September 5, 2010

Easy Card Layout=Simple Gift Idea

Edit: 7 down and 2 to go......the happy campers are on their way. They all had a great time and got along so well. When I peeked in the tent, Jordan had on a purple KSU t-shirt and a pink bra over the top of it. Definitely not her size so I asked who the unlucky girl was that got her bra stolen last night. Poor Kara. Kara also got Sharpied the night before because she stayed two nights. You gotta be careful around our house Kara. I tried to tell her to never ever be the first one to fall asleep. Anyway, headache is gone...tent is all picked up....dishes are one...laundry is up next.....and I used leftover hotdogs to make scalloped potatoes and weenies for a crockpot supper. Yummo! I got permission from Susan to post her layout that I used for my's at the bottom of my post. Thanks for stopping by.

Hi friends. I have nine girls in my back timber as we speak. They camped out last night....ohhhh, the weather was perfect! Eric and I decided to have an impromptu camp out for the girls since we have a long weekend. Eric made the phone calls and rounded up NINE giggly girls for the weekend. Then he gathered them all up and did the grocery shopping. A bonfire with hot dogs, chips, No Bake Cookies and S'mores, yummy! They played hide and seek in the timber til they all got a little chilly. This morning Eric brought them donuts and milk and stoked their fire again. Me? I've got the worst headache that I've had in ages so I'm hiding out with my computer. I'm sure I'll be on laundry duty here soon. Go
od times, great memories. :)
Needless to say I'm not getting much crafting done but I did work on a project last week. After gathering up my latest vintage finds, I realized that I must be on a yellow kick. Everything I bought was YELLOW. I think it must be this time of year. Summer is winding down but it doesn't quite feel like Fall. I think the mustard-y color of yellow just appeals to me this time of year.It made me want to create something using my new Marigold Rustic Clothespins.
So I set out to create some simple cards that I could use as a pattern for easy gifts. I sometimes forget that cards make the most wonderful presents. Everyone loves them and you have all the supplies you need already in your crafty stash. When I make cards for gifts, I like to keep the design simple so that I can mass produce with ease. I found great inspiration for my cards today from Susan Weinroth. She is a very talented scrapbook, crafter and seamstress...her blog is sweet eye candy. I was inspired by this blog post...particularly the third layout down titled Sweet Boy. I chose a few simple elements from her page layout to come up with an easy card design.

Here's the basic layout of the card as you can see below. For ease of mass production, you cut two squares that are 2" x 2" and one rectangle that is 1-1/2" by 4". I'm using that wonderful marigold yellow as the main color for my cards today so each piece of patterned paper has some yellow in it. Most of my papers are from October Afternoon. To assemble the cards, simply start by adhering one square to the bottom left corner of the card base. Then just fit in the other square next to it and align the rectangle on top. Soooo easy. This is a layout I'll be sure to add to my sketch book.
For the next part, simply add a strip of ribbon using 1/2" wide Scor-Tape. I notched the right edge of my ribbon with sharp scissors. The ribbon I'm using today is Harvest Gold Saddle Stitched Ribbon.

Then I made up a bunch of sentiment pieces using Pine's Fillable Frames #6 stamp and coordinating die. I used *just a note* on each piece which is from my Take Note stamp set. Flower embellishments were added from a little pack I picked up at Michael's. I glued sequins to some of the centers.
My cards were sooooo easily and quickly assembled that I could have made an entire stack. easy but super duper cute, don't you think. Tip of the day: Let's not over think our projects. Keep it simple. Add some fun details. Limit the products you use so you don't get overwhelmed.

I ended up with six cards for this gift ensemble, using 3 different designs. This first one uses a fun row of houses and polka dots. The *just a note for you* combo of sentiments is fun....and makes for some good, generic notecards.
This next color combo is sooo pretty and lady like...again with the fun sentiments.
And here's my last two cards, using a thank you theme. Notice how I repeated elements on all six of my cards.....I used the same Fillable Frame for all six cards, the same *just a note* sentiment, the same ribbon, the same flowers just in different colors......and the patterned paper was all from one company. So easy to mass produce when you limit the supplies.
And here's a fun little idea for you to try. Swipe a sentiment with a Copic Sketch marker to tie in the sentiment with the rest of the colors on your cards. Here I used a yellow color...maybe add a little burst of color.
My cards came together so quickly that I had time to create some fun envelope Label Wraps. You simply mask off the label....stamp the background...peel off the mask....then stamp the label. The two spaces leave room for you to write the recipient's address and your return address. Then you wrap the label around the envelope once it's all sealed up. What a way to fancy up a card! The cute stamp I used is from this set, available at Star Lit Studio.
And here's my completed ensemble of cards, envies and coordinating Label Wraps. I used a Mini Clothespin to adhere the labels around my set of envelopes.
Next I packaged all the cards and envies up in a Large Cello Gusset Bag. I love that you can see the cards through the packaging. Sooo pretty.
I closed the bag shut with a Marigold Rustic Clothespin tied with some Wrinkle Ribbon. A Medium Manila Parcel Tag stamped with *notes* from my Take Note set makes for a simple gift tag that I can write on when I know the recipient's name.
Okay, another gift ready and waiting in my stash basket. LOVE. Hope you enjoy! can easily change up this design to make Halloween cards, teacher themed cards....or maybe you want to get an early start on Christmas cards. I just love this layout, hope you do too!

Well, my headache is going away a little bit.....think I'll go check out the Happy Campers and see what they're up to. I've already heard a few upstairs in the bathroom, trying to wash Sharpie off their faces. Jordan has struck! LOL!

Me again....Susan was so nice and let me post her layout here that I used for inspiration for my cards. You can see the blog design, the horizontal pennant element with frame....great inspiration! Thank you Susan.


mamajulie said...

Mish-I love these, and mass production is a way to feel a sense of real accomplishment. Having small gifts ready ahead of time is genius, too. No running around at the last minute. Thank you for sharing your inspirations.

Sue Ann said...

Great layout ...... I will have to keep this in a book. And this makes a great Christmas gift ~~ I love the boxes and burlap twine I got this week from your esty shop..... thanks so much!!!

Romaine said...

Oh yummy, Mish. Hope that you are feeling better; I also get migraines and feel the need to "hide".
These cards have inspired me-I have something similar sitting here. I love finding inspiration here!

Chelsea said...

those are soooo cute ... great idea!

scrapfancy said...

Sorry for the headache. Not fun. Get a migrane a few times a year. I was wondering what was up, since not post.
How fun with the girls. I love sleep overs-no kids but remember my days.
You so love the tag punch. Nice presentation for the gift.
I am finally getting my mojo to make some cards.
Take care.

Anne said...

You've done it again! Beautiful cards with that mixed style of goodness! I love giving sets of cards to friends and family. I will use this LO. It's perfectly delightful!!

Kristy said...

Ooooo, I love the colors, and the layout -- so pretty!

Sharon Keanly said...

Hi Mish, I haven't popped around for a short while and love the new pic of you... These ideas are fabulous, thanks so much for sharing. hugs Sharon

Danielle Marie Oakes said...

Mish, love the post, would love to get the potato and weenie recipe for the crock pot. We have a ton of weenies left over from a cook out. Love your blog

Cele Schaffer said...

Lovin this layout!! Everything you do is so fun to watch-I look forward every day! I also loved your laundry line post and was wondering if the beautiful crochet goodies were placemats? and if you made them? I would love to have some!

Roxanne M said...

Love the inspiration - beautiful cards and the sketch is a great one. Thanks for sharing it!

Lisa Lin said...

Love your work. Was wondering if you could post the recipe for the no-bake cookies sometime. thanks!

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