January 8, 2016

My first daffodils..

Last year I grew my first daffodils, such a beautiful flower.  They were the first flowers to pop up in my flower beds and boy were they a welcome sight.  Right about now I get cabin fever and start dreaming of my flowers and gardens.  It's dreary and wet outside right now so I thought today we could use some sunshine in the form of bright yellow daffodils.  
 I love to photograph picked flowers because you never know when you might want to paint or draw them.
 About this time last year I was gathering up some art supplies.  I kept them in this old tool box which I've outgrown now.
 This was one of the very first entries in my moleskin journal. I wasn't quite sure to go about it so I just started.  Such a concept.  Just start. I had to tell myself that for years and whaddya know, it clicked for me last year.
 Those first sketches are scary and probably not my best. But I'm so glad I can look back on these first pages of my art.
 Any art is good practice.  Practice is art.  I have to keep remembering that.  Those first wobbly sketches were part of my journey and I've come a good, long way since then.
Happy Friday everyone!  Some have asked about my Instagram.  My username is Mish Wooderson if you want to look me up.


Dawn Gross said...


cheepincharge said...

love the yellow!

Maria said...

I call daffodils smiley happy flowers - because when you look at them you just have to smile. A great sketch to start with and I am such a gonna draw. Might just have to pull out a photo too. Thanks for your encouraging

bluebird said...

It is beautiful! You have inspired me to pick up my water colors!

Patti Willey said...

Very pretty! There are so many things I would love to stop so I can just start other things like this too! Pinning!

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