January 27, 2016

Floral Journaling Pages....from Jeanne Oliver class

Gosh, just when I got back to posting regularly on my blog, I have Blogger issues.  I'm back and today I'm excited to share some current artwork with you.  I'm taking the latest Jeanne Oliver class called Reflections: Paint Your Story and it's a good one.  You can find Jeanne's site here...amazing classes by her and other artists. 

This was my work in progress yesterday.  There's something about a beautiful mess of art supplies, don't you think? This journaling entry was all about trying to create pages about me but it turned into a wonderful tribute to my mother.  
 The beautiful verse on this vintage postcard that belonged to my great great grandmother is a special wish for my mother. It sparked ideas for the rest of my spread and I ended up sketching and watercoloring more hand drawn flowers.
 Just loosely drawn flowers over the gesso covered surface.  Photocopies of the photos were used for ephemera.
 This is a copy of the back of the vintage postcard.  Miss Cora Beams was my great great grandmother.
 Jean emphasizes mark making in this journaling class. Here I used lines that imitate the gingham pattern on my mother's dress.  I filled in the loosely drawn squares with gesso.
 Here I used scrapbook paper and extend some hand drawn leaves.  That faint glimpse of the photo has three little girls in an old horse and buggy.  Some distant relatives and I love their little bonnets.
 More mark marking, a strip of scrapbook paper and some vintage fabric in the corner.
 The full, finished spread here.  Such a fun day of creating art.  This will be lovely to look at each time I reach for my artist journal.
Thanks for visiting today and I'll see ya soon.


Susan said...

Lovely. You are talented.

Tami McBeain said...

Absolutely gorgeous, as always! Thanks for sharing!

Jo - Jo's Scrap Shack said...

Very beautiful, beautiful pages!

Tova said...

Great job, love it ! TFS !

Maria said...

Wow what an amazing spread - I love what you have done with the postcard

cjgusloff57 said...

Beautiful! I am enjoying your art journey. You are very talented. I love watercolor and wish I could draw but I am one of those people who can't draw a straight line with a ruler! Would love to give it a try though and perhaps I will put it on my "bucket list" and actually give it a try.

Catherine O'Connor said...

Love your posts!! Your artwork is always beautiful and inspiring.

Danielle Mack said...

Lovely pages!

Margaret said...

lovely and sweet ~ so enjoy looking at your work

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