January 3, 2016

Art Supply Sketch

So it all started by digging out my old art supplies...and I'll admit I've had fun shopping for new tools too.  This watercolor palette is one of my favorite things, purchased at Blick Art Supply online.  The sketchbook is a Moleskin. 
Just some quick sketches of my drawing and painting tools with a watercolor wash.
My paint palette that I can take with me when I'm painting outdoors or while doing some urban sketching.  You can see how I set mine up in this blog post. I've since changed out a lot of colors for professional grade watercolors but the principal is the same as to how to set up the palette.
One of my favorite sketching bloggers is Liz Steel.  She does fantastic watercolor sketches and travels around the world, teaching and sketching.  She shares a lot of great information and has two classes that I'm sure are very informative.  It's fun to take a look at her current sketching tools section which is across the top of her blog.


Tami McBeain said...

Wow, so awesome...love it!

cheepincharge said...

I enjoyed 'wandering around' the Liz Steel site. Thank you for sharing.

Irene Gauger said...

Thanks for sharing!

Lorrie Everitt Studio said...

Love your work and I've been following your blog for a while.

I am trying to follow you on Instagram but the links on the blog are not working. Are you still on Instagram? Can you send me a quick message if you are so I can follow you there as well. You can find me here https://www.instagram.com/lorrieeveritt/

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