May 2, 2013

Shop update......

Hello everyone.  I'll be having a shop update tomorrow, May 3rd (in the late afternoon or early evening as I'm waiting on a shipment still).  Most of the time a shop update means that I'm putting new items into the shop that I love and use too.  The new items are definitely things I love and will be putting to good use.  Look for blog updates all throughout May showing you how I'll be using my new products.  

First up is sequins.  I've been using some vintage ones here and there that I've purchased from my local thrift shop. But the time has come and I needed more I purchased what I like and just purchased a big quantity for the shop too.  
I'll have a neutral set featuring white, silver and gold.  
Then there's the rainbow sequin collection featuring a muted ROYGBIV color theme.  You get all seven colors in one package.  Each color is packaged separately so you can mix and match as you please.  The colors just make me smile. And who doesn't need a nice rainbow after a Spring snow shower.  Yep....not rain.....but snow!  
This vintage tassel packaging kit came about as a need for some graduation and Mother's Day packaging.  These feature ripped pieces of vintage linens.  I sacrificed a pillowcase just for you guys.  :)  I'll be featuring my finished packaging once I get all my gifts wrapped up.  These were inspired by Tara Anderson's lovely layering.  Many of the paper products are sold separately in my shop so it's easy if you want to customize some gift packaging of your own. 
These are cello gift sacks in pretty chocolate color that fit into a square base.  They're so cute with lots of goodies inside then tied up with pretty wrappings.  I'll put together some ideas for these too and will have them on the blog soon.  Great candies, lip gloss & makeup, pens/markers, etc. 
I dug through lots of baskets and bins to put together this vintage paper kit.  It felt good to not hoard all these goodies but rather share them with you.  There's sheet music, dictionary paper, old receipts, a used library book insert, playing card, recipe cards, a Bingo card and the awfully fun Round Tuit.  Totally fun for mixed media, collages, scrapbook pages, cards and perfect for layering.  This kit would go great with my Mixed Media Kit in the shop.
After having completed my first journal pages in my Dylusions Creative Journal, I have discovered that all the rave reviews are right on track.  It's a great journal and if you've considered starting an art journal, this is a good, good starting point.  
It's about 9" x 12" in size and is filled with nice, sturdy pages.  It holds up very well to paint, mists, Gesso, adhesives, modeling paste and more.  
I'll be doing a separate post soon but here's a sampling of my art journal work in the Dylusions art journal.  Eeee, that was fun!  See how cool all those vintage papers above would be in an art journal.  
I've still got some Mixed Florals Card Kits in the shop.  These are great to put together for upcoming Mother's Day cards or graduation cards.  I recently did a few blog posts HERE and HERE full of artsy techniques you can do on the cards using my Mixed Media Kit. 
Here's a sampling of modeling paste on the card and tag.  It's been so fun to add some new looks to my projects.  
In addition to all the goodies listed above, I'm still waiting on a shipment of fun paper items including some vellum and glassine products, card boxes, and a few more items......perfect to use with all the new sequins and perfect for layering & packaging.  I hope you'll me....I'll be gone most of the day tomorrow but feel free to email me with any questions, I'll have my iPhone with me and can reply.  I'll also give a Facebook and Twitter shout out as to when the update will happen.  

A note on shipping and shopping.....if there's anything you want to purchase now that is currently in my shop feel free to purchase those items now.  There's a lot to look at already in the shop.  Then when I do the shop update tomorrow with the new items, you can order again up until I start shipping packages out.  I'll be happy to combine the shipping and refund your PayPal account if needed.  Also, if you check out and your shipping seems excessively high I'll check the actual shipping costs and make refunds if necessary. 

See ya tomorrow!

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Unknown said...

I am loving all your blog posts! It is so fun to see what your are doing and hearing about your process in creating.
I am working away at my junk journal or art journal as I like to call it. Putting in lots of pictures of things I am doing, places I am going, products I am loving. Using lots of of stamps and papercrafting supplies to embellish, it is fun. So I am moving right along with you in creating. Also as a beginner in sewing, I am taking lots of different project classes, did a pillow with pipeing last week:) and having fun with that new hobby. I am really sad to hear you had snow!! That just is not right.
Looking forward to your store updates and projects. I am sad to hear your are finishing up with OA, but I am loving your work with GB. I hope you have a great weekend and thank you for taking the time and effort to share your talent and your life with us.-- Diana F.

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