May 26, 2013

Project Life 2013.....Week 12

I'm slowly catching up on my Project Life now that all of the sporting and school events are done for the school year.  This is Week 12 which was Spring Break for the girls.  They had basketball practice every day so they didn't get too much sleeping in time.  The weather was still very cold and snowy so it was hard to get out and enjoy the weather. 
Since I had so many photos and many of them were on the darker side, I chose to keep this week pretty simple. I didn't do a ton of embellishing and the photos filled most of the slots.  
I chose to just make this a quick week of working on a spread since I was falling a bit behind at this point. 
I love scenery shots for the main, dated insert because you can use that wide open space for noting the week number, the dates + you can add in a few embellishments like I did below, noting it was Spring Break week. The Notebook Paper Labels from my shop worked nicely for some simple stamping. The little round tag is from Chic Tags.  
Here I used some of my favorite chipboard letter stickers and sequins over another Chic Tag ATC card.
I used some of my Pan Pastels on a few inserts about my art journaling.  Sequins sprinkled into the slots make for some colorful accents
That's it for today.  Hope you're enjoying the long, Memorial Day weekend.  We're heading out with my folks in search of some jalapeno plants + some Roma tomatoes for the gardens.  Little does everyone know that one of my favorite junkin' stops is now open on Sundays for the Summer.  My mom and I have already planned to stop cuz hey, once you sign up for a road trip you never know where my Dad might drop us off.  It's easy to distract the non junkers though because I just throw them the bank card and send them to Dairy Queen for a while.  :))))


Elizabeth V. said...

My people love and appreciate a little Dairy Queen distraction. Last Friday night my husband came into the family room and announced "I hear a Blizzard calling my name!" You can imagine how quickly shoes were found and seatbelts were buckled. (And I remembered to take a picture to go with the story for my PL book.) Have a great day and my fingers are crossed for a few pictures of your fabulous finds!

libbywilko said...

Love the added sequins in your pockets too such a nice touch. Thanks for sharing your week with us.

Tina Campbell said...

Cool pages, Love your date slot and Yep we did the plant shopping yesterday and got them planted last night. Thanks for sharing

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