January 9, 2016

Sweet peach jam..

Maybe I got back into my art just so I could stare at the beautiful colors...
 It was a double page watercolor sketch of a packaged up jar of sweet peach jam.
 Practicing some hand lettering, sketching and watercolor all at the same time. 
 I think it would be so awesome to have the lettering talents to design posters and the like.
If you like this type of travel watercolor palette, they are a fun investment.  You purchase the palette, the little plastic pans and tubes of watercolors.  I purchase most of my supplies at Blick Art Supply online.


Scrapthat said...

Awww....I love your watercolor poster! TFS

LMcBurney said...

You could be on a Lang calendar! I like it!

danielle said...

Your work is beautiful! Which Moleskin do you use?

Sharon Calvert said...

Absolutely love your peach jam painting! It reminds me of my grandmother who used to make homemade peach jam from July 4th to Labor Day every year. I can smell it cooking right now! Thanks for sharing your beautiful work!

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