March 25, 2014

Thank you cards....using artificial flower petals

Hello friends.  I got the nicest comment on a recent post about how it seems I've found my happy place in regards to what I'm creating lately.  You know, that's true...I've been digging into my favorite bits and pieces of product and have just really enjoyed creating lately.  To me, there is so much creativity out there that it's easy to compare...easy to feel like you have to join in...easy to forget your own style.  It's those times that I delve deeper into what I really love and remember that I'm just creating for me...and then if I want to share, I do.  

It's not to say that we can't be inspired by the creative ones though.  Take my cards for today for example.  I've been following Kim Stewart's blog because her photos are so beautiful, she's loving the watercolors like I do and she has an artful sense about everything she touches.  Many of her projects have these lovely dimensional flower bits on them.  I'm not sure if they're artificial flowers or what....but those projects inspired me to grab a few bundles of flowers the other day while out and about.  
I disassembled the flowers and have been using the individual petals on cards lately. For this lovely foursome I used a folded flower petal on each card.
I'm still reaching for products from my color kit that I created this month. I've been so inspired by that little wooden box of goodies.  I might just make it a monthly occurrence here on the blog some day. 
All of my cards have a common theme of a piece of background paper, a Becky Higgins 3 x 4 grid journaling card, Washi tape, some messy string bundles, tied buttons, some stamping and a few bits & baubles.
It's the bits and baubles that I love so much.....and the stitching details, and tied buttons and little sequins. Little by little I pick though my stash of goodies to find the right finishing touch.
And then just like that I find some new inspiration.  Thanks so much to Kim for being my source of inspiration for today's cards.  
Hope you're feeling inspired......hope you are creating.  


alexandrea at two-forty-six said...

That's gorgeous! I've got a bunch of flower embellishments from a friend and nothing to use them for. This is such a great idea. Thanks for sharing!

Sheri said...

Just when I was thinking about getting rid of the 3 plastic cake containers of artificial flower bits you've given me a way to use them. Now I'm looking forward to rooting around and them and see what I come up with. Thanks!

Avigail Raphael said...

Your cards are very inspiring. I like the way you use different supplies on your project. Thanks for the inspirstion & for sharing.

kim said...

Hi michelle, love your cards and color combo! I remember seeing your work around the time I started my blog and I always thought your projects were so pretty and layered! Thanks so much mentioning me!

Vibekke Hansen said...

Great! and beautiful cards with a little extra with overusing artificial flower petals "Thanks for the inspiration"

Wendy Bellino said...

These are really pretty!

~ Jo ~ said...

Such gorgeous cards! I love those artificial flowers and I have a good stash of them too. I use them for home décor crafts but never thought to incorporate them into my paper crafts! Thanks for the inspiration!!

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