September 7, 2010

Etsy Shop Update

Hi friends. Back in my Etsy shop, by request.......Small Kraft Gift Boxes with Tissue. Stay tuned to the blogaroonie for the Papertrey September Halloween Inspiration Station using lots of new Halloween goodies I'll have in my Etsy shop......and gift packaging ideas for all of the upcoming holidays. It's a good thing here in the blog hood.


Sharon said...

Good Morning Michelle,
I received my clothespin kit in the mail the other day, and had a wonderful day off yesterday just creating! Thank you for such beautiful things to play with. You are definitely one of my favorites ;)

Celestial Charms said...

These are very pretty, and pretty useful! :)
Hope you enjoy a wonderful week.

Renee Lynch said...

Already watching sneak peeks on PTI and list keeps growing, and I've just seen peeks! But hoping since they are Holiday in theme there's going to be a peek of a Friendship Jar Holiday set...???Peppermints, candy canes, snowflakes, poinsetta's, maybe the jar for Santa's milk(I know some might that think that one odd, but I'm from the South and I personally think it would be adorable)...You're so creative, I know you've already thought of all the ways that set can be used, just tell me it's coming!

Mika the Roofer said...

Hi, I'm michelle and this is not an auto comment. They're annoying and impersonal. Besides, I like to check out websites and bookmark what I like for my (very little) downtime.

Being a blessed recipient of my sister in law's awesome hand-crafted gifts, I'm naturally drawn to these kinds of blogs :)

Anyways, I was checking out your site and think that you should come visit me at Basically put, we hook bloggers up with opportunities to expand and try out new stuff to review as well as give press to individual bloggers to help expand your reach. Oh yeah, it's free too. If you have any inquiries or want to get on our front page, apply to be a featured blogger, or have any suggestions contact me at or twitter @blogprwire or @roofer_on_fire (this is my comedy account, be warned)

beth said...

Hi Michelle!
I found these and thought of you right away. Thought you might enjoy them!

Sarah said...

Hi Michelle, just wanted to say am a newbie to your blog and i'm so inspired by all that you do. York work is fab. Keep up the good work and the inspiration!
Sarah x

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