September 23, 2010

A Sunday in September...

Last Sunday my dad picked me a bouquet of wildflowers from the nearby pastures. He told me every flower that was in the bouquet....broom weed, goldenrod, sunflowers and some others that I can't remember.
Fresh picked flowers are the best kind. Thanks Dad! They look so pretty in my old watering can.
I also got a few mum to sit on the porch along with my little pumpkins and strawberry corn from the patch.
This beautiful, vibrant mum really took off this year. So pretty. And Eric you need to weed eat, buddy.
One of my favorites in the fall is this Live Forever plant. That color is beautiful.
And my coleus is hanging on too. It will be gone at the first freeze though.
Ahhhh, so much inspiration and color. My flowers inspired today's kit called A Sunday in September. Fun colors that remind me that Summer is trying to hang on.....but that Fall is on it's way.
The contains all the supplies to create five of the finished gift sacks as shown below. A strand of Cotton Twine is also included so that you can create a garland and hang all five finished sacks on the string with my Marigold Rustic Clothespins. This would be so cute for a little party where guests could take a little gift home with them.
Each gift sack would include a Brown Paper Sack, a lined card for writing a message, supplies to assemble a cute tag and the Marigold Clothespin. You can cards, candies, vintage hankies or linens, crafting supplies, et into the sacks. Lots of possibilities. Stamped images are left up to you to customize as you wish.
Also included in the kit are extras like a sampling of my Fabric Tape and extra yellow and manila tags to add to cards that could coordinate with the gift bag.
All packaged and ready to go. You can find them in my Etsy shop HERE.


Sue Ann said...

As usual I love your goodies but what my real love about this post is your dad. I love that he brought you flowers and makes you so special!!! BEAUTIFUL~~

Cindy said...

Loved everything about this post. Especially all of the beautiful Autumn colors - stunning!

Anne Tussing said...

Great wildflower bouquet from Dad!! Love that strawberry corn too. Your kits look adorable.

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