March 24, 2014

Simple Spring gift idea....Mason jar cup with M & M's

Hey everyone.....who sent the snow to Kansas?  I want you to take it back right now.  Yesterday we were burning off the garden leftovers and cutting all our pampas grasses back. Today the ground is covered in a blanket of snow.  

I just finished adding a lot of blog post drafts so I have plenty of fun projects to share this week.  For today, I'm busy packaging orders, answering emails and making doctor appointments.  Update on the girls...they're back in school after a week off for Spring Break.  Josey's shoulder is not right so we were lucky to squeeze her into an appointment with a good orthopedic surgeon this week.  We're suspecting either torn ligaments or a broken collar bone....whatever the case, my girl wants to play softball this season so we're doing all we can to get her healed up.  

How about a fun little gift idea for today? My friend who stayed with us all day in the emergency rooms loves her some iced tea.  I got her this giant mason jar cup and filled it with pastel M & M's and a few truffles tucked in the top.  I also included some amazing iced tea bags that I found online. A simple ribbon along with a hand stamped card, tissue and a gift sack...easy enough.  This friend's husband and son also fixed the farmer's fence where the girls wrecked their we threw in a steak dinner for their whole family.  
You find out who your friends are in time of we have to take care of them with chocolate and steaks.  :)  Have a good, snow free week everyone.


Jill Norwood said...

What lovely friends to be blessed with! And lovely thank you gifts too! Hoping both daughters heal completely very soon! God Bless you all!

nitestamper said...

what a great easter project!!!!
love the jar decorated!!!!

jbonomo said...

Very, very thoughtful gifts....hope the best for your daughters (hope it is not a broken collarbone-I just recovered from a bike accident in Sept with it). Fingers are crossed for you all! Spring break timing could not have been better. Take care.

Debbie said...

Very sweet and thoughtful gifts, and that's wonderful to have such terriffic friends....especially in time of need. Sure hope all goes well at the orthapedic's...I know how important sports are! Your blog always touches me....and I hope you know how much you are loved in the blogging world!! Have a great week, and thanks for sharing your ART with us!!

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