March 26, 2014

Workspace Wednesday....Washi Tape + Twine Storage

Edit:  I wanted to say "hi there" to my friend Carol and answer a question....the white storage units in the background are from Pottery Barn.  I got them probably 10 years ago and they are discontinued now.

You know how it is when you're a have lots of stuff.  You know how it is when you're a have lots of stuff.  I love it when the two worlds collide and you come up with some fun storage.  For me, my organizational system is not all about everything coordinating and being behind pristine, white shelving.  I like wood and texture and metal...and a little rust never hurt either.  I also like to have my crafty things out in plain view.  If everything was hidden away all nice and orderly, I'd never find a thing and I'd probably forget I even have it.  That's what happens when you get to your mid-40's.  The memory gets thrown out with the dish water.  Or is bath water?  See what I mean..

So today I'm sharing two crafty Washi tape and baker's twine + two junkin' finds for storage.
First up I've been using old receipt spikes to stack up my Washi tape.  I loved this system for a while but I'm finding that my stacks are tipping over and the Washi I want always seems to be on the bottom of the stack.
 So I dug out this wooden nail divider that I've had for quite some time.  I made a deal with myself that I had to get rid of whatever Washi rolls wouldn't fit in the unit.
 I think I ended up with about 8 extra rolls I had to purge but I'm confident that about 120 rolls of Washi should be sufficient.
 So what about the receipt spikes?  These things are little junkin' gems to me.  I love searching for them in junk stores.  However, the prices have gone up on these.  I used to find them for about $3-5 bucks but now they're usually $8-15 bucks.
 I was storing my twine spools in this metal strainer but it was getting a little crowded.
 I decided to use one receipt spike for each spool and I love it!  I can take a spool on the spike over to my work table and just reel off what I need for each project.  The spool stays upright and doesn't roll all over the place.
So there we have it for today's Workspace Wednesday.  I hope you find the perfect little matches made in heaven for your crafty stuff + your junky stuff.


Shan said...

Love it! Love the wood and the metal! I wish I had that much Washi! :) Look forward to your workspace Wednesdays!

MiniOwner said...

Wow! Great ideas. TFS
Sue x

Cindy Blancett Designs said...

Awesome. Love it. Michelle, on one of your photos, what are the white holders behind your display holding PL and other stuff? You have also made me a first class junker and I love it! Thank you for everything you do. It is so much appreciated.

Carol (HB) said...

Hi Mish!
I LOVE the receipt spikes for the twine spools! Genius! (I'd have to put something cute on the point of the spike though, or there would be some blood letting. LOL)

Cindy said...

I love those receipt spikes! I need to look for some of those. I am new to you blog and I'm loving all your vintage things. Keeps me motivated for the hunt:)

Margy said...

We have the same taste in all things vintage! I need to find some of the spikes too. I just sent you some photos in an email for ideas.
Margy in KY

~ Jo ~ said...

Oh how you and I think alike and love vintage/old/rustic..things that have history behind them! I absolutely LOVE your twine storage with those receipt spikes! Who would have thought?!? That nail storage box makes the perfect washi storage seriously! Love your finds!

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