May 14, 2013

Project Life 2013...Week 11

Well, May has done it to me for the 3rd year in a row.  I'm behind 6-7 weeks I think.  I haven't even had time to check.  I have a few open days this week so I'm hoping to catch up a few weeks.  How about you?  If you're staying up to date, feel free to share your secrets.  :)

Today I'm sharing Week 11.  It was still cold and like Winter here so the warm weather events hadn't started yet.  Here's my 2 page spread.  
The left page..I covered up a photo of Jordan with her driver's license.  
The right page.  Aqua was the color of the week, I guess.  Photos in all but one slot so it was easy to add simple embellishments and journaling. 
I loved my weekly title page which includes a little photo shoot of a card I made for our awesome art teacher + a set up I had sitting out for my new blog header.  I stamped the "week in review" stamp then added chipboard letters and some typed grid paper for the dates. 
I captured some photos that I haven't added before..ones where I was shopping for garden seeds and onions.  It was fun to capture the packets all lined up and the thousands of onion bulbs ready to be packaged up.
This is a 6 x 12 insert for Eric's birthday.  I used a Medium Parcel Tag from the shop with a cloud sticker and more of the ombre chipboard letters.  I also included a birthday card by simply punching holes. 
Here's the back side of the birthday insert with more birthday presents and celebrations.  I used lots of stamps on the photos.  
After looking at my album....and getting a little down time this week....I'm inspired again to get back to my Project Life.  While the girls are doing their homework, I think I'll make notes about photos and sketch out some weekly layouts.  And P.S....if you've ever thought about getting a Traeger smoker, they're awesome.  Best birthday present ever, Eric says.  :)

I've got a few stamps sets and some Project Life items up for sale on my SALE page and I've got some new greeting cards still left in my shop.


Elizabeth V. said...

I love your seed-shopping pictures...what a fun thing to include in your week!! I am feeling your pain about May. I started last week 5 weeks behind and then added another week of life while I scurried to get some weeks finished. I am now two weeks behind and grateful that it is not any worse. This time of year gets me every***single***year. I know that, and I should expect that, so my current mantra is "tie a knot and enjoy the ride!" I am taking notes and pictures and stuffing the extra goodies (you should see the little volleyball sketch my daughter did of something that happened at practice last night...totally priceless!) in the pockets for the appropriate week. There is so much goodness to treasure. I am grateful that PL gives me a way to capture and collect and share those memories. I owe you a HUGE thank you. You have been a huge source of motivation and inspiration to me as I've started my PL journey. I wish you a firm knot as you enjoy the ride!!

Anonymous said...

This is my third year using Project Life and I am up to date this year. I'm not embellishing just using cards from the core kit. One or two journaling cards per week and the rest pictures. Might not be the prettiest but this is the first year that I haven't been a few weeks behind. I do enjoy seeing your pages and card projects. Thanks for sharing.

lisa westphal said...

Oh girl, I feel your pain....I am slipping so far behind it's.not.funny. *BUT* I do see light at the end of this crazy tunnel :) With that said..I'm setting aside an afternoon (soon?) to select and order up my photos from Costco..I usually print at home. I'm gonna also have them print some 12x12 enlargements using a layered template that will have all my instagram pics on them. Hopefully this will save some time :)
**Anyway..LOVE your pages this week! I love that you can feel the love and happiness in the photots and stories. :)

Shelley Dade said...

I love your photos! I love your display of creativity in this project too. I am into compiling family photos as well and trying (with all my might) to add unique designs in them. I think I am doing progress with my new printer and some Photoshop skills. Haha! Good job you're doing here, Michelle! Shelley Dade

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