer but I'm so happy when an entire week is in the books.  This is an 8 x 10 Project Life divided page protector.  For inserts, I will almost always have them be smaller than a 12 x 12 size.  This keeps the main week visible with the inserts slightly smaller in size.  I love these divided protectors because it totally takes the pressure off doing a full size layout.  I just add lots of photos and save as many slots as I want for journaling and embellishing. This insert showed the girls' back to school supplies.
 Lots of Studio Calico Yearbook products this week.  On this 4 x 6 insert I totally got my scrapbooking fix but without all the full size page pressure.  :)  Letting go of that pressure to make lots of full size layouts is the best thing ever.  Hey, I'm scrapbooking.  Hey, I'm getting layouts done. Just now it's my way and I'm loving it. Oh, and who else is loving all the date stamps with the little images?  Me, me, me!
 Here's the back size of the insert.  I added a tab with stitching to the insert so that when it's in my Project Life album, it stands out a little.  All of my inserts will go right into my PL album.  I'm probably going to end up with 2 albums for 2012, including the inserts.
 More back to school stuff here including our snack jars.  The new school lunch program is leaving my girls HUNGRY!  For 2 active athletes who have a PE class and a 2 hour sports practice after school, their school lunches seem to be lacking some stick to your ribs nutrition.  We devised a plan for some snack jars that include stuff like peanut butter crackers, nuts, fruit cups, granola bars, etc. We fill the jars weekly and the girls grab a snack or two every day.  Here I stamped colorful letters on a grid label from my shop.
 Jordan's art box, what can I say.  I told that perhaps some Washi tape would be cool and she went with it!!  Her creative soul just melts my heart.
 And that's it guys, thanks for stopping by.  Be sure to come back often as November is going to be jam packed with blog posts.  Coming up tomorrow, I'll be blogging some Project December 3 x 4 handmade inserts.  I've got so many fun posts to share, I can't wait.  And look for a shop update very soon.  :)


helen said...

Love your PL posts...they're always so inspiring! I was wondering what font you use when you use Phonto...those pic look great!

perelka111 said...

oh it is wonderfull..whats a pity in poland we havent such photo cards..

Sherry Eckblad said...

I just love your Project Life layouts. I have a question. Do you do a Week # card for each week or how do you separate your weeks? I do the first 4x6 card as a Week # card. So it says the week and then I usually do a strip of paper and stamp the dates of that week. How do you do it?

Anonymous said...

You're so inspiring! I can't wait to get started on my project life. I have a question, though. When you add inserts, are they already punched for your 12 x 12 album or do you have to punch new holes? I'm sorry if you've answered on a previous blog post - but I just love your idea to add more photos into your week!


libbywilko said...

Love your pages Michelle!

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