March 31, 2014

Project Life 2014...Week 5

I have Week 5 of my 2014 Project Life to share today. I used Gossamer Blue kit and this week I mixed things up with a different page projector for my left page. 
 The left page of my weekly spread has all the random photos from the week.  I created a weekly, dated insert for the upper left corner.  I used a Medium White Tag for my stamped dates.
 Down the left side of the page protector I added in crafty photos from the week.
 Here I used two inserts for taxes.  I used a Small Manila Parcel Tag for some typed journaling.
 These two inserts are all about Jordan's #poofyhairprobs as she notes on her photo.  I love when the girls let loose and send me a photo to use for Project Life.  On the bottom is the straightened version of Jordan's wild, red hair. Embellishments and journaling cards are from Gossamer Blue.
 I typed up a little blurb about our weekly schedule to give an overview for the week.
 On to the right page.  I decided this entire side to the Super Bowl.  I used a Large White Parcel Tag for typed journaling. Stickers and journaling cards are from Gossamer Blue kits.
 Here I used 3 inserts for a 6 x 8 photo that I cut into three sections.  Our Super Bowl was all about the appetizers so I enlarged a photo of our yummy snacks.
 This is an insert I made about our Pizookies.  I scored some small, very well seasoned, cast iron skillets so it was perfect for trying out my Dump Bowl Cookies for a baked skillet dessert.  We also made homemade Oreo cookie ice cream for the Pizookies.  For the journaling on the photo I used the Phonto app on my photo and then printed it out.
Thanks for stopping by.  If you're a Project Lifer, how are your pages coming along?  I'm about 4 weeks behind.  It seems I work in spurts lately but my goal is to get caught up this week.  My next week to work on is the week of the girls' accident.....not quite sure how I want to document the photos and stories.  I might end up writing a letter of sorts to include as an insert.


gillybean said...

Just started PL this year and have been doing it at the end of each month but found I have trouble remembering what happened at the beginning of the month. Think I will start doing it fortnightly from April. Love the photo of Jordan's hair, I have a 5 year old grand-daughter with wild red hair that refuses to behave and is a mass of corkscrew curls, which we all love

alexandrea at two-forty-six said...

I love your daughter's hair! I always envied red gorgeous. Your pages look amazing as well. Do you have a typewriter that you use? If so, which one? I've seen multiple people use them for PL and I've been thinking about maybe getting one but I'm not sure if it would be worth it for me. Thoughts?

Sarah said...

Loving your spread! Your daughter has awesome hair! I just started doing project life this year and I'm loving it! I'm working on week 9 right now, as I just printed all of my pictures for the rest of the weeks :)

Connie Peterson said...

I feel her hair pain :) I now get keratin treatments (aka Brazillian Blowout) which keep my hair nice and straight and tame for about 6 months. I wish I had that beautiful red color, though, instead of all the gray!

~ Jo ~ said...

What I love the most is that I get to go on this cool PL adventure with you again this year. I love your layouts and I like how you documented about Archivers and included your last receipt! And Whew... your daughter has some gorgeous long hair but I know all too well how long hair can be a PITA! Since I just moved across the states to my home state and new home, I'm still in the unpacking phase so I have not been able to "play" yet. I'm working on getting my new craft room unpacked and organized and then PL will be one of the first things I start with!

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